“Beating The Heat” A Sexy Short Story For A Hot Summer Day


The following is a sexy short story I wrote in celebration of the Summer Solstice. In addition to it being the longest day of the year, it’s also hot and humid. That means it’s easy to work up a sweat and sweat is just another way of making sexy things sexier. Enjoy!

“Damn it! Of all the days for the air conditioner to break down, it just had to be today,” groaned a frustrated Ellen Fryer.

The young woman lounged lazily on her couch, staring up at a ceiling fan that was nowhere near enough, even at its highest setting. The TV was on in the background, but she’d stopped paying attention a half-hour ago. There was only so much she could focus on when it was 106 degrees outside and on her anniversary, no less.

Wiping another layer of sweat from her forehead, Ellen sighed in defeat. She was not built for the heat. She’d grown in Canada where the sub-zero temperatures in spring were considered normal. She thought she could handle moving to Florida for work, at least for a while. Then, she fell in love with Ethan Fryer, who not only grew up in a tropical climate, but thrived in it.

She envied his resilience while laughing every time he called a 51-degree winter day a cold spell. On a day when a heat advisory had closed the local parks, Ellen there was nothing funny about their massive disparity in heat tolerance. As she tried her best not to think about it, the back door to their one-level home opened and Ethan stepped in, shirtless and covered in sweat.

“Well, it’s official,” he said. “The condenser coils are shot and the compressor is useless.”

“The way you say it implies this isn’t something we can fix in the next hour,” Ellen said dryly.

“I’m afraid not, hun. I already called my buddy, Marco. He says he won’t have the parts until Monday at the earliest.”

“Monday? Seriously!” she groaned. “So it’s not just our anniversary. We’ll be stuck here without air conditioning all weekend!”

“I don’t like it, either. But we’ll find a way to stay cool. We always do.”

“Easy for you today,” Ellen said. “You’re used to the heat. You grew up in it. Hell, you seem to enjoy it!”

“That doesn’t mean I like seeing my wife so miserable. That, I’ll never get used to.”

That sweet, sincere tone of his kept Ellen from complaining even more. There was no use taking her frustrations out on her husband, who’d braved the heat to try and fix their air conditioner. His brother was a mechanic and his father made furniture. Ethan knew how to use tools and work machines. Those skills were no match for the heat, though. It didn’t seem fair and it might end up derailing their anniversary.

Now avoiding eye-contact, Ellen turned off the TV and buried her face in the arm of the couch to vent her frustration. Ethan walked over and sat down next to her, not even bothering to put on a shirt to distract from those dirty jeans he’d been wearing all day. He attempted to console her, as any good husband would. It did little to cool her off, but it did help calm her down.

“I’m sorry, Ethan. I shouldn’t take it out on you. It’s not your fault I have piss-poor heat tolerance,” Ellen said, still avoiding eye-contact.

“That’s okay. You have plenty of other wonderful traits,” he teased.

“And you look damn good without a shirt on so it’s still not fair,” she went on. “It’s just…had this big, elaborate plan for today. We were going to take a day off work, turn off our phones, and spend half the day just catching up with one another. We’ve just been so goddamn busy since we moved into this house that we barely had any time to just be a husband and wife.”

“I still love that plan. It’s not quite as ambitious as taking a trip to Canada, but we’ve been pretty limited in terms of air fare lately. Between buying this house and starting new jobs, we can barely afford a dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.”

“God, what I wouldn’t give for some cold, Canadian air right now,” she said, “but just being some place cooler isn’t the point. This day and this weekend was supposed to be about us…not about beating the heat.”

Ellen groaned into the arm of the couch again. Ethan let her vent, but didn’t let her despair. After belaboring her frustration, he pulled her up from her slouched position and into a light embrace. He was still hot and sweaty from outside, but his strong arms and loving presence was still comforting. She didn’t even mind the smell of mud and humidity. The fact he was so willing to sweat for her was part of why she loved him so much.

“We can still make the most of this day,” he told her. “We’re still together. We made it a whole year as husband and wife, despite a make-shift wedding my parents hated and you moving to Florida, which your parents hated.”

“Yeah, we’ve beaten more than the heat. That’s for sure,” Ellen said, mustering a light smile.

“My mom still thinks I was nuts to marry a full-blooded Canadian.”

“And my dad still thinks me living in Florida is a bad idea. Even in this heat, I’m not willing to concede how right he might have been.”

“Despite all that – and the busted air conditioner, on top of it – I still love you, Ellen. I’m still so thankful to call you my wife.”

“I love you too, Ethan. Even when I’m hot, miserable, and restless, I love you,” she said. “I just really wanted to do something special today…something fun and memorable that we can tell the grandkids one day.”

“Well, it’s only half past noon,” Ethan pointed out. “There may still be time.”

“I appreciate your optimism,” she said, “but the parks closed and the nearest water park packed to capacity, our options are really limited.”

“We’ll figure something out. I promise.”

He embraced her a little closer, wrapping his arm around her waist and kissing the side of her head. Ellen returned the favor, resting her head on his shoulders lightly pawing his chest. She didn’t mind the sweat. Wearing a dirty tank-top and shorts, she could withstand the grime and smell. As frustrating as it was to have her anniversary derailed, she refused to let a busted air conditioner defeat her.

Ellen lingered in her husband’s arms for a bit, wondering how they were going to salvage the day. He seemed content to just sit with her, resting his head on the back of the couch and taking in the air from the ceiling fan. The heat still didn’t seem to bother him, but her being miserable sure did. There had to be a way to make their anniversary special, despite their limited means. She was just too hot to think of it.

Suddenly, Ethan shifted in his seat. She looked up at him to see that his expression had shifted as well.

“Actually, I’ve got an idea,” he said, “a crazy, unusual idea that just might help us.”

“Are you sure?” Ellen questioned with a cocked eyebrow. “I’ve heard those words and I’ve seen that look in your eyes. Usually, your ideas have mixed results, at best.”

“This one probably won’t change my record, but it’ll help us celebrate our anniversary and beat the heat…among other things.”

Ethan cast her a devious, but playful grin. He didn’t show it often, but when he did, it usually meant that they were in for an adventure of sorts. The last time she saw it was on their honeymoon in Miami. That usually had some pretty distinct implications.

“I’m still skeptical, but very curious,” she said.

“Curious enough to trust me with this?” Ethan asked.

“I married you on this day a year ago, Ethan. I think we’ve done plenty to establish trust in one another.”

“Fair enough,” he said with a shrug. “Just follow along with what I do and we’ll make this work!”

His mind already going a mile a minute, he got up off the couch and closed the blinds for the back door. He then pushed the coffee table out of the way and cleared a large space in the center of the living room.

“Stand here under the fan,” he told her.

“Okay, but you know that fan is a piece of shit, right?” she said. “It’s been going all morning and hasn’t done squat to cool this place down.”

“Don’t worry. For what I have planned, it won’t have to…not entirely, anyways.”

His voice took on a mischievous, yet eager undertone. Ethan had always been the kind of man who got overly-energetic when he felt like he was onto something. That was part of why he was so good at his job as a graphic designer. He knew how to be creative and draw inspiration from unexpected places. Having come to trust such eccentricities, Ellen did as he asked.

She got up from the couch and stood right under the fan, which happened to hover right over the center of the room. Ethan then pushed the couch back a little further, giving them even more room, before addressing her again.

“Now, take your clothes off,” he said.

Ellen looked at him with a bemused half-grin. Ethan had a lot of endearing traits, but the man had no tact and little filter between his brain and genitals.

“I promise, it’s for a good reason,” he assured her.

“One other than an excuse to see me naked?” Ellen quipped.

“Since when do I need an excuse to see my wife naked?” he retorted innocently. “I want to help you and for my idea to work, you need to be naked.”

She was tempted to ask more questions, especially if Ethan hadn’t thought everything through, which he rarely did. However, it was too damn hot for overthinking such things.

“Fuck it,” she sighed. “With no AC, I might as well give my tits and cooch some air.”

“Now there’s the bold woman I married!”

Ellen just rolled her eyes as she stripped out of her tank-top, shorts, and underwear. She wasn’t wearing a bra, having decided shortly after the AC broke that the fewer layers she had on, the better. She didn’t even try being sexy about it, throwing her clothes across the room like they were dirty laundry. That didn’t stop Ethan from eying her exposed tits for a moment, but he didn’t stay distracted for long.

As she stood naked under the ceiling fan, he rushed over to the kitchen and opened the freezer. He then retrieved every tray of ice they had stored, grabbed the mini-cooler they had stored in a nearby cabinet, and dumped every cube into it. Ethan worked with a sense of urgency, like a man on a mission to save his anniversary. Ellen found that endearing, but remained skeptical.

“What’s the big plan, Ethan?” she asked with folded arms. “Are you just going to cover me in ice and pretend that’s as good as a working air conditioner?”

“Not quite, but close,” he said.

After putting every last ice cube in the cooler, her over-excited husband closed it and rejoined her in the living room. A curt grin never left his face as he set the cooler down, undid his belt, and took off his pants, boxers and all.

“You want a memorable anniversary and you want to cope with a Florida heat wave,” he said. “That’s asking a lot, but when you’ve lived through as many heat waves as I have, you learn a few tricks here and there to stay cool.”

“Do all those tricks involve mutual nudity?” Ellen asked.

“Not all of them, but more than most,” Ethan joked. “Now lie down on the floor. Make sure you’re right under the fan. I’m going to cool you off…and heat you up.”

His voice took on a distinctly seductive tone, conveying that manly bravado that had attracted her to him in the first place. Even in the unbearable heat, Ellen found it sexy. Him being naked, that toned upper body of his combined with a generous endowment between his legs, certainly heightened the allure.

The kinkier parts mind were already starting to fill in the blanks. However, she decided not to make too many assumptions. Her husband requested her trust in rectifying the situation with their air conditioner and her anniversary. She still had every intention of giving it.

“Well, if I’m going to ask that much of my husband and the heat, I might as well take a chance.”

“You mean I won’t have to coax you into doing something kinky? I’m already liking this anniversary!”

“Don’t push it, stud.”

Still grinning, Ellen laid down on the floor, scooting a little to her right so that she was directly under the fan. She probably should’ve asked whether Ethan had vacuumed the living room like she’d asked him to do two days ago, but something told her she was better off not knowing.

As she laid on the plush white carpet, the air from the fan flowing over her naked body, her husband knelt down next to her and set the cooler to his side. For a moment, he just gazed lovingly at her, his eyes drifting up and down her exposed form, paying extra attention to her breasts and pussy.

He hadn’t admired her beauty like that since their honeymoon, which had been five days of clothing optional activities. In his defense – and hers, for that matter – they hadn’t had the time or energy to just admire each other on a sunny afternoon. It was a welcome feeling, but it was still hindered by the heat.

“You’re so beautiful, Ellen,” he said to her in an affectionate tone. “In and out of your clothes, you’ve always found a way to be stunning.”

“I know you prefer me out of my clothes,” she teased. “Being Canadian, I’m still used to dressing in layers.”

“Being from Florida, feeling comfortable with nudity is more necessity than attitude. Whenever it gets this hot, you’ve got to be flexible…and a little creative.”

Doubling down on that seductive tone of his, he leaned in and kissed her affectionately on the lips. Ellen instinctively kissed back, but sensed the loving gesture from her husband had an ulterior motive. It didn’t take long to affirm her suspicions.

As their lips tenderly touched and their tongues twirled, she suddenly felt a shot of cold – glorious, refreshing cold – around her nipple. She shuddered at the feeling, albeit in the best possible way for a heatwave. She quickly recognized it as a cube of ice touching her skin. Somehow, he’d managed to stealthily open the cooler, retrieve a cube of ice, and sneak it onto her sweaty skin without her noticing.

“Ooh Ethan!” she cooed. “The ice…”

“Too cold?” he asked.

“Hell no!”

Encouraged by her reaction, he rubbed the ice cube around other parts of her breast. He kept on kissing her, as if to keep her from seeing what he was doing, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement to the experience. It must have worked because Ellen could already feel her nipple getting erect as more shivers followed. On a hot summer day without air conditioning, it was the best possible feeling – or second best, depending on how far Ethan took it.

He made good use of the first cube, rubbing it around both her breasts until it was half-melted. He was thorough, yet gentle, letting the cold water of the ice mix with the lingering sweat on her naked skin. Combined with the air flowing from the ceiling fan, it cooled off more than her breasts. By the time the cube broke apart both her nipples were hard and her skin numb with cold.

It was a good start, but she didn’t expect Ethan leave it at that. He finally broke the kiss before leaving what remained of the ice cube between her breasts.

“Hold still,” he told her. “I’m just getting warmed up!”

“Nice choice of words,” Ellen said curtly.

“You know what I mean,” he laughed.

With a more playful grin, he gathered more ice from the cooler. Now holding two cubes in each hand, he hovered over top of her so that he straddled her thighs. From there, he carefully and affectionately trailed the ice cubes over her body. It wasn’t the most efficient way of cooling someone down, but it definitely worked…more so than Ellen had expected.

Ethan didn’t just focus on the sexier parts of her body, either. He started at her forehead and worked his way down, rubbing the ice cubes over the airs that had been sweaty or clammy from the humidity. He paid special attention to her neck, her torso, her shoulders, her waist, and her abdomen. More relief followed as chills – genuine, refreshing chills – coursed through her body.

It was like a massage, but with ice instead of massage oil. Also, like a massage, all the touching had another effect. Ice or no ice, she was still naked. Such touching was bound to cause certain reactions.

“Ooh! I like that,” Ellen said. “I’m feeling cooler already…for the most part.”

“For the most part?” Ethan questioned.

“Well, there are certain parts of my body that are still hot,” she said with a sensual undertone.

Ethan flashed her a winning grin. His plan was officially working and Ellen had no problem conceding that. She just needed him to see it through to the utmost.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll get to those parts soon enough.”

He continued his intimate efforts, rubbing the ice cubes down her arms again before spreading them every last part of her upper body. After applying the melting cubes to the areas around her waist, he set what remained of the cubes in her navel and retrieved more ice from the cooler.

He retrieved just two cubes, one for each hand. They happened to be larger than the others. Ellen figured there was a reason for that and if that naughty glint in his eyes were any indication, she knew what it entailed. She remained very still, even tensing in anticipation. The ice had already cooled down the majority of her body, but the parts that remained hot were also parts that would be more difficult to cool.

“Spread your legs, a little,” Ethan said. “Give those lady parts of yours some air.”

“You really think that’ll help?” she snickered.

“It couldn’t hurt to try, could it?”

Not caring about the logic of his lurid request, she did as he asked and parted her legs so that he had more room to work. Now positioned between them, having an unobstructed view of her pussy, he resumed his icy massage.

He didn’t go straight for her sensitive parts, though. He started on her lower thighs, working the eyes around the toned leg muscles that she’d sculpted from shoveling snow in Canada and running on the beaches in Florida. He steadily worked his way up, gliding the ice around her pelvis and inner thighs. The shivers that followed were even more intense, causing her whole body to shudder with greater intensity.

That helped Ellen cool off even more, so much so that she felt goosebumps on her skin that she hadn’t felt all summer. Bit by bit, he neared the outer contours of her vulva. He seemed to avoid it at first, flashing her a teasing glance at one point. She soon got impatient. All those cool, sexy shivers he’d evoked left her wanting more, but he just had to test her patience.

“It’s worse than I thought. You’re still so hot,” Ethan said, pretending to be worried. “You’re in luck, though, my dear wife. I believe I’ve found the source!”

At that moment, he trailed one of the ice cubes right over the outer folds of her pussy. Almost immediately, Ellen felt an extra intense shiver shoot through her body. That time, though, it wasn’t just from the chills.

“Ohhh Ethan!” she squealed with delight. “You found it. You definitely found it!”

“Indeed, I have,” Ethan said proudly.

Now more motivated than ever, he put the two ice cubes between her breasts so he could retrieve new ones. With those cubes, he focused entirely on rubbing the icy cold over her pussy. The sensations that followed were as strange as they were arousing.

It was a true clash of forces, the heat of her womanhood and the cold of the ice. Ethan was gentler than he’d been with the rest of her body, carefully trailing the cubes around the edges of her folds before holding them close to her wet opening. It cooled her down in some ways, but triggered more heat in others…albeit, a very different kind of heat.

Closing her eyes, the air from the fan still flowing over her naked body from above, Ellen moaned and writhed under the feeling. She bent her knees back and curled her toes, the shivers from the cold mixing with the shudders of arousal. It made for a strange, yet exhilarating feeling. It was cooling her down and making her horny at the same time. It shouldn’t have been physically possible in a Florida heat wave, but it was really happening.

Ethan didn’t just use the ice cube, either. When one cube melted especially fast – a likely and inescapable byproduct of her arousal – he used his hand to lightly finger her vagina. Still cold from holding the ice, his touch sent more shivers and shudders up through her body. At one point, Ellen arched her back and rubbed her still-hardened nipples, so much so that Ethan dropped the other ice cube.

Her reaction affirmed two inescapable truths. First, her lover’s unorthodox method for cooling her down worked. Second, it made her very horny.

“Ethan,” she said with great intensity in her tone. “I think you’ve done enough.”

“You…want me to stop?” he questioned.

“No. I want you skip a couple steps.”

Before he could ask question, Ellen shot up from the floor and kissed her husband passionately. It caught him off-guard somewhat, but he didn’t seem to mind in the slightest.

As she kissed him, she reached down and firmly stroked his cock. He was already semi-hard. Being naked with her, touching her, and seeing her react so strongly to his ice massage really got his blood flowing in the right direction. It didn’t take much foreplay to get him fully erect, but just getting him ready for some anniversary lovemaking wasn’t enough. She had to get a little creative as well.

“We’ll need more ice for this next part,” she said seductively after ending their kiss.

“We will?” he said, now curious as well.

“Oh we definitely will!”

Showing some playfulness as well, she reached over to the cooler and pulled it in closer. She then reached in, got a couple cubes of ice, and pressed some of it over his manly chest. That evoked shivers in him similar to the ones she’d felt earlier.

“Hold those there,” she told him.

Not saying a word, Ethan did what she said. Either he trusted her just that much or he was too horny to care. It didn’t matter either way. She intended to take their newfound method of beating the heat to a kinky extreme.

Grabbing another handful of ice from the cooler, she laid back down on the floor and placed it over her upper body. The cold quickly flowed into her naked skin that was already wet from his icy massage from earlier. It was a good feeling during a heatwave, but it wasn’t the only feeling she sought.

“Make love to me, Ethan,” she urged him. “Keep the ice between our bodies. Let’s see if we can melt it with our sex!”

“That…is the craziest, sexiest idea I’ve ever heard,” Ethan said.

“Well, I did say I wanted our first anniversary together to be fun and memorable.”

“That, you did,” he said, “and this definitely achieves both!”

Still holding the ice on his chest, Ethan went to work creating the kinds of memories they wouldn’t soon forget. He was still careful and diligent, lying down on top of her as she spread her legs wide, wrapping them around his waist securely. He made sure to keep the ice between them so that it was perfectly sandwiched between his chest and hers.

It was a strange feeling, a dozen cubes of ice between two hot naked bodies. It promised to make things a bit more cumbersome than usual for sex, but Ellen was plenty willing to work around the challenges. Her husband, his rigid member already pressing up against her inner thighs, seemed just as eager.

“Wow! That is cold,” Ethan said, shuddering somewhat as he hovered over her.

“I know. Nice, isn’t it?” she teased.

“Yeah…very nice.”

She kissed down his face and neck, which helped mitigate the shivering. It also helped focus again. Their bodies aligned and their passions ignited – figuratively speaking – he grabbed hold of her hips and guided his dick into her pussy. Her inner muscles, still in a strange state of arousal and cold, eagerly stretched to accommodate his length. Once united, the cubes of ice between them didn’t stand a chance.

“Oohhh yeah!” Ethan moaned. “That’s…so hot.”

“Mmm…and cool?” she quipped.

“That too!”

They laughed again before letting love and desire manifest in its most physical form. Their bodies began moving, Ethan working her body against hers, his knees and feet digging into the rug for leverage. As his member slithered inside her depths, Ellen dug the balls of her feet into his lower back while clinging to his shoulders, urging him supplementing the strength of his hips with that of her legs.

Moans and grunts soon filled the living room, their naked bodies rocking together in the glow of the afternoon sun. It was intoxicating, sensations coursing through her body with each intricate action. Beyond the feeling, though, the melting ice between them added something more to the mix. The cold on their skin, clashing with the heat of their sex, made for an oddly exhilarating feeling. The rhythm of their sex even seemed to spread the cold from the ice more effectively, much more so than earlier ice massage.

“So cool…so hot. So cool…so hot,” Ellen found herself repeating.

Ethan soaked in the unique blend of feelings with her, kissing down her neck and keeping his body pressed against hers. The pace of their lovemaking quickly accelerated, the rate at which his manhood pumped into her becoming more intense. Ethan’s determination to her pleasure showed in every movement, his dedication every bit as strong after a full year of marriage.

Whether it was the intensity or the cold from the ice, it send her to the brink of orgasm. Ellen could already feel it coming fast, like a cross between an arctic blast and an erupting volcano. It came so fast that she ended up raking her nails across her husband’s back.

“So cool…so hot! Going to…make me…come!” she gasped.

There wasn’t much ice left between their bodies at that point. The heat and friction they had created together had melted almost all of it. Something about that seemed fitting. It made the orgasm that washed over her that much more satisfying.

“Ohhh Ethan!” she cried out.

Closing her eyes, tightening the hold she had on her husband, Ellen let out a cry of ecstasy that coincided with a surge of raw ecstasy. The feeling coursed through her body, mixing with the lingering cold from the ice. It made for another unique blend, the icy cold and the hot sensations of sex. It proved quite potent, more so than she expected.

As her body shifted and writhed under the weight of that unique experience, Ethan ceased his thrusting and kissed down her neck. His member remained buried in her depths, surrounded by her throbbing heat. He was already short of breath, but still very much engrossed in the same experience.

“How’s that for cooling off?” Ethan whispered into her ear.

“I say it’s…effective,” Ellen said through her orgasmic daze.

“Good to know,” he said. “I honestly didn’t expect it to work that well.”

“In that case…maybe you need a little cooling off too!”

She used her most seductive tone, the kind that usually gave Ethan pause in an intimate situation. Having felt the joys of sex and ice, Ellen now felt compelled to share more of it with her wonderful husband. It being their anniversary, she had that much more incentive to make it memorable.

He didn’t ask for specifics. He didn’t even resist when she captured his lips in another kiss, rolled him over so that he was on his back, and position their bodies so that he was under the ceiling fan. Upon breaking the kiss, Ellen retrieved another handful of ice from the cooler and pressed it on his chest. Then, with her knees firmly planted at his sides and his manhood still inside her pussy, she began riding him.

“Time to cool you off…and make you come!” Ellen said seductively.

“That…sounds so damn sexy when you say it,” he replied.

Grinning playfully, she smothered more ice over his upper body, spreading it around his upper body as she worked her pussy along his manly length. She even made sure there was room for the air from the fan to wash over him, cooling him even more in the process. She could feel him shiver at times from the ice. He laughed gleefully in between moans of bliss. He looked like he was having more fun than he’d had since their honeymoon.

Ellen laughed with him as their naked bodies moved together in a sexual fervor. She was extra thorough with every motion, knowing how much her husband loved to feel the full length of her womanhood around his member. He also reached up and fondled her bouncing breasts, his hand still cold from the ice. It allowed him to share in the unique feeling as well.

After riding him for a bit, melting more ice in the process, she sensed Ethan getting close. She could tell by the way his expression twitched and his hold on her breasts intensified. He was poised to share in the same potent peak that she’d felt earlier.

“Ellen, I’m so…so close!” he grunted. “The cold…the heat…I love it!”

She cast him another seductive look, moving her hips a little faster to send him over the edge. She also kept what remained of the ice pressed up against his nipples as kept fondling her breasts. Finally, he crossed that threshold and took the proverbial plunge into ecstasy.

“Ohhh Ellen!” he exclaimed.

It was a beautiful sound and an equally beautiful sight, the man she loved in a state of ecstasy. Deep grunts filled the room as his dick throbbed inside her, filling her depths with his manly seed. It was a hot feeling, but one that was balanced out by the presence of the ice. He seemed to appreciate that balance as well as they shared a beaming smile before kissing once more.

After the blissful feeling passed, Ellen rose up off her lover and laid down next to him. They remained on the floor, still under the ceiling fan. The ice on their naked bodies had melted, but the cold lingered and the air following over them cooled them even more. It was probably the best possible feeling for that moment.

“I love you, Ethan,” Ellen told her husband, still curled up to his naked body.

“I love you too, Ellen,” Ethan replied, his arm lovingly draped around her.

“And thank you,” she added, “for making our first anniversary so memorable.”

“You’re welcome,” he said proudly. “I could’ve done without the broken air conditioner, but I think we’ve made the most of it.”

“That we have,” she said. “Plus…we still have plenty more ice.”

Ethan turned towards her and grinned.

“Then, let’s not waste it!” he said eagerly.

She kissed him again, leading her husband into another round of playful foreplay. They still had a long, hot afternoon without air conditioning ahead of them. They would have to find some way of staying cool and they’d just discovered something that worked incredibly well.

A year ago, she married him. Today, on their anniversary, she made love to him in the middle of a heat wave with ice cubes on his nipples. It might not have been the most traditional way of celebrating their first anniversary, but it was still plenty memorable. On top of that, it actually helped her cool off. What more could anyone want on a hot summer day without air conditioner?

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