“Down On The Floor” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story that was inspired by some moving mishaps of a couple I knew. Enjoy!

“To our first place together,” said Sharon Pratcher as she raised her plastic cup.

“To our first place and moving in together,” her boyfriend, Nathan Mason, replied.

The sarcasm in both of their tones was as dry as the Sahara Desert, but understandable. What was supposed to be an important step for their relationship had turned into a logistic nightmare/joke. For the first time in her adult life, Sharon was moving in with a significant other. She’d worked so hard to make sure everything had gone right. So far, everything that could’ve gone wrong had gone wrong.

“So what’s the ETA now?” Nathan asked restlessly.

“According to the latest text,” she said, “about two-and-a-half hours, at least.”

“Was that before or after the pizza guy arrived with the wrong order?”

“Slightly before,” Sharon sighed, “and the guy driving the moving truck said the weather wasn’t helping.”

“In other words, hoping for them to get here by sundown might be too optimistic?”

“Only if we’re lucky, but given our recent streak of luck this far…”

Sharon chose not to finish that thought. It would only add to the frustration. Mark sighed as well and finished his slice of the half-cold pizza that lacked most of the toppings he’d asked for. She’d already had enough, opting to finish her soda before it got too watery. After the events of the past 24 hours, she had to take whatever small victories she could get.

She sure as hell hadn’t expected everything to go so wrong when she agreed to move in with Nathan. When he asked her six months ago, she was genuinely excited. It wasn’t just a significant step for their relationship. It marked an important milestone that she’d once been reluctant to pursue.

It wasn’t that long ago that Sharon had an unflattering reputation when it came to relationships. Her mother and two older sisters, Ellen and Michelle, called her a soft barrier girl. She had good social skills and was more than willing to let someone in to have a relationship with them. At a certain point, though, she put up an emotional barrier that pushed them away.

She’d spent a good chunk of her late teens and early twenties going through relationships with a reckless attitude. Many good, honest men had loved her and she’d loved them back, only to have it end spectacularly when she refused to get serious beyond a certain point. When she got involved with Nathan, she’d committed to going the extra distance with him.

That meant talking seriously about the future, sharing intimate aspects of their lives and dealing with one another’s burdens. She’d taken him to the ER that time he broke his arm in an ill-fated bicycle stunt and he’d fixed her toilet when her old landlord was out of town. It felt like she’d done everything right by him, which made it so much more frustrating when so many things went wrong.

“I’m really sorry, Nathan,” she said, finally breaking silence. “Believe me when I say this is not how I wanted this to go.”

“No need to apologize, babe,” Nathan assured her. “It’s not your fault the moving truck blew a tire out in the middle of the highway. It’s not your fault the pizza guy didn’t know the difference between sausage and olives, either.”

“It still matters because I promised you so much,” said Sharon. “I’ve avoided moving in with my boyfriend for years. I made it a point to put in the extra work, planning everything out so that you could focus on your job transfer.”

“And you did more than any man could ask of his girlfriend,” he told her with a smile, “especially after my ex-boss screwed me over by rescinding the relocation bonus.”

“That’s still no excuse for me trying to penny-pinch on the moving service.”

“You did that so we had money for new furniture and bathroom fixtures. It made total sense at the time.”

“It still came back to bite us,” she sighed, “so did scheduling the cable guy too late in the day, giving the wrong date to the cleaning service, and not asking my in-laws to help with packing. Every time I had a chance to do something that would’ve made things easier, I either didn’t take it or made the wrong call.”

“I didn’t help by working overtime at the new office, either,” he added.

“Stop trying to make me feel better about my screw-ups! This is a big deal for me, moving in with you and building a life together. The fact it’s going so wrong bothers me…a lot.”

She spoke in that terse tone that usually kept Nathan – or anyone else, for that matter – from trying to console her. He still cast her a look of sympathy, even as she set her empty drink aside and hugged her knees in exasperation. She was lucky that she had a boyfriend who didn’t hold a grudge or throw around blame, but that might have been the only luck she had going for her.

Looking around the mostly-empty condominium that was in both their names, Sharon tried to imagine where they would’ve been if everything had gone right. By now, they would’ve had the couch in the living room, the TV hooked up, the master bedroom set up, and new refrigerator installed. Sure, there would probably still be plenty of boxes stacked everywhere, containing the various things they’d packed from their respective apartments. At the very least, it would’ve resembled a new home that they’d build and share together.

When she closed her eyes, she could see it. She even imagined her and Nathan lying on the couch together, exhausted and accomplished. They’d be smiling, knowing they had taken such a pivotal step in their relationship. It bode well for their future, one that might even lead to moments involving wedding bells and children.

“I want this for us, Nathan. I believe our love is that serious,” she imagined herself telling him.

When Sharon opened her eyes, though, she saw none of that. She just saw an empty condominium with no refrigerator, no furniture, and no TV. All their stuff was still in the moving truck that was still broken down on the highway. Everything they brought with them in the car was for Nathan’s office. They ended up having to order pizza for their lunch and with no table, they just sat on the floor of their living room.

With the nearest relative or friend at least fifty miles away, there wasn’t much they could do other than wait. Even if the moving truck got there before sundown, they might not even be able to unload it until the next morning. Either they would have to stay at a motel or sleep in the floor. In any case, it felt like a setback for such an important milestone.

“This isn’t just about us moving in together or building a new life in this town,” Sharon went on, still hugging her knees.

“This is a big deal. I think you’ve made that abundantly clear, Sharon,” Nathan said, unable to finish his pizza.

“It’s still worth belaboring. I’ve had other chances to get serious with men…good chances that would’ve made a lot of sense, if only to share the cost of rent and cable. I never took them, even when I thought I loved the guy. I was one of those girls who’d been so eager to move out of her parents’ house and enjoy some independence that I kept too many people at arm’s length.”

“You didn’t do that with me,” he pointed out.

“That’s because I realized something important…something my parents, sisters, and friends kept telling me, even though I refused to listen.”

Her voice became more strained, frustration giving way to sorrow. She scooted closer to Nate, setting aside the pizza box and pulling him into a light embrace. He returned the gesture without hesitation, slipping those powerful arms of his around her and giving her something to lean on in a distressed state. It further reminded her of how stubborn she’d been for all the wrong reasons.

“There’s a big difference between independence and isolation,” Sharon continued, “and I didn’t even try making the distinction. Sure, that may work for someone who’s a total recluse.”

“But that’s not you,” Nathan surmised, “not by a long shot.”

“In hindsight, it really was that obvious. I’m a very social person. I can handle independence, but I can’t handle isolation. That kept me from daring to love anyone beyond a certain point…until you, that is.”

That earned her a smile from her lover. Sharon could only manage a half-smile in response. She leaned on him a bit more, holding onto his arm as she reflected on the steps she’d taken to get to this point.

“That makes me feel special,” he said.

“That’s because you are special,” Sharon told him. “You almost fell into the same trap as my other boyfriends. When I kept avoiding the topic of moving in or getting serious, you persisted. You showed that you loved me enough to deal with my stubbornness.”

“Even after that, I still had to convince you that moving in was the right thing to do for us,” Nathan added.

“And I still believe that,” Sharon said. “I genuinely believe that our relationship is at that point. That’s a big freakin’ deal for me because it’s uncharted territory. I’ve never let myself get this serious with someone. I don’t think I’ve ever dared to love anyone as much as I love you.”

She’d put more emotion into those words than she intended. She could already feel a lump forming in her throat, partially out of the love she had for Nathan and out of how upset she was that everything had gone so wrong. That didn’t stop him from embracing her, though, demonstrating to her that he loved her just as much.

“I love you too, Sharon. You know that, right?” Nate told her.

“Of course I know,” she replied, “and that’s a big reason why this pisses me off so much. I’m going way outside my comfort zone here, moving in with my boyfriend and starting a life in a new place. I wanted to set the tone for that life by making this move go perfectly and it hasn’t…not by a long shot.”

“I hope you don’t take that as a sign. Just because the move is going horribly wrong doesn’t mean the life we build together will go wrong too.”

“I know that and I’m trying not to make that connection. It just sucks when every decision I’ve made so far goes so wrong.”

“Better now than years down the line when we’re still together, but don’t know how to handle crap like this together,” he said. “The way I see it, dealing with it now helps prepare us for the future.”

“You’re still optimistic about that future? Even after all the things that have gone wrong today?” Sharon asked.

“Of course,” he said confidently. “I’d rather be prepared the tough times instead of obsessing over the good. Besides, it’s not like everything that went wrong today will undercut everything we do tomorrow. We just need to make sure the next decision we make goes right and take it from there.”

It still sounded too optimistic, given their current situation. At the same time, though, the hope and affection in his voice helped sooth the sorrow in her. Still leaning on her lover, Sharon looked up at her boyfriend as she rested her head on his shoulder. In an empty living room on a luckless day that was supposed to be a big step for them, his love for her remained strong and his commitment to their love never waned.

Feeling the breadth of his love after she’d made so many bad decisions wasn’t just comforting. It was overwhelming. Nathan was the kind of man who stuck by his lover, even when things went wrong. Sharon was so used to taking care of herself whenever something went that wrong. The act of sharing the burden with someone, especially someone she loved, gave her even more certainty about building a life with him.

In that moment, empowered by such certainty, an idea came to Sharon that promised to set a different tone for such a frustrating day.

“The next decision,” Sharon said, “I can work with that.”

Without saying another word, she lightly cupped her lover’s chin and turned his face towards her. She then gave him a soft kiss on the lips. It was a simple gesture of love, but one that escalated quickly.

Before Nathan could ask too many questions, she deepened the kiss. In the process, she also took him by the shoulders, pinned him on the floor, and got on top of him. Once he was flat on his back, she broke the kiss and made what she felt was the best choice she could’ve made.

“Make love to me, Nathan,” Sharon said intently.

“Right now?” he asked, surprised and intrigued by her request. “Right here…down on the floor…in our new, empty condo?”

“Yep!” she replied, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Nathan was a thoughtful, charismatic man who didn’t shy away from elaborate challenges. Who else could’ve gotten someone a stubborn woman like her to love him so much? In certain situations, though, he just smiled and let things be simple. This was one of those situations.

“Well, I had been hoping to christen our new place atop a king-sized bed with candles and roses,” he said in a humored tone, “but this works too.”

“And I’m going to make damn sure it works perfectly!” Sharon said in her most seductive voice.

That was a tough promise to make after so much had gone wrong. She still felt confident making it. If anything, she had even more incentive to make everything go right.

With Nathan still pinned under her, Sharon rose into an upright position and took off her shirt. She then reached behind and unclasped her bra, leaning over so that her boobs were right in his face as it fell off. Nathan grinned playfully, rubbing his face between them as he started getting undressed too, unbuttoning his flannel shirt with great urgency.

“Let’s get those pants off,” she whispered into his ear. “They’re already so dusty and wrinkled.”

“That turn you on, babe?” he quipped.

“Only one way to find out!”

With a lecherous grin, Sharon sensually slithered down her lover’s upper body, gazing up at him with her seductive gaze as she reached for his belt buckle. She undid it with ease and just as Nathan removed his flannel shirt, no less. She then pulled the loose-fitting jeans down his legs, along with his boxers.

As soon as he kicked them off, Sharon threw them into corner and went for that strong, robust cock of his. Having just stomached mediocre pizza and cheap soda, she was in the mood for something more appetizing.

“Guess that answers that,” she said playfully, his dick now in both hands. “It is a turn-on!”

“Good to know…real good,” said Nathan, already leaning back on his arms in anticipation.

In a mix of dedicated passion and reckless desire, Sharon went to work giving her boyfriend oral sex. She wasn’t casual about it, either. She positioned herself perfectly, right at his side so that she had an unobstructed view of his endowment. She tapped into the intimate knowledge she had of her lover’s sensual quirks, gripping the base just right and slithering her tongue along over the sensitive tip.

“Oh Sharon…that feel so good!” he moaned.

Encouraged, she stepped up her efforts, taking more of his manhood into her mouth and suckling along the length with escalating intensity. That really got the blood flowing in all the right directions. She felt him get hard inside her mouth, his manly flesh stiffening at a rapid rate.

As she sucked him off, her head bobbing in accord with each motion, he affectionately caressed her head and ran his fingers through her hair. Having not had a chance to shower that morning, his touch felt extra sincere. It both heightened her passions and fueled her own growing arousal.

“Mmm…my love,” she said in between teases. “I want you…want this.”

Nathan responded with more blissful moans, getting very close to full arousal. At the same time, Sharon used her free hand to reach into her pants and fondle her pussy. She could already feel herself getting wet. In her determined state, she achieved a level of arousal that usually took much longer. After the kind of day she’d endured, it felt like a reprieve.

She continued giving him oral sex for a bit longer. Once she sensed they were sufficiently aroused, she ceased her sucking and rose to her knees.

“Are you ready, Nathan?” she asked seductively.

“Hell yeah…in more ways than one,” he replied, his eyes radiating desire.

“Then come. Take me,” Sharon urged.

Offering even more incentive, she undid her pants and sensually slithered out of them, panties and all. Now fully naked, throwing her pants into the same corner as his, Nathan promptly took off the undershirt he’d been wearing and pounced on her like the determined lover she knew.

In an instant, Sharon found herself pinned on the floor in the center of the unfurnished living room, her lover/new roommate on top of her. Her legs were hitched over his shoulders and her wrists pinned to the side. They had so much space to work with in an empty room. Why not take advantage of it before it got cluttered with furniture?

“Comfy, my love?” Nathan said with a manly grin.

“Hell yeah…in more ways than one,” she replied, mirroring his words and tone.

It said something about how good they were together when they repeated one another. Sharon took that as an encouraging sign that their luck was changing, but it could stand to change even more.

With focused intent in his eyes, Nathan shifted his grip from her wrists to her thighs, holding onto them firmly as he guided his dick towards the outer folds of her pussy. Once his flesh was aligned with hers, he moved his hips forward and pushed his rigid manhood into her womanly depths.

“Ooh Nathan!” Sharon squealed with delight.

Her love responded with one of those manly grunts that brought out her kinky side. Still propped on his knees, hovering over her with domineering desire, Nathan began making love to her as only he could.

He quickly established a rhythm, working his hips back and forth, pumping his cock into her tight folds. Hard masculine flesh meshed perfectly with soft feminine depths. His body sought hers and she embraced him fully. Sharon held onto his arms, closing her eyes and soaking in the feeling. It didn’t matter that they were lying on the hard, dirty floor of an empty condo. It was still their home. Making love within it just helped make it official.

“Nathan…you and me…together,” she found herself saying in her deepening daze.

That sentiment seemed to encourage him. He tightened his hold on her thighs, pushed her legs apart even further, and stepped up the space of their sex.

“Together…Sharon…Oh God!” he moaned.

A surge of energy came over them, their bodies rocking harder to the rhythm of their passion. Sharon felt her breasts bounce and her back grind against the floor. It was so messy and raw, but she loved every second of it.

As Nathan intensified his movements, Sharon let go of his arm and put her hands to work. She fondled her breast with one hand – a sight her lover always enjoyed during sex – and used the other to fondle her clitoris. Between her lover’s energy and the affectionate desires fueling it, she found herself on the brink of orgasm.

“Ooh Nathan! I’m almost there! Almost…there!” Sharon panted as the feeling drew closer.

“Your first orgasm…in our new place,” he said to her, “better make it count!”

He delivered on those words by putting a little extra fervor into his movements, pushing rigid member into her innermost depths, stimulating those special areas that were hard to reach. More than any other man she’d dated, Nathan knew how to give her that extra push when she was on the brink. On a day like today, it felt extra satisfying.

“Ohhh Nathan!” she cried out as she achieved climax.

Her cries of euphoria echoed loudly throughout the empty condo, as if to mark every corner as belonging to her and her lover. She squeezed her breast, pressed hard on her clit, and arched her body to the sweet waves of bliss that followed.

It was so intense and unfiltered, a pleasure born from the simplest act that she could share with her lover. There was no need for a fancy bed, bulky furniture, or elaborate setups. They just needed a room, a floor, and a desire to make love to each other. Given all the complications Sharon had encountered lately, it was both refreshing and satisfying.

“Wow! My love…our home,” she said in her orgasmic daze.

“That’s right. This is our home,” Nathan told her.

As if she needed another reminder, he leaned in and kissed her lovingly, allowing the weight of his naked body to fully mesh with hers. Sharon, still immersed in a world of bliss, eagerly kissed back and embraced him with all her love. It epitomized a profound moment born from so much frustration.

While Sharon treasured that moment, she also realized that Nathan’s flesh was still joined with hers. She could feel his rock-hard manhood inside her throbbing depths. Even if she needed that release more than him after all the wrong decisions she’d made, Sharon had every intention of sharing the ecstasy.

“Nw it’s my love’s turn to welcome,” she said as soon as their lips parted.

With another burst of energy from her end, she rolled Nathan over so that he was the one on his back. Having worked up a good sweat while making love to her, it was extra sticky on his naked skin. That might actually work to her advantage for what she had planned.

Now on top of her lover, Sharon straddled his waist, her feet planted firmly by each hip. She then leaned forward, placing both hands on that well-cut chest of his and began riding his cock with the same vigor he’d demonstrated with her.

“Mmm…you like that, babe?” Sharon said with a loving purr.

“Ohhh Sharon!” he moaned. “That feels…so good…so hot and tight.”

“Good!” she said intently. “Because this feeling…is ours! This place…is ours!”

Still drunk on orgasmic pleasure, Sharon rode his cock at a pace that tested her endurance and her dedication. She pushed her limits, working the folds of her pussy along the length of Nathan’s dick with unreserved fervor. The hot smacking sound of her pelvis colliding with his filled the spacious room, the echoes reverberating in all directions. Something about that made it even hotter.

Her gaze remained locked with his, watching his expression contort to the sensations she conjured with their sex. As she rode him, Nathan reached up and fondled her bouncing breasts, adding some extra sensations to supplement her movements. He gazed up at her as though she were an angel and a spectacle. That gave her even more reasons to make him feel divine.

Those efforts paid off quickly. After a good round of intensely focused sex, she sensed Nathan getting closer. She could always tell with the way his grunts deepened and his face tensed. Seeking to share in the feeling with him, she took her hands with his, interlocking their fingers and held on as she guided him towards ecstasy.

“Ohhh Sharon! I…I’m going to…come!” Nathan gasped in anticipation.

“Yes, my love!” she told him lovingly. “I want this for you…for us.”

Sharon finally steadied her movements, leaning back and gyrating her hips with just the right amount of vigor to send her lover to the edge and over it. Just as he’d done with her, she knew all the little tricks that he found extra sexy. It made the resulting peak as powerful as it needed to be.

She watched and smiled as he closed his eyes, squeezed her hands firmly, and let out a deep, manly grunt that echoed through every corner of the condo. As his expression reflected the bliss of his release, Sharon felt his member throb inside her as he released his manly load into her depths. That warm, intimate feeling capped off an experience that did much more than fill them with basic pleasure.

“God, I love you, Sharon,” said Nathan, still panting from the feeling.

“I know. I love you too, Nathan,” she replied, holding his hands over her beating heart.

“Here…on a dirty floor…bare ass naked…I promise we’ll build this new life together.”

“And I want that life,” she told him. “Even after everything that has gone wrong today, I still believe I made the right decision.”

“So do I,” he said.

He cast her a warm smile. She did the same, leaning in and capturing his lips once more. It was a unique moment, one that had been born out unexpected and unfavorable circumstances. Sharon had avoided making such a monumental decision, moving in with a boyfriend and building a life with him. When she finally did make that decision, everything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong.

Even after all that, though, it still felt so right. Being able to make love so passionately after so many mishaps only proved the strength of their relationship. It was almost poetic, claiming their empty new home with an act of intense lovemaking. It hadn’t been how she intended to commemorate such a chaotic day, but it still felt so fitting.

“So,” Nathan said after breaking the kiss, “want to make love in a few more rooms while we wait for the moving truck?”

“I can’t think of a better way to pass the time,” Sharon said playfully. “This time, let’s do it in the dining room. I could use some fresh rug burns!”


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