Sexy Short Story: Homecoming Loving

The following is a sexy short story inspired by a notification I got about a high school reunion. I didn’t enjoy high school and I imagine many others didn’t, either. Hopefully, this story helps in some small way. Enjoy!

“Here we are…Ridgeway High School…for the first time in ten years,” mused Lorilee “Lori” Ming.

“It’s remarkable,” said her fiancé, Lance Marlow. “The old nightmare factory has changed, but not too much.”

“Not nearly enough, from the looks of it.”

“I want to say it made us strong, but…”

Lance’s words trailed off. He just kept staring back at the structure he once dreaded, squeezing Lori’s hand tightly and holding her closer. She squeezed back, needing no further reminders of what they experienced at Ridgeway High School. The memories were still so vivid.

She and Lance did not have an ideal youth. It wasn’t entirely because of their experience in high school, but those years were the ultimate manifestation of so many hardships. When she was ten-years-old, her parents split up after multiple acts of cheating and several violent outbursts from her father. Finding out her older sister was fathered by another man certainly didn’t help, either.

Lance’s circumstances weren’t much better. He didn’t even know who his dad was. His mother also couldn’t confirm the biological fathers of his two siblings, Dana and Marleen. That didn’t stop her from conning several men into paying her child support. But it did hinder her ability to be the kind of caring mother he needed, especially after he endured a number of health problems as a kid.

Their troubled home life eventually bled into high school and in all the wrong ways. Between his health issues and his mother’s reputation as the town harlot, he was an easy target to pick on. Lori became a target too after a series of public outbursts that closely mirrored her parents. It didn’t take much to set her off. And some of her mischievous peers thought it was funny to push her buttons. Something as simple as a snide remark about her hair was all it took.

“This place brought out the worst in us,” Lori said under her breath. “I hate what it made me. And I hate how I dealt with it.”

She turned to her fiancé and buried her face in his shoulder, hiding the light sobs that overcame her. Lance remained stern and strong, as he often did during difficult times. It was one of the many traits that drew her to him. While they didn’t start dating until after high school, they both knew each other. And they understood and appreciated one another’s plight.

She and Lance watched one another endure years of frustration, mishaps, and emotional damage. They also watched one another hit rock bottom. Lance had an emotional breakdown his senior year when he made himself sick on purpose in hopes of losing weight. Lori managed to get herself suspended after another violent outburst against someone who joked about her sisters. They actually first connected in the principal’s office that day. It ended up being a major turning point because that was when they started turning their lives around.

“Surviving this place was a necessary step,” said Lori. “Meeting you was an unexpected twist.”

“And a damn good one,” said Lance. “That might have been the first lucky break in my life to that point.”

“I’d say better late than never, but that would be insensitive.”

“Wouldn’t make it any less accurate,” he said with a weak smile.

Lori smiled back, hiding more sobs. Looking away from the school and towards the man she loved, the less bleak parts of her life came into focus.

It started with therapy. Lori had to undergo a lot of therapy to confront and deal with her many personal issues. Lance went through therapy too, but he also committed himself to being less sickly. Getting away from his mother and her abusive nature certainly helped. But he also had to work with doctors and trainers to lose weight, get off old medications, and improve his health.

While they were going through this process, they attended the same community college. That was where they started dating. They actually watched one another improve from the complete mess they’d been in high school, eventually becoming functional adults – a feat few in their graduating class thought was possible.

It still took years to build better lives for themselves. It wasn’t until Lance secured his job as a social worker that he proposed to her. And Lori accepted, even before she landed a full-time job as a paralegal. It might have been easier for both of them to just forget the awful years they spent at Ridgeway High School completely. That was certainly their preferred recourse.

Then, they got an invitation to their ten-year reunion. And instead of throwing it away, they both agreed to confront this horror. They even traveled back to their hometown, arriving the day before the festivities – just to take in and process the scene before them.

“I’m kind of glad we’re doing this,” Lance said, breaking the silence.

“Kind of?” Lori said with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t like revisiting these painful memories. And I certainly don’t like being somewhere that made me so miserable,” he explained. “But at the same time…this is something we had to confront.”

“I don’t know that we had to,” she retorted, “but I see where you’re coming from. It does feel oddly therapeutic.”

“We can never undo the hardships we endured. And there’s only so much we can do to deal with the memories,” Lance went on. “But because of this place, I met you. And now we’re about to build a life together.”

Lori had to fight more sobs at such a tender sentiment. But she didn’t mind losing that fight.

“That’s…a beautiful thought, Lance,” she said, wiping away some tears. “It almost seems inappropriate for a place like this.”

“That gonna keep you from kissing me?”

“Hell no!”

She smiled warmly and he smiled back. He then embraced her tightly and gave a deep, affectionate kiss on the lips. Lori gladly returned the gesture, letting some of the pent-up emotions flow freely.

Being back at Ridgeway High School was difficult. They had visited the campus a day early just to give themselves a chance to process it all. Even though it brought back many painful memories, there was something profound about returning together. They had gone from two very broken individuals with many personal problems to an engaged couple, preparing to move forward with their lives instead of just healing from the past.

In that same moment, and within this powerful gesture, another bold feeling came over Lori. While kissing and embracing her finance, her eyes glanced briefly to the nearby football field, which was often empty this time of year. She then started kissing Lance deeper and with a more sensual undertone, her gestures sending clear, unambitious signals about what she desired.

“Umm…Lori?” Lance said, breathless as their lips parted, but their bodies remained close.

“Do me, Lance,” said Lori in a blunt, but impassioned tone. “Do me right now…on the 50-yard-line…for this school we both hate.”

That came off as more aggressive than she’d intended, but the grin on her fiancé’s face still widened. And while Lance was usually one to overthink an opportunity like this, he gladly made an exception.

“Meh. What’s the worst they could do? Suspend us?” he joked.

“They might still try,” she quipped. “So let’s make sure it’s worth it!”

They both laughed. They then kissed again, their embrace and gestures becoming more playful. But with the sun rapidly setting over the campus, Lori knew they had to move with urgency. So, with renewed energy and purpose, she latched onto Lance’s arm and led him towards the football field.

They moved swiftly and with purpose, sharing more excitement in that moment than they had since the day they left this accursed high school. Arriving at the football field, more memories came rushing back – memories of cheering classmates, raucous games, and meaningless school spirit. Neither one of them had a chance to enjoy the more typical rigors of adolescence. The school and their peers had robbed them of that.

Now, they were getting back at them in their own special way.

“Right here! Right on the school logo!” Lori said, practically tugging at Lance’s arm.

“Ground zero for Ridgeway pride? I love it!” he said.

“Shut up and start stripping, love.”

Lori led by example, swiftly slipping off her T-shirt, undoing her bra, and sliding out of her shorts. Lance caught up, getting his shirt and pants off almost as fast as he did the night he proposed to her.

She was down to her panties. He was down to his boxers. Standing with him in the middle of this field filled her with a strange kind of energy – the kind that quickly morphed into a strong arousal between her legs. Sharing that energy, Lance took her in his arms once more and laid her down atop the neatly cut grass. He then proceeded to make out with her like the horny teenagers that once populated this school.

“Kiss me…touch me…do everything the health teachers told us not to do!” said Lori.

Lance snickered, letting out one of those deep, masculine grunts he knew drove her wild. He drove her even more wild with some skilled, targeted foreplay.

He caressed her breasts, licked around her nipples, rubbed his thigh between her legs, and let the weight of his body press down against hers. It was more than enough to send Lori into a sexual frenzy, her heart and her loins in overdrive at the prospect of making love to Lance in such a bold setting.

It led her to reach for the waistband of his boxers and pull them down, freeing the growing erection they had barely contained. He returned the favor by slipping off her panties, leaving them both completely naked and completely exposed in this very open field. It added an element of danger to their sex. It also inspired Lori to take a very specific approach.

After a bit more of heavy foreplay, she shifted their bodies into a new position.

“Here…I’ll suck you off. You eat me out,” Lori said.

“Our health teacher definitely advised against this,” Lance commented.

“Which is why we should do it and enjoy it!”

Lance offered no argument. He gladly followed Lori until they were lying on their sides in a prefect 69 position – her facing his erect penis and him facing her engorged vagina. Nature must have been cheering them on because a warm breeze blew over the field, as if to encourage them to keep going. They gladly got the message.

Lance made the first move, pushing her thighs apart and burying his face in her womanhood. Lori made the next, grasping the base of his cock before enveloping his length between her lips. A succession of purrs and grunts followed, their naked bodies shifting and writhing together at the pleasure they evoked in one another.

It was beautifully harmonious while also being undeniably raunchy. This was reckless and probably illegal. But that didn’t stop them. It just motivated them to go the extra mile.

“Sucking a dick…getting my pussy eaten out…and enjoying every goddamn minute of it! And at a place that made me miserable for four years!”

The enthusiasm and energy really showed. Lori sucked harder and faster than she usually did when giving oral pleasure to her lover. Lance matched her every step of the way, plunging his tongue into her womanly folds and stimulating all the sensitive areas he knew so well. It might have made more sense to save this kind of passion for their honeymoon. But this felt like it would be more fulfilling in the long run.

Their shared efforts showed in the results. Lori felt Lance’s cock become fully erect between her lips. She was also very wet between her legs, ready for sex and not the gentle kind. Their bodies were on the same page. It was just a matter of who would make the next move.

“Take me,” Lori said through another breezy gust.

Like a reflex, they repositioned themselves again. Lori laid on her back again and Lance got on top of her. She then spread her legs, wrapped them around her waist, and drew him closer as they aligned their bodies for sex. Their eyes now locked – their gaze a mix of boldness and passion – Lori urged him to complete this reckless act.

With a thrust of his hips and a subtle shift of hers, they did it. Lance entered her waiting depths with his hardened flesh, penetrating her moist folds so smoothly and easily. Their flesh now entwined, they started moving together – making love to one another – indulging in this sweet feeling in a domain that had brought them so much misery.

“We’re doing this, Lori. We’re really…really…doing this,” Lance panted in between movements.

“Yes, Lance! We’re doing this!” she exclaimed. “We’re making love…right here…at Ridgeway High School!”

From there, an outpouring of pent-up emotions mixed perfectly with a familiar passion. The desire to make love and the desire to confront old demons converged in this reckless, but exhilarating act of intimacy. It was also quite energetic and heated.

Every thrust of the hips was more fervent and focused.

Every undulation was more intense, their naked bodies moving with greater purpose and poise.

Lance treated it like a retort to everyone in high school who made fun of him for being overweight and out of shape. Now, here he was making love to his beautiful fiancé with an intensity that would leave most men winded. Lori eagerly encouraged him, moaning loudly and joyously as he stimulated her innards with his ravenous humping. She raked her fingers down his back, moved her hips in conjunction with his, and showered him with messy, affectionate kissing.

It was wild, but in the best possible way. Together, she and Lance laughed, moaned, and gasped into the dusk of the warm summer night. They also mixed it up along the way, rolling about on the well-cut grass of the football field, making love in various positions. At one point, Lance flipped her onto all fours and thrust into her from behind. He also lightly pulled her hair back while squeezing her butt, something he knew drove her wild.

And as she took in this feeling, Lori looked back towards the school with a mix of bliss and disdain.

“You seeing this, Ridgeway?” she shouted at the building. “I’m back! I’m naked! And I’m fucking my future husband on your football field! Fuck you! Fuck you!”

Lori kept repeating that vulgar mantra as she shifted her torso upwards, which allowed her to reach down to her pelvis and fondle her clitoris through the motions. Lance reached down and helped, placing his hand atop her and applying some extra pressure.

That, along with her vulgar insults to the school, helped send her over the edge. And she achieved orgasm in a way she would not soon forget.

“Oohhhh fuck yes!” Lori shouted.

She made sure she was still staring at the school, as though she wanted to ghosts of her high school years to see her O-Face. She grinned with extra glee, biting her lower lip and arching her back as waves of pleasure rocked her body from within.

It felt so good, like many of the other orgasms she’d enjoyed with Lance. But having it here in a place that gave her so much misery just made it feel even better.

It was a feeling she wanted Lance to enjoy as well.

“You’re turn, love!” Lori said, still beaming from the ecstasy.

She took charge of their lovemaking. It almost caught Lance by surprised. His eyes widened with surprise as she turned around, pinned him on his back, and mounted him like an animal in heat. But a smile never left his face. And that smile widened even as she straddled his waist, lowered herself back down onto his sex, and started riding him with focused intent.

“Oh God! Lori…so beautiful,” Lance gasped.

It must have been quite a sight, watching her ride him with the light of the setting sun in the background. She made sure to give him plenty to admire, grasping his waist and dancing atop him in a special lover’s dance. She even squealed with delight as he reached up to fondle her bouncing breasts, pinching her nipples again as she guided him to his share of the ecstasy.

His grunts and gasped intensified.

Lori sensed he was close, feeling his manhood tense inside her depths in anticipation.

She watched with playful affectionate as his expression tensed in anticipation of his release. She leaned over, steadied her movements, and gave him something to focus on for that final push. When the feeling hit, he let out a cry of elation that echoed throughout the campus.

“Ohhh fuck yeah!”

His choice of vulgar proclamations was so fitting. Lori snickered under her breath while still caressing his face, watching as her lover took in the pleasure.

She felt his body shudder under her, his hardened flesh throbbing inside her as he filled her womb with his hot seed. The warmth that followed perfectly complemented the evening breeze that washed over the field. While Lance processed his bliss, she took his hands in hers and held them close to her chest.

“I love you, Lance,” she told him.

“I love you too,” Lance replied. “I love you as much as I hated high school.”

“And that…is how I know our love is special.

“Special enough to make tomorrow’s reunion bearable?”


Lori grinned at her future husband and he grinned back. They then kissed before parting their flesh. However, they were in no hurry to get dressed. They opted to linger in the afterglow, curled up on the 50-yard-line to further cement this moment into their memories.

Life had not been easy. Their experience at Ridgeway High School was a uniquely dark time for them. But they endured. They found each other. And after ten years of rebuilding their lives, they returned to the site of that darkness. They couldn’t undo everything that made high school so awful. But they could lay the foundation of something better.

And that was exactly what they did on the 50-yard-line in their own special way.

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