Sexy Short Story: The Love Pod

The following is a sexy short story about a couple in the not-so-distant future enjoying a little high tech intimacy. Enjoy!

“Please enter the staging area. And please be sure to turn off any electronic devices. By policy, this is a private space in the highest degree.”

“That sounds like a script from a lawyer and read by an unpaid intern,” noted Kyle Elder as he and his wife entered the area, hand-in-hand.

“Spoken like a man who deals with both too often,” replied Daniella “Dina” Dillon, his ever-radiant wife of three years.

“I’d plead the fifth. But I know that would just prove your point.”

“All the more reason to shut up. Besides, we didn’t come here to talk.”

“No. We certainly did not.”

Kyle gave his wife’s hand a firm squeeze and grinned widely. It was painfully clear how much they needed this. It had been clear before Dina pitched the idea the other day after dinner. They’d both been working overtime for two straight weeks. That was to be expected, with him working at a law firm and her working at an investment bank. Having graduated college four years ago, they were in the early stages of their burgeoning careers.

As a result, he and Dina had less time for each other. That was a new, but unfamiliar situation. Having known one another since childhood, falling deeply in love at a young age, they were used to sharing their lives with one another. Having full-time jobs that kept them apart for most of the day proved difficult. And working so hard left them with less energy than usual to be intimate.

That meant when they did have an opportunity, like a stormy Saturday morning, they had to make it count. That led Kyle to splurge for some quality time in a Love Pod. It was a relatively new practice for lovers, couples, and casual partners of all kinds. But it had quickly become an integral service to anyone who desired a special intimacy.

“I’m so glad we’re doing this,” Dina said as she admired the pod-like structure before them. “I can only imagine how many couples need it as much as us.”

“Kind of makes me feel bad for our ancestors. They had to build meaningful sex lives without them,” Kyle commented while looking on with similar awe.

“They seemed to manage. We’re here, after all,” she quipped.

“True. But for a love like ours, I want to do more than manage.”

“Me too.”

They shared a warm smile as they approached the Love Pod. Behind them, the door had already closed and locked itself, ensuring there would be no unwanted disturbances. They had also turned off their phones completely, not even wanting an emergency text to distract them from one another. For once, this was all about being together in a private, intimate space.

The room itself certainly accommodated that. Most Love Pods were built within premium spas. And most of those spas were located in small, unremarkable office structures that most wouldn’t recognize even if they walked by them. Even the high-end facilities often kept a low profile.

As for the pod, it didn’t look like much from the outside. It was just this large, egg-shaped structure that had been built into the corner of the room. The exterior was smooth and polished, giving off a glossy sheen. There were some lights built into the top and base, indicating it required electricity. It also gave off a low, radiating a unique energy that beckoned couples towards it like moths to a flame.

Kyle found himself reaching out and touching the surface. Through it, he felt the distinct heat that only Love Pods ever generated. It was enough to evoke excitement and passion in any couple, even those who had been grossly overworked.

“Thank you. Your session is about to begin,” said the same robotic voice from earlier. “Please remove all clothing. Storage compartments are available if desired.”

“Finally! We can ditch these itchy clothes,” Dina said as she loosened her shirt.

“Speak for yourself. You’re not the one who has to wear suits and ties during a summer heat wave,” Kyle said as he did the same.

“Less talking. More stripping,” his wife quipped.

Kyle just grinned and shook his head as he disrobed. He couldn’t help but be somewhat distracted by his beautiful wife eagerly taking off her clothes, abandoning her usual modesty with such glee.

Dina was downright playful in how she wiggled out of her pants, unclasped her bra, and slipped out of her panties. Kyle swore she was tempting him, like a stripper at one of the clubs his older brother kept trying to drag him to. Once fully nude, she even bent down a bit, showing off her bare butt as she picked up her clothes and stored them neatly in a nearby cupboard.

“Damn, you look good naked,” Kyle said under his breath.

She giggled slightly, sounding like the playful schoolgirl she’d been when they started dating in high school. He was so fixated on her heart-shaped butt that he almost forgot his pants were only halfway off. When Dina turned around, giving him a full-frontal view of her breasts and vagina, it helped him refocus. And he couldn’t get his pants and boxers off fast enough.

“I missed seeing you and all your manly glory,” Dina said to him.

“You saw me in the shower two nights ago,” he pointed out.

“I was too tired to enjoy it. But trust me. I’m very rested right now.”

There was an erotic undertone to her voice. That tone always got Kyle’s blood flowing to the right parts of his body. But he refused to get too far ahead of himself. He had to save the bulk of his passion for the Love Pod.

He and Dina had discovered the joys of Love Pods shortly after their honeymoon. Dina’s older sister, who worked for a popular chain of day spas that specialized in their use, had even provided them with a special voucher. That allowed them to make an appointment at some of the best spas in the region. And for the next several hours, it was theirs to enjoy.

Eager to lose track of time with the woman he loved, Kyle stuffed his clothes into another cupboard. He then joined his wife at the entrance to the pod, taking her hand in his and standing together as naked as the day they were born.

“Are you ready for this, my love?” he asked her.

“As ready as any naked woman can be for her handsome hubby,” Dina answered with a grin.

His heart raced with anticipation. Dina leaned in close, the warmth of her body mixing with his. She had that glint in her eyes – the one that told him she yearned for his loving, sensual touch. Kyle delighted in giving that to her as often as possible. Using a Love Pod just made it easier, as well as more satisfying.

The robot voice within the room must have sensed their anticipation. The front doors to the pod opened, revealing the enticing interior to the both of them. It was like an elevator opening to take them to Heaven. And they were ready to ascend.

“Thanks again for your cooperation. Please enter the pod and enjoy your time together,” the voice instructed.

“Oh we will,” said Kyle with the utmost confidents. “We definitely will!”

Like a couple of newlyweds entering a honeymoon suite, Kyle led Dina into the pod. As soon as they were inside, they felt its unique ambience. And it supplemented their blossoming passion perfectly.

Entering a Love Pod was like entering a small sliver of Eden. It consisted mostly of a large, circular shaped bed. But it was no regular king-sized bed that anyone could buy at a mattress store. This thing had a unique cushion. And crawling atop it with his wife felt like getting on top of a magical cloud – one that lovingly supported their naked bodies to the utmost.

In addition to the uniquely shaped mattress, there were also sheets and comforters consisting of an exotic, dark red fabric. Nobody knew what the fabric consisted of. That was a closely guarded secret within the Love Pod industry. Kyle once heard a rumor that the fabric was laced with some kind of special chemical that stimulated skin in a unique way. It would explain why everyone was encouraged to enter Love Pods naked. But the rumors didn’t stop there.

“I swear this place looks much bigger from the inside,” Dina commented.

“Probably some sort of optical illusion,” Kyle said as he admired it himself.

“Do you really believe that?” she said skeptically.

“Does it matter? More so than just being here…together…and increasingly horny?”

“Not in the slightest!” she said curtly.

As Kyle and Dina followed one another atop the mattress and to the center of the pod, they kissed and embraced. That quickly escalated into heated foreplay. Within any Love Pod, the foreplay always seemed more intimate.

A big part of it was the ambience. All along the interior surface of the pod was this silverish surface that resembled a high-definition TV screen. When the chamber door closed behind them, parts of that screen lit up to illuminate the interior in this soft reddish light. It was so warm and radiant. It made Kyle and his love feel so hot from the inside, as though their respective libidos were being ignited from the outside.

On top of that, the unique lighting coincided with this unique aroma that quickly filled the chamber. It was so thick and heavy, like an invisible cloud surrounding them. It did not at all resemble anything most couples smelled, even during their hottest, sweatiest rounds of lovemaking. Many believed it was some kind of synthetic pheromone developed by Love Pod companies – designed specifically to evoke passion, lust, and a level of horiness that could not be achieved naturally. It wasn’t so much a rumor as it was a poorly kept secret within the industry.

Kyle always figured the truth lay somewhere between the craziest rumors and harshest truths. Whatever it entailed, he and Dina could care less about the specifics. All that mattered was that they were alone, sealed in this Love Pod, and deeply in need of one another’s sex. And once the effects of the pod took hold, neither of them held back.

“Touch…kiss me…taste me,” Dina gasped, every word a blend of cries and whispers.

Kyle answered with a series of masculine grunts that sounded like something right out of a nature show. He had already followed Dina to the center of the pod where the mattress was its most comforting. Once there, he serenaded her with his soft lips and loving touch. And before long, they were making out like a couple of restless prom dates.

As Dina lay on her back, her arms wrapped around his neck, he hovered over her – hungrily kissing her lips, trailing his eager hands along her feminine curves, and letting the sinews of his upper body mesh with her naked skin. Kyle was gentle where he needed to be, especially when kissing her lips or nibbling on her ear lobe – something that always drove her wild. He was also a bit more overt when necessary, such as when he squeezed her thighs or cupped her breasts.

“Mmm…Dina,” Kyle said under his breath, “you taste so good…feel so good. God, I want you!”

They were already working up quite a sweat together. All that touching and body contact supplemented the heat, as well as the uniquely sensual aroma. It also intensified their growing sexual arousal, which had begun the second they got naked, but accelerated from their foreplay.

Kyle felt his heart race as blood rushed to his lower body, causing his penis to stiffen to a state rarely achieved outside the most sensual of situations. And as the veins in his manhood throbbed, he reached between Dina’s thighs to feel the outer contours of her vulva. She was already so hot with arousal. And when he sneakily slipped a couple fingers into her vagina, he confirmed she was just as aroused.

“Please…I can’t wait any longer!” Dina said, breaking the kiss and already short of breath. “Do me, Kyle! Make love to me now!”

It wasn’t a command as much as it was a desperate plea. Kyle, never one to deny the woman he loved, acted quickly. Like a soldier springing into action, he pushed her legs apart and got between them. He then aligned his rigid cock with his wife’s moist outer folds, their bodies aching for their fleshly union.

Dina locked eyes with him, grabbing onto his arms and beckoning him with her intense gaze. There was so much she could’ve said to him in that moment. He could’ve said just as much to her. But after being together and being in love for so long, words simply didn’t cut it. A simple, affectionate act was all they needed.

“Dina…” was all Kyle said before thrusting his hips forward and entering her.

They each let out an impassioned gasp as their sex commenced. That sweet feeling of hard, masculine flesh penetrating soft, feminine depths washed over them. They knew this feeling well, but the Love Pod seemed to amplify it. That might have been another secret function that nobody understood. But neither Kyle nor Dina cared for the specifics.

Their flesh now entwined, they began moving their bodies in that special lover’s dance. Kyle was slow at first, just letting his love’s flesh embrace his. But the movements intensified quickly. With great passion and urgency, he worked his body with hers – their flesh rocking, grinding, and slithering with perfect harmony. Hands roamed and lips followed chaotic whims, tasting and tantalizing each other’s flesh with growing delight.

“That’s it, Kyle! Ooh that’s it!” Dina panted. “Like that! Just like that!”

It was sweet music to his ears, hearing his wife’s joyous words. He soon fell into a daze, burying his face in his wife’s neck as their naked bodies rocked and writhed.

Kyle wasn’t doing anything special. He was just making love to his wife in variation of the missionary position, aligning his body with hers in just such a way to maximize their union. It might have just been another byproduct of being too busy or having not enjoyed unhindered lovemaking in a while. The ambience of the Love Pod probably had something to do with it as well, even without all the wild rumors of how it functioned.

At this point, only one thing was clear.

They needed this.

They wanted this.

They loved this.

It ultimately showed when Dina’s moans took on that distinctly orgasmic undertone.

“Ooh I’m close! I’m close! I’m so…so close!” she panted.

“Mmm…me too, Dina,” Kyle said into her ear, making sure to sound extra masculine.

His voice didn’t do justice to just how close he was. Dina was so hot and tight, her womanhood squeezing his member with its moist flesh. He longed for his release, but not before his love could join him in the ecstasy. Through several more focused movements, they carried one to the edge of that special threshold.

Then, they leapt off together.

“Ohhhh Kyle!”


The rush of orgasmic bliss washed over them. It wasn’t simultaneous, but it was pretty damn close.

It hit Dina first. She closed her eyes, curled her toes, bent her knees, and raked her nails over his back before contorting to the onslaught of sensations. That extra throbbing in her vagina got Kyle past the point of no return, as well. His face still buried in her neck, he grasped her hips, dug his knees into the bed, and thrust extra deep into her depths. Within those depths, his seminal fluid mixed with her juices, their sex taking form and substance. But the feeling went beyond the sex.

When the rush coursed through him, it was like a warm blanket composed of raw pleasure wrapped around them. It made every breath, every heartbeat, and every touch feel more meaningful – and every emotion behind it more profound.

“Wow,” said Kyle through his breathless state.

“I know…wow,” Dina said, still swimming in a sea of bliss.

“Even after all this year…you still amaze me, Dina,” he said.

“So do you…and not just with sex.”

“Well…it helps get the point across.”

“That, it does!” she said lovingly.

Still in the throughs of orgasmic delight, they met in a loving kiss. Even the joys of a near-simultaneous climax couldn’t keep Kyle from sharing a simple gesture of affection with his wife. The interior of the Love Pod even seemed to react to it, the ambient lighting on the surface shifting to become more vibrant.

It was tempting to just lay with Dina and enjoy the afterglow. Given how stressed they’d been lately, it might have been the most prudent. But after one shared trip to this sensual paradise, Kyle wasn’t feeling too prudent at the moment. When their lips parted and he saw that seductive glint in her eyes, he knew Dina felt the same.

“We still have plenty of time left in this pod,” Kyle reminded her.

“Is it enough time to catch up on all the sexy things we’ve been meaning to do?” she asked curtly.

“Don’t know. Wanna try anyway?”

“Shut up and kiss me again!”

Never one to deny his wife’s loving desire, they kissed again. Just like before, that kiss turned into heated foreplay. And from there, an impassioned chaos ensued.

He and Dina rolled around together in the Love Pod, enjoying the soft feel of the exotic fabric on their naked skin. They were a bit less urgent than before, just making out for the simple enjoyment of one another’s bodies. But eventually, the desire returned, as did the arousal.

It never ceased to amaze Kyle. His penis almost fully erect, despite being somewhat sensitive after his release. Within these Love Pods, it was as though the limits of the male body had been briefly nullified. More than a few men wondered how that was possible. But Kyle was content to attribute it to a greater desire to make love to Dina. The pod just gave him the perfect domain in which to realize that desire.

And after taking such a direct approach before, he and Dina dared to mix things up a bit. They took turns giving each other oral, which resulted in Dina having another orgasm. He then had Dina lead them into various positions – some of which involved her on top, riding him like a sex goddess – some of which involved him pinning her up against the wall of the pod, bouncing her up and down his cock.

One moment it was slow, sensual, and romantic.

The next it was rough, raw, and energetic.

The full breadth of their passion was on full display within this tiny structure. And they refused to leave until every last bit of desire was spent, shared, and exhausted. That made it easy to lose track of time, as well as how many orgasm they had. Kyle didn’t bother tracking how he and Dina had. They might be very sore tomorrow, but it was so worth it.

And once their last round of ravenous lovemaking concluded, they found themselves back in the center of the pod. Lying side-by-side, still as naked as they day they were born, they just cuddled in a gentle embrace.

“I love you,” said Kyle through his breathless state.

“I love you too,” Dina said, still swimming in a sea of bliss.

“We needed this…so much,” he said.

“More than usual. Good thing these pods making overdue lovemaking so damn satisfying!”

“That’s for sure. I’m already looking forward to our next trip. Maybe next time, we won’t wait so damn long to enjoy it.”

“But even if we do,” Dina said curtly, “I’ll make sure it’s worth the wait.

“Me too, my love. Me too.”

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