Sexy Short Story: Sexy Christmas Party

The following is a sexy short story about a sexy Christmas party like no other. Consider this my gift to all those who appreciate a little sex appeal with their holiday season. Enjoy!

As kids, it was easy to love Christmas. Between the presents, the decorations, the treats, and the days off from school, there was plenty to appreciate and celebrate. Growing up, Sandra Clair enjoyed it as much as any kid. But like most people who got past a certain age, she came to see the holidays in a different light.

It became less about the festivities and more about the work that went into them. Instead of adults setting everything up, she and everyone else her age had to do their part. For most, that wasn’t too big an issue. It didn’t make the presents, treats, and festivities any less enjoyable.

But at the same time, there was a distinct lack of excitement and overall joy. And once she and her friends graduated college and built adult lives for themselves, Christmas just became another holiday. While most were content to accept it as such, others like her and her boyfriend, Warrick Moss, sought to get creative with the season.

In that effort, they uncovered an entire community of adults like them who sought to make Christmas special in a very unique way – one that adults could enjoy without spending nearly as much money on presents.

“We’re here!” Sandra said, brimming with excitement. “Finally, the wait is over.”

“Funny. I used to say those exact same words in that exact tone on Christmas Eve when I was a kid,” Warrick commented as they got out of the car. “I just never thought I’d say them again…let alone feel this kind of excitement for the holidays.”

“Just because we grew up doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the Christmas spirit. Doing so just means finding a different approach.”

“Then, I’m glad we found one that works so well for us,” he said, his excited look matching hers. “I love getting excited for Christmas again.”

“Me too, love.”

With a beaming grin, Sandra latched onto her boyfriend’s arm and followed him towards the large single-family house at the end of the cul-de-sac of the upscale residential neighborhood. She didn’t know who owned it. The organizer of this holiday event had rented it for the week. Chances were this wasn’t the first holiday party of this sort it had hosted. It wasn’t the largest house on the block. But it was large enough to accommodate the necessary festivities.

It had all the essentials – multiple levels, at least four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a hot tub, an in-ground pool, ample street parking, and plenty of space for plenty of people. That last element was the most important. Driving in, Sandra noticed how many cars were parked along the street leading up to the house. That indicated the crowd this year would be even larger than the previous year. She had noticed that general trend since she discovered these kinds of Christmas celebrations. In some ways, that strengthened her Christmas spirit even more.

“There’s still a powerful desire to celebrate the holidays in a special way,” she thought. “It’s just a matter of sharing joy with others.”

With that hopeful thought in mind, Sandra eagerly stepped over trails of snow and ice with Warrick to arrive at the front door. A few other couples and individuals arrived with them, all looking just as eager to celebrate. Upon entering the front door, they were greeted with a very cheery – and half-naked – female host wearing a Santa hat.

“Welcome to the party! I’m Ellie!” she greeted them. “So glad you could join us. Please sign in and head over to the den. There’s a place set up for your coats and clothes.”

“Thanks, Ellie. We know the drill,” Warrick said, humored by her bubbly disposition.

“We actually met at one of these, you know?” Sandra commented, squeezing her lover’s arm a little tighter.

“Really? That’s so sweet!” Ellie replied. “That seems to happen a lot with these parties. Guess that’s just the magic of Christmas.”

Sandra and Warrick laughed as they signed in and slipped into the den located on their left. That girl couldn’t have been older than 23. This might be her first Christmas party of this nature. It was still so new to her. Hopefully, she came to appreciate it as much as her and Warrick.

It was true that they had met at a party like this three years ago. It might not have been the moment they fell in love, but it was the first spark of sorts. The love that blossomed afterwards – that could definitely be considered a Christmas miracle of sorts. It gave Sandra even more reason to enjoy this time of year and this very special celebration.

“Time to slip into our Christmas attire,” Sandra said teasingly as they entered the den.

“Ha! I used to think that was a running joke,” Warrick said as he took off his coat. “But now, I think it’s the most serious part of the holidays.”

“Oh, I say it’s very serious, hon,” she said. “You could even argue it’s the most important holiday tradition for people our age.”

“And I’m sure you’d win that argument handily,” he laughed.

Sandra laughed with him as they proceeded to don their special attire, as she’d jokingly called it.

Once their coats, gloves, and shoes were off and stored away, she and Warrick proceeded to strip down. But they didn’t stop at their shirt, socks, pants, or even the light sweater she’d worn. They took everything off, right down to their underwear. Sandra hadn’t even bothered with a bra, knowing it would not be necessary for much of the night.

Ultimately, she was left in a simple pair of red lace panties and Warrick only wore a pair of red briefs. The color was appropriate for the season. But they both knew it was likely that even this limited attire would be discarded soon enough.

“Ah! It feels good to get out of all those clothes,” said Warrick as he stored them away in a small bin.

“Even when it’s freezing cold with nine inches of snow on the ground outside?” Sandra quipped.

“That just makes it feel even better,” he replied. “It also gives us all the more incentive to find new sources of warmth.”

“Good thing I’m already feeling quite incentivized,” she said in a more sexually suggestive tone.

“Could that just be your Christmas spirit?”

“Among other things,” Sandra teased.

Now comfortably clad in their underwear, she grasped her lover’s hand and eagerly led him out of the den. Along the way, a few other guests arrived and walked past them. Naturally, they noticed a half-naked couple walking by. Sandra always got a kick out of such reactions.

The newbies and first timers were often taken aback, seeing nearly nude figures so casually walking by.

Those more experienced in these kinds of holiday parties just shot them a friendly, welcoming grin. The men, in particular, would often flash Sandra a special look – as if to let her know they’d be seeking her out later on.

Tonight was no exception. One man – a tall, athletic older man with a thick beard – offered her such a glance as he and a woman his age walked towards to den. Sandra hoped to remember his face. That might make for some fun activities later on.

“Just one of many gifts I hope to give and receive tonight,” she thought to herself.

Eager to seek the warmth and the festivities, Sandra led Warrick through the foyer and into the main living room on the first level of the house. They could already hear plenty of music, laughter, and various other joyous noises emanating from the area. Upon reaching the center area, they were greeted with a remarkable sight that rivaled that of any holiday.

It was a Christmas party, but one with a very sexual and intimate theme. A large crowd of men and women – some clad in underwear and lingerie – but most wandered about completely naked – not at all concerned by exposed breasts, butts, penises, and vaginas. Some danced to various Christmas music playing through the TV entertainment system. Some enjoyed the long buffet in the kitchen that provided plenty of snacks and drinks. But most were engaged in various acts of sex, lovemaking, and intimate coupling.

They did it on the floor, a young woman on her back with a man her age on top – casually humping away, kissing and caressing one another’s naked flesh.

They did it on the couch – an older woman riding the cock of a younger man, clinging to his shoulders while he buried his face in her breasts.

They did it while dancing – two men playfully grinding up against a playful woman, who clearly knew both of them – bending over so they could take turns having sex with her from behind.

Some of the sex was light and playful. Some was rougher and more physical. Regardless of what form it took, the result was a chorus of orgasmic moans, grunts, gasps, and cries. All this combined with the Christmas music, the various Christmas lights that lined the room, and the nine-and-a-half-foot Christmas tree that lit much of the room made for a vibrant, sexy Christmas party.

“Looks like the party started early,” Warrick commented.

“Guess they couldn’t contain their spirits,” Sandra said as she admired the spectacle.

“That means we’ve got some catching up to do.”

“Indeed,” she agreed. “But the plan remains the same. Meet under the tree at midnight?”

“I’ll be there, my love. You can count on it!”

Sandra squeezed his hand and gave him a light kiss – a small, affectionate gesture meant to spark a firestorm of pent-up passions. It had the desired effect while also reminding him that there was something special waiting for him under the Christmas tree the moment the clock struck midnight. After three years together, she trusted Warrick to be there to share in this precious gift.

But until then, a wonderfully sexy Christmas party awaited them.

She and Warrick parted ways, each with the understanding that they would be partaking in the ample amounts of holiday sex that awaited them. Plenty of women were going to gladly and eagerly spread their legs for him, just as he had at the fateful Christmas party in which they first met. And Sandra was going to welcome plenty of men into her grasp, sharing her body and her sex with them.

They both knew the drill when it came to sex parties and open relationships. They might enjoy, indulge, and explore their sexual desires with other. But their love for one another remained strong and secure.

“I’ll never understand why some people think having someone’s love means owning their sex,” Sandra thought to herself. “It seems so selfish. Sex is a gift for yourself and others. Why not share it? Especially during the holidays!”

It made so much sense. Giving and receiving gifts was such a core part of Christmas. And while material gifts were all well and good, the simple joys of sex was the most universally enjoyable gift one could give. And in the spirit of Christmas, Sandra was in a very giving mood.

While Warrick slipped off to the kitchen for a snack, quickly attracting the attention of two fully naked women in the process, Sandra made her way to the center of the living room. There, the Christmas music was at its loudest. As it just so happened, a dance version Jingle Bell rock started playing. And she eagerly began dancing away, swaying about and shaking her butt while over a dozen men and women of various levels of nakedness did the same.

As the holiday spirit flowed through her, she quickly attracted her first partner. A handsome man around her age with somewhat awkward dancing skills approached. He wore this goofy novelty underwear with a female elf face on the back. That initially got her attention. But when he moved in closer and she got a feel for his smooth, masculine sinews, that same spirit turned to genuine arousal.

“Hi! My name’s Niles,” he greeted.

“Sandra,” was all she said, the glint in her eyes telling him all he needed to know.

“Shall we?” he offered.

Sandra just smiled seductively and let both her Christmas spirit and her growing arousal take it from there.

They danced a bit longer to the music. Then, they started kissing and making out. Eventually, they made their way to the nearby couch – which already had two other couples going at it right next to them. Sandra barely noticed. She just kissed, pawed, and embraced the handsome man before her – engaging in heated foreplay until full arousal was achieved.

Niles made the first move – slipping her panties off down her legs, rendering her as naked as the other couples in mid-coitus. She made the next, sliding his underwear off to reveal his waiting manhood, which was already quite erect.

Then, they had sex – sweet, sensuous sex in a crowded room for all to see.

Sandra laid back on the arm of the couch, lifted her left leg while Niles got on top of her, and closed her eyes as the hot sensations washed over her. He was a gentle, but through lover – holding her leg up over his shoulder while he humped and thrust his hips – working his hardened penis inside the folds of her vagina. It felt so good. She playfully fondled her breasts while he teased her foot with his lips. He even stimulated her clit with his thumb, ensuring she achieved orgasm before he did.

That first release – that wondrous wave of rippling pleasure, causing Sandra to curl her toes and arch her back – it was amazing. She’d had orgasms before. She’d had sex with Warrick and other men before. But there was just something special about this powerful feeling during Christmas. It was like giving and receiving the best gift possible. And she didn’t even need to wrap or shop for it.

“The perfect present, indeed,” she thought her mind and body swam within the post-coital afterglow.

She gladly rewarded Niles by pulling him closer, holding onto his arms, and encouraging him to receive his gift of ecstasy. When he did, she offered him a chance to release it on her breasts. She noticed him watching them bounce gleefully during their sex. He gladly accepted, pulling out just as he crossed that special threshold. Sandra even held her breasts together, using them to catch his thick seminal load, which she gladly licked up.

“Merry Christmas, Niles,” she then said to him.

“Merry Christmas,” he said with a breathless smile, looking so satisfied and content with their sex.

They shared one last affectionate gesture. Niles was even nice enough to retrieve some wet wipes to help her clean off. Like any well-organized sex party, there were always wet wipes, lube, towels, and condoms within reach. Sandra didn’t bother with condoms due to being on birth control. But some still insisted on using them and it was an unstated rule that everyone respect such preference, especially for the holidays.

Shortly after cleaning herself up, Sandra ventured off to share more gifts with more willing partners. But first, she made a quick trip to the make-shift buffet for some food and drinks. Anyone who participated in a sex party knew that was important to stay hydrated and consume plenty of calories. Great parties, as well as great sex, involved a lot of exertion. And since the party had just begun, she had plenty ahead of her.

While enjoying a drink, she encountered a couple of brothers, Kendell and Braxton. They had clearly been there a while, having long since lost their underwear. And shortly after sharing a drink with them, Kendell made an offer.

“Ever had a devil’s three-way with a couple of brothers?” he asked her.

“Do you really care about my answer? Or do you want to take this somewhere less crowded?” Sandra quipped.

“There’s an empty office with a couple of yoga mats,” Braxton pointed out.


With renewed energy, she latched onto the arms of the two handsome men and led them the office. It actually wasn’t empty. There was already a couple in there – a woman bent over the desk with a man behind her, hammering away while lightly swatting her butt. They saw the three of them enter, but didn’t stop their sex. The woman even grinned at them, as if to let them know they didn’t mind the company.

Leaving the other couple to their act, Braxton pulled out the yoga mat that had been rolled up in the corner – most likely something the former owner of those kept, but rarely used. Upon laying it out on the floor, Sandra got on it and did a sexy pose – inviting the two brothers to enjoy this with her.

“Come on, studs! Show me some brotherly love!” she said.

The two men were all too happy to oblige. With perfect coordination, along with a shared desire, they got on the yoga mat with her and initiated some heavy foreplay. Sandra drew them into a three-way kiss while they eagerly touched, fondled, and caressed her naked body. She also pawed their chests, sensing she wasn’t the first female touch they’d enjoyed tonight.

Once they set the sensual mood, Sandra rewarded their careful cooperation. She instructed each one to get on their knees, standing side by side. She then proceeded to give them both oral sex, using her skilled lips and tongue to orally please one man while using a hand to stroke off the other. Braxton and Kendell moaned in approval, offering praise and appreciation every step of the way.

“You are a real gift of a woman,” Braxton said.

“This is why I love the holidays!” said Kendell as he felt her tongue slither along his shaft.

Sandra shot them a wink and a grin, further stoking their passions. Her oral teasing quickly got them fully aroused again. Never one to turn down another joyous gift, she turned around, got on all fours, and shook her heart-shaped butt towards them.

“You’ve enjoyed my gift. Now please give me yours!” she said to them.

The two brothers eagerly accepted. And with the aid of the yoga mat under them, they had sex.

Doing it with two men at the same time tended to get chaotic, especially if the men were overly eager or competitive. But Braxton and Kendell were so coordinated and measured, never fighting for who got to do what during their sex. This was likely not the first time they had double-teamed a willing woman at a party like this. If anything, they’d refined a strategy and Sandra enjoyed the benefits.

Braxton got things going, getting behind her and doing her doggy style while Kendell got in front, kissing her and fondling her breasts. Her naked body rocked hard to each thrust and pump. At one point, she started giving Kendell oral sex again, the erect cocks of the two men being inside her simultaneously.

It was so decadent and indulgent, taking the brunt of their lust from both ends. Sandra loved every second of it – the sound of their manly grunts, the taste of their manly cocks, and the sensations evoked from their lustful exertion – it was like a desert with extra layers of frosting. She ended up climaxing again with ease, her euphoric moans muffled initially. But the two brothers made sure she could enjoy it while they enjoyed her.

“She’s been such a good girl…a very good girl,” Kendell said while running his fingers through her hair.

“Don’t you mean naughty?” Braxton quipped.

“No. I don’t.”

The two brothers laughed and continued their sex. Braxton kept doing her from behind, stepping up the pace of their sex until he climaxed, pulling out at the last minute before releasing his seminal load onto her lower back. While he indulged in his release, Kendell laid Sandra on her side and spooned her from behind, lifting up her leg so that he could insert his penis into her vagina.

Once inside her hot, silky flesh, he thrust away like his brother had. He soon climaxed as well. He opted to release it inside her. That warm feeling of hot male fluid mixing inside her was so nice, especially on a cold December day. She showed her appreciation by squeezing his hand and drawing him into another three-way kiss with his brother.

“Merry Christmas to you both,” Sandra said to him.

“I’m feeling so…so merry,” Kendell said breathlessly.

“Me too,” said Braxton.

The brothers clearly needed to catch their breath. But Sandra was still too excited to linger and enjoy the afterglow. There was more sex to enjoy – more intimate presents to share. Neither Braxton nor Kendell were inclined to stop her. They even encouraged her, knowing she would spread plenty of merriment.

After downing a few more refreshments, Sandra threw herself into the heart of this sexy Christmas party. By now, almost every guest had arrived. The house was quite crowded. There was a sea of naked bodies in every direction, it seemed. Not all were having sex, but that was the most common activity besides the dancing and casual chatting. Sandra had never been one for small talk, so she kept the festivities basic.

“Hey! Want to share a little holiday cheer?”

That became her primary greeting. And while a few men did turn her down, nearly everyone she asked gladly accepted. It resulted in multiple sex acts that manifested throughout the house over the course of the party.

She ended up joining a woman named Marianne Yasir and her husband, Wyatt, in their first three-way – getting into one of the guest bedrooms with them, with her and Marianne taking turns riding Wyatt cowgirl style until they all climaxed.

Sandra also hooked up with a young man fresh out of college named Andrew Bates, who was attending his first sexy Christmas party. She made sure to make it special for him, leading him into the master bedroom where they crawled under the covers, made out like horny teenagers, and had the kind of rough sex that left them both quite sweaty and disheveled. They both definitely needed a breather and a dip in the hot tub afterwards.

And while in the hot tub, she found her next partner – an older man named Tyler. At first, they just soaked in the hot tub with a few other couples, a few of which were having sex. After a while, she invited him into the sauna upstairs to help her cool off. Tyler accepted and, not even bothering with towels, they had sex – slow, sensuous sex that was less draining, but still satisfying.

As the clock neared midnight, Sandra hooked up with several other men, as well as one woman she got friendly with on the dance floor. But she attributed that mostly to the effects of light alcohol consumption. She didn’t usually care for getting intimate with other women. But when she drank, she wasn’t afraid to put on a sexy show, especially if other men watched.

“I’m not even bicurious. But it gets the men excited. So, it’s worth kissing another woman and rubbing our boobs together,” she said to herself.

That resulted in two more men inviting her to some private areas for sex, which she gladly obliged. With one, she used her breasts and oral sex skills to get one off. With another, she rode his cock reverse cowgirl style while Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” played in the background. She didn’t know why, but she always found that extra hot.

It was, by every measure, a productive sex party for her. But sharing it on Christmas Eve with so many others, eager to share in this same wondrous gift, just made it all the more satisfying. But as the clock neared midnight, she made sure to conserve just enough strength. At that point in the party, some were already tapping out – either retiring to one of the bedrooms or getting their clothes and leaving.

But for Sandra, no sex party was complete without one more special act of sensual gift giving.

“It’s almost midnight,” she said, checking the clock in the living room, even as the music kept playing.

There were still some people dancing to the music, as well as others having sex on the couch and various furniture. It wasn’t quite as chaotic as earlier. These were just those who had more spirit than most at such parties.

As she made her way to the large Christmas tree, a few men did proposition her for more sex. But she turned them down politely.

“I’m saving my last gift for a very special someone,” Sandra told them.

They smiled in understanding, knowing not to interfere with a beautiful naked woman on a mission. She was still sweaty and disheveled from all the sex, but she’d fixed her appearance in the bathroom just for this moment. She still looked like a woman who had enjoyed multiple cocks inside her over the course of that night, but she still had some burning desire to share.

And as soon as the clock struck midnight, which officially made it Christmas, she saw Warrick approaching. He had long since ditched his underwear, his penis and balls completely exposed. Judging by the look on his face and the light sweat on his skin, he’d enjoyed his share of sex. She’d even caught glimpses over course of the night.

He’d enjoyed a three way with two women, who happened to be roommates.

He had sex with recently divorced woman in the master bedroom shower, bending her over and while she demanded he smack her butt, which he gladly obliged.

He’d even seduced a woman to do it on the dining room table, eating her pussy out as though it were a delicious meal before having sex with her in a way that rocked the table.

Warrick always made his presence felt at these parties. But it was how they ended that made them so meaningful. No matter how many willing partners they found at these parties, they ended up together for their last intimate romp.

“Heya beautiful,” he greeted her.

“Hey,” Sandra replied.

“Looks like you’ve been having plenty of holiday fun,” he said.

“I have. But now…I’m ready for the best gift of all.”

“So am I.”

With a beaming grin and an affectionate gaze, Sandra embraced him with both arms and he embraced her. And, under the light of the Christmas tree and a proverbial mistletoe above them, they shared a deep, loving kiss.

It was very different from the kisses and gestures they’d shared with other partners. Those were all acts of lust, desire, and playfulness. This was an act of love – a kind that couldn’t be randomly found at any party, sexy or otherwise. It was a feeling that could only blossom over time, just as it had for them.

As they kissed, the music kept playing. The dancing and decadence continued around them. Neither she nor Warrick noticed. And none still participating in the festivities paid them much mind. That was fine with them. As for as Sandra and her boyfriend were concerned, they were the only ones in that house at the moment.

And within that moment, they capped off this wonderful Christmas party in the best possible way. They made love right there at the base of the Christmas tree.

“Our love is truly the greatest gift. Every year, we cherish it on Christmas,” Sandra mused. “What more could anyone want from a holiday?”

Guided by this spirit, and plenty of other desires, she guided him down to the floor where the plush rug awaited. They continued kissing, pawing, and caressing one another – showing a knowledge and appreciation of one another’s bodies that no one else at this party could hope to match. They were so gentle and careful at first. But as the arousal escalated, it became more fervent and focused.

It finally culminated when Warrick got on top of her, pushing her legs apart and aligning their sex. Sandra eagerly spread her legs and wrapped them around his torso. Then, with the weight of his naked body pressing down against hers, he entered her. And as soon as their flesh united, the playful spirit of the party meshed perfectly with the tender affection of their love.

“There’s a difference between having sex and making love…a big difference,” Sandra thought as the act unfolded. “And with each passing year – especially on Christmas – I come to appreciate it more and more.”

Together, they shared in that appreciation – moving, thrusting, and rocking their bodies to the rhythm of their act. It wasn’t too rough, but it wasn’t overly gentle, either. It was a perfect balance of passion and affection – his masculine sinews perfectly entwined with her feminine contours. The way he felt inside her – the way his manhood slithered sensually inside her womanhood – it defied description.

Following this feeling, they rolled about on the rug – their naked bodies illuminated by the light radiating from the Christmas tree. Their lovemaking took various forms – her on top riding him, her on her side while he thrust into her, and her on all fours with him doing her from behind. But fittingly enough, the completed the act in the same position they often found themselves in whenever they made love with extra passion.

“My love…hold me,” she told him.

Warrick answered with a deep, masculine grunt – the kind that always got her heart racing and her loins enflamed. Like a reflex, their bodies assumed that special position.

They both sat in an upright position, her legs arched over Warrick’s waist while he firmly grasped her butt. She latched onto his shoulders, her pelvis still aligned with his – his sex still entwined with hers. Now facing one another, their lips so close and their gaze locked, they shared in the exertion.

She rocked her hips, lightly gyrating her pelvis to work his flesh inside hers.

He used that powerful arms of his to supplement each movement, never once diverting his eyes from hers through every undulation.

Finally, through so much shared effort and passion, they came. Sandra felt it first, that hot ball of pleasure welling up in her core and spreading out in all directions. Warrick felt it moment’s later, his expression tensing and his grip on her tightening as the flesh burned with hot pleasure.

Inside her, she felt her inner muscles contract hard, her vagina squeezing her lover’s cock with its moist heat – carrying him to the brink and beyond. She then felt him fill her womanly depths with his hot fluid, their sexual juices mixing inside her. It was their love made real – their shared passion taking form and substance.

It marked the culmination of Christmas – the exchange of the best gift they could ever give to one another. And on a night when they’d shared many similar gifts with others, it felt both festive and fitting.

“I love you,” said Warrick, still breathless and dazed.

“I love you too,” Sandra said lovingly.

“Merry Christmas, my love.”

“Merry Christmas!”

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