Sexy Short Story: My Werewolf Lover

The following is a sexy short story about a sexy supernatural romance involving a werewolf. I think it’s a perfect story to share before Halloween. Enjoy!

“Another cloudless night. Another full moon,” said Adriana Luma. “It’s going to happen again. The beast within is going to awaken. But I’m ready for him!”

The beautiful young woman took one last glimpse from the open window. From the small cabin that she and her boyfriend, Riley Green, had purchased last year, she had a perfect view of the night sky. It was a view she didn’t used to admire that often. Having grown up in a big city, she didn’t think there was much to admire.

Then, she moved to a quiet, fairly rural area a hundred miles from the city. She also met Riley, a skilled electrician who used to work on oil rigs. Then, he decided to become a veterinarian so he could work with animals, which just so happened to be her profession.

Their love seemed generic – a former roughneck turned animal lover, falling for a veterinarian. Most of the people in their small town rarely gave them a second look. She and Riley were just that cute young couple who lived on the outskirts of town.

There was just one major detail that they didn’t know about.

Riley was a werewolf. And tonight, he was going to transform.

“I know you’re coming, Rex,” Adriana said into the night. “You don’t have to fight it anymore. I’m here for you.”

Rex was what Riley called his werewolf form. The nature of that form and how he became a werewolf was a long story. There were all sorts of myths and legends surrounding werewolves. None were true, but all had a small sliver of the truth within.

The reality wasn’t quite as fanciful as the mythology. According to Riley, werewolves were an echo of humanity’s more primal past – a link to the feral creature they used to be. For most everyone, that creature remained dormant was never awoke. But for a select few, this creature awoke during a full moon. He just happened to be among those few.

How the moon became a catalyst was still not known. Riley’s grandfather once theorized that in ancient times, the moon was a beacon for their ancestors to hunt – their prey not able to hide from the usual shroud of darkness. So, the apex hunters of the time used it as an opportunity to be extra aggressive, seeking and pouncing upon more prey. It was an imperfect theory, but it made as much sense as any.

Riley didn’t care for the theories. His greatest worry had been transforming in a public place or hurting someone while in his werewolf form. He claimed it was like part of his brain being turned off while the rest of his body and senses went into overdrive. When Adriana first saw it, she was genuinely scared by it. Riley was such a gentle, caring person most of the time. But the creature he turned into – it was the complete opposite.

At the same time, though, that creature did not scare her away from loving Riley. If anything, it drew her to him even more. Ultimately, this creature became part of the life they were building together. And that extended to their sex lives.

‘I love you, Adriana. This thing inside me won’t stop me from loving you. But if our love is going to work, we can’t ignore the beast inside me.’

Those had been his words to her shortly after she witnessed his transformation. He must have expected her to run away from him because he’d held his head low, as if bracing for her disgust.

But instead, Adriana embraced him. She even told him something that caught him by surprise.

“That beast won’t stop me from loving you, either. In fact, it might just make you sexier!”

She still vividly remembered the bewildered look he gave her. She’d committed that look to memory. It was just that priceless.

Since that fateful night, she and Riley had learned to confront his werewolf side – making it so the creature knew her, trusted her, and would not attack her on instinct. That proved challenging. But in the process, Adriana awakened a side of her she didn’t know was there.

Apparently, she had a think for big, strong, snarling wolfmen. They made her horny on a level she didn’t think possible.

“Hurry up, Rex. I’m so hot for you!” she said into the night.

Adriana was already brimming with anticipation. She’d set everything up in their cabin, like they’d planned. She put on a seductive see-through nighty, as if to create a display for the animal within. She also put on this special makeup and perfume that Riley helped her formulate. It was laced with special pheromones meant to arouse his werewolf form in a very specific way.

Once he got a whiff of her scent, there was no stopping him. The beast within would hunt her down, but not out of bloodlust or hunger.

Adriana checked the clock one more time, making sure they had timed it just right. Less than a half-hour ago, Riley had kissed her on the lips and stripped naked as the moon rose. He knew things were about to get chaotic within him. And just as the clock struck midnight, she heard that distinct howl in the distance.

“Rrrraaoooorrrrrr! Rrrraaoooorrrrrr!”

The silence of the night shattered, she could already sense it happening. Riley was transforming, his flesh morphing from the pale, lanky man who nobody recognized in a crowd to a hulking half-wolf, half-man creature.

Closing her eyes, Adriana vividly remembered the process of that transformation. It started with Riley shedding his clothes, clutching his side, and falling to his knees under the light of the full moon. From there, muscles and sinews bulged and tensed. Thick dark hair formed all over his body, starting from his chest and spreading out in every direction. The structure of his face shifted, his teeth becoming sharp and his eyes becoming a distinct gold hue. All the while, he just kept howling and roaring.

‘If only he knew how much that turned me on.’

A sultry smile crept across her face. Just imagining her love’s transformation was enough to make her excited. But imagining what came after made her wet between her thighs and weak in the knees.

Because once he transformed, Riley became Rex. And Rex was a creature of instinct. He didn’t think or hesitate. He just acted. For much of his life, Riley had gone into the woods to transform, just like his family had taught him. There, Rex could be right at home, hunting and exploring like a true apex predator. If he could satisfy those instincts, then Rex wouldn’t hurt anyone. He used to think there was just one way of going about that.

Then, Adriana showed him another and it didn’t involve hunting.

“Time for the final ingredient,” she said, still grinning.

Turning away from the window, Adriana applied the special perfume that Riley helped her formulate. It was a simple concoction of pheromones, concentrated and potent. To her, it barely smelled like the morning dew in the woods. But to Rex, it was a siren’s song like no other.

Moments after applying it, she heard another roar through the night. She also heard heavy resulting in the fields outside.

“Err! Err! Rrraaahhhhh!” Rex howled.

A new excitement took over as Adriana got into position. She had already locked away her things. She now awaited her transformed lover in the small bedroom set up in the rear of the cabin. Reeking with pheromones and adorned with lingerie, she had made herself the perfect manifestation of desire for the man and the beast.

Closer and closer, the growls and rustling drew near. She could already hear the aggressive footsteps shuffling through the grass and brush.

Then, the door burst open. And within the dimly lit hallways, she saw him – the hulking, snarling creature of the night. Even though she’d seen him many times before, Adriana’s heart still skipped a beat – partially from fear and partially from arousal. But over time, the arousal vastly overshadowed the fear.

“I know you sensed me, Rex,” she told him. “I’m here for you.”

Adriana approached the half-man, half-wolf beast – trembling, but confident. His snarls grew louder and his demeanor became more restless, a common side-effect of the transformation. Now, he was prepared to channel his primal energy.

When Rex narrowed his gaze on her, every feral feature came into view. He’d torn off his shirt again, revealing a ripped mass of masculine muscles. They utterly defied the slim stature of Riley Green that she’d seen earlier that morning. Even covered in gray fur, she could make out the sinews of every muscle. It was more than enough to evoke that basic twinge of arousal that was so familiar to a healthy heterosexual woman like her.

In addition to his transformed upper body, Rex’s lower body had changed considerably as well and not just with respect to resembling a more canine-like configuration. The male anatomy between his legs had grown to match his werewolf form. It was still very human in appearance. There was more fur around it, but it also had the primal energy of a hungry wolf fueling it.

And in seeing her, it started growing. As Rex began sniffing the air around her more intently, it grew and hardened rapidly.

“Yes, Rex,” she told him. “Those pheromones are real and true. They’re saying to you what I cannot put into words. But I can still send a clear message.”

Then, in an effort to supplement the pheromones, Adriana seductively shed her see-through nighty. Now wearing nothing but a pair of cheap panties, she took a step closer. She reached out and pawed his hairy chest. The warm feeling of her hand on his furry chest evoked more arousal within her. It also further stoked the instincts within the beast.

“Take me,” Adriana said intently. “Ravage me like the beast you are!”

“Hrrr!” Rex snarled.

She swore she saw a slight grin. Even through the rows of wolf-like teeth, the human part of his werewolf form showed. For once, both were on the same page. There was a willing, horny female before them. She was offering herself to him – inviting him to fulfill a need other than raw bloodlust. And Rex, being a creature of pure instinct, jumped at the chance.

“Rrrr mate!” he snarled.

No further tempting was necessary. He pounced on her like a true apex predator, but not for the purpose of hunting and hunger. Rex was now operating in a mode of pure, raging lust. And Adriana was the target.

“Yes! Mate with me, Rex! Mate with me!” she urged him.

Snarling and growling, the powerful creature took her in his arms and lifted her off the floor. Then, like an alpha male bringing home a new mate, he threw her atop the large mattress in the corner she’d set up. Now flat on her back with Rex hovering over, his feral penis already fully erect, he eagerly tore off her panties to leave her exposed and prone to this beast’s wrath.

Adriana’s heart skipped a beat again. The line between fear and arousal once again blurred. Her survival instincts told her this creature was going ravage her. But her sex drive also told her that this creature was going to ravage her, albeit in a very different way. Short of breath and brimming with anticipation, the young woman channeled the necessary instincts.

“I want this,” she said to herself. “I’ve made love to the man. Now, I want to get fucked by the beast.”

Adriana’s desires seemed to seep through the pheromones. Now that she was pinned and cornered, Rex proceeded to paw, lick, and taste her naked flesh. He eagerly sniffed and licked around her face and neck, grasped her ample breasts, and hungrily rubbed his furry body against her smooth skin. It was a very aggressive form of foreplay, but one quite common among werewolves and their bonded mates.

Riley once told her that when intensely aroused, a werewolf will always prime his mate to get her in heat. And if the bond between mates was strong, the male would tend to her in a very specific way – the intricate workings of her body becoming imprinted on him. It was part of what made a werewolf so loyal to his bonded mate. And Adriana had come to cherish such loyalty.

“Ooh Rex!” she cooed. “Taste me! Touch me!”

The lustful growling escalated. Rex continued sniffing and licking, drawing his tongue down her neck and onto her breasts. The way that canine-like tongue felt on her nipples always sent special shivers coursing through her body. Adriana giggled joyously, her body trembling even more under his grasp.

Such feral foreplay quickly got her to a state of arousal that triggered the next surge of instincts within Rex. His mate was now fully in heat, aroused and eager for his sex. The scent hung heavily in the air. She even supplemented it with her touch, running her fingers through his thick body fur. Following those instincts once more, he grasped her hips, turned her over, and got into position.

“Hrrrr mate!” Rex howled.

Adriana, now on her hands and knees, her hips angled up towards his waiting cock, held onto the dirty sheets below for what came next. And it happened quickly.

In a rough, focused motion, Rex – the werewolf form of her love, Riley Green – mounted her like an animal and entered her with a powerful thrust. The hot, heavy feeling of hard penetration followed, sending sharp sensations coursing up through her body. Adriana squeezed the sheets under her and let out a sharp gasp.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed.

Those gasps were quickly muted by Rex’s lustful howls. His hardened flesh now inside her moist depths, he began humping with reckless abandoned. Adriana’s world rocked, along with her body. Back and forth, she followed the ravenous force behind each movement – each thrust driving his rigid penis deep into her vagina depths.

It was so jarring – so overwhelming – yet so, undeniably hot.

It was like being bombarded with the unfiltered pleasures of sex at its most primal.

Every higher faculty was tempered.

Every other function associated with sex went into overdrive.

Adriana might not have been a werewolf herself. But being fucked by one turned her into a unique creature of instinct – one entirely focused on this singular, intimate act.

“Yes! Yes! Yes, Rex! Ohhh yes!” she cried out.

“Hrrrr Luma!” roared Rex.

In that moment – hearing him say her name through the beast within – that sent Adriana over the edge. It was more than just a sign that Rex saw her as his bonded mate. It was the love of the man and the lust of the beast combined into a single feeling.

And as he continued humping her from behind, she reached back and placed her hand atop his. Through the fur and flesh, she conveyed her own uniquely primal sentiment.

Then, she climaxed hard.

“Oohhhh Rex!” Adriana exclaimed.

The orgasmic rush washed over her, hitting her like hot waves of chaotic bliss from all direction. She closed her eyes, bit her lip, and arched her back. Rex even grabbed her in the process, cupping both her breasts as her lower body erupted in an orgasmic frenzy. Her toes curled and her inner muscles tensed, contracting around his hardened penis even as it continued slithering inside her.

Rex definitely sensed it. He let out that distinct hiss he always made when she came. It reminded her of an animal triumphantly standing over its prey. That seemed so fitting for a moment like this. He’d rendered her powerless, awash in fleshly pleasure. It effectively gave him free reign to ravage her until his desires were spent.

“Mmm…mate!” Rex growled.

Adriana barely had time to recover before her werewolf lover laid her on her side, hitched a leg up over his shoulder, and continued hammering away. Still drunk on the pleasure of her first orgasm, she just clutched the nearby pillowed and enjoyed the right. She even cooed as he licked and sniffed around her feet – another sign that the playful, gentle lover in Riley Green was still within.

Her sense of time quickly became obscure as their animalistic sex played out like it so often did on these clear nights. Rex continued ravaging her with his lust, going hard and fast with their sex. They remained on the mattress for the most part. But on some occasions, he mixed it up – pinning her against the wall, lifting her up in his arms, and lying her flat on her stomach while they went at it.

But Adriana wasn’t entirely passive in their sex. She always found a way to contribute, channeling her own knowledge of good werewolf sex. She frequently ran her fingers through the thick fur around his hack and shoulders. She also licked around his ear, something she knew Rex enjoyed a great deal. She even scratched around a particular area of his hip, which got him humping even faster – so much so that she climaxed again.

Her orgasmic cries seemed to encourage him even more. But even as Adriana became more dishevled and covered and sweat, she urged him on.

“More! Give me more, Rex! Please…I can take it!” she told him.

That had always been an important part of their love. Riley’s greatest fear had always been hurting her while he was in his werewolf form. It took a while for Adriana to convince him that she could handle that form. It was as much a part of him as his human form. And if their love was going to work, she had to accept him in every form.

It also helped that sex with a werewolf was incredibly hot. Adriana had always enjoyed rougher forms of sex, but none compared to that given by a werewolf. She often climaxed multiple times and tonight was no exception. She didn’t know how many she ended up having. She just knew how to show her appreciation once her lover drew close.

That moment finally arrived when she found herself on her back, her legs hitched over his shoulders, while he hammered away with increasing urgency. His fur-covered pelvis kept smacking against hers – his rigid member tensing inside her with anticipation. Adriana saw it in his face, his expression twitching and his hands trembling. She lovingly caressed the side of his menacing complexion, smiling up at him as his climax approach.

“I know you’re close, my love. Please…embrace it,” she told him.

“Hrr rah! Rah! Rahhhhhh!”

Rex’s howls escalated as he delivered the last round of humping. Finally, his movements slowed and his hips steadied. And with one final howl, her werewolf lover climaxed.

“Rrrrrr Luma!”

Him saying her named again was just so fitting. Adriana’s smile widened as she held on for the intimate rush.

She held him closer, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist while he pushed his cock into her extra deep. He then dug his hands/paws into the mattress, holding on as he filled her with his masculine fluid.

It always seemed a bit more voluminous in his werewolf form, but Adriana really enjoyed it. That hot feeling of his fluids mixing with hers inside her womb – it carried with it a special kind of warmth and intimacy. She’d come to cherish it a great deal, even if it left her tired and sore the next day.

As Rex took in the sensations of his sexual release, his growling and panting finally settled. After so much exertion, he collapsed atop her – his imposing form now pressed against her naked skin. Adriana eagerly caught him, catching him in her embrace and rolling him onto his side. She then curled up next to him, his body still furry and feral. It still felt so good to her touch, filling her with a special contentment that she sought to share with her werewolf lover.

“You did it, my handsome beast. You pleased your mate,” she told him. “Now please…lay with me. Rest. You’ve earned it.”


Her loving words, coupled with her tender touch, helped further soothe the beast. He continued his heavy panting, having exerted so much energy during their sex. All that wild, untamed bloodlust that often came from his transformation had been appropriately focused and directed. Instead of rage and destruction, it led to hot sex and primal intimacy.

For a werewolf and his loving mate, it was the best possible trade.

“Sleep, my werewolf lover,” Adriana said, kissing his furry cheek before he fell asleep. “You’ve shared with me your feral lust. Now, wake up as a man…next to the woman who loves you and the beast with him.”

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