Sexy Short Story: Fresh Upgrade

The following is a sexy short story about a couple in the future celebrating the fruits of emerging technology. I got the inspiration from playing “Cyberpunk 2077” and I hope it shows. Enjoy!

“Neural cognitive transfer complete. Thank you for your patience, Kimberly Tannish. Enjoy your new body.”

Kimberly – or Kimi, as she liked to be called – opened her eyes and groaned, the cordial tone of the assistant AI doing little to stem the grogginess. Her head was still spinning, her mouth was still dry, and her vision still blurry. All were common side-effects of a standard cognitive transfer process. It could only ever be so comfortable, given the science and logistics involved. But the end result was usually worth it.

“Rise and shine, beautiful. You’re looking more radiant than usual. You do something with your hair?” joked a familiar, but welcome voice.

“You do know that joke stopped being funny in the 2040s, right?” Kimi quipped as she emerged from her mental fugue.

“Hey. Some of us still appreciate classic humor.”

“Your standards for what qualifies as humor never ceases to astonish me.”

“But you love me anyways. So who’s fault is that?”

Kimi smiled and shook her head in bemusement. That helped her feel less dazed as she stepped out of the transfer chamber. Waiting for her, as expected, was her husband and longtime love, Colten Corban – who she called Colt. He was standing right in front of the chamber with a big blanket in hand and a fresh bottle of nutriwater. Still regaining her balance and overall demeanor, she accepted both.

Emerging from a transfer chamber was always the toughest part of a neural cognitive transfer. Most likened it to waking up from a vivid dream after running a dozen marathons. It was so physically and mentally strenuous. But that was to be expected. Transferring a healthy mind into a new body an arduous process, even if it had become routine.

Now standing on the cold, sterile floor of the transfer room, she leaned into Colt’s warmth as he wrapped her naked body in the blanket. Given that this new body was still fresh, certain sensory systems were quite sensitive. Touch, taste, sounds, smells, and sights all seemed more intense. That was an unavoidable side-effect of any new body.

But before donning the blanket, Kimi got a brief glance of her new form. Discomfort aside, she liked what she saw.

“This one turned out better than expected,” Kimi said, still embracing her lover. “Bigger breasts, better skin, less curly hair, thicker lips…the surface features all look good. Hopefully, that extends to the internal bits.”

“You look as beautiful as ever,” said Cole with a smile. “I know I’ve said that about your last four bodies. But this one is definitely an upgrade.”

“For what I paid for it, I sure as hell hope so,” she said.

“Your nipples aren’t misshapen. Your butt is nice and round. And your teeth are all in place. I think it’s safe to say you weren’t ripped off.”

“Sorry. I’m just a little paranoid. I haven’t forgotten what happened at our fifth anniversary.”

“That was both our fault,” he told her. “We trusted a discount body upgrade doc. And we got what we paid for. Some lessons just gotta be learned the hard way. Even in this day and age.”

Kimi sighed again and smiled up at her lover. Still clinging to the blanket, he kept his arm around her waist so she could enjoy his warmth. The transfer chambers at these upgrade shops, as they called them, were usually cold. They had to be in order to keep the environment clean and sterile. Getting a new body might have been routine – not to mention big business – but it was still an extensive medical procedure. There had to be standards and guidelines in place.

“Come on. I reserved a recovery room down the hall,” Colt said, gesturing towards the door. “I made sure the cleaning bots did a once over before you woke up.”

“Such a courteous husband,” Kimi said. “How did I get so damn lucky?”

“Don’t know. Want to get some neural enhancers to help you figure that out?”

“Smartass,” she said, giving him a playful swat.

They laughed casually as he led her out of the transfer chamber and into the hall of the upgrade shop. There had been some standard clothing provided by the staff, but Kimi opted not to. A thick blanket and her husband’s presence was all the warmth she needed. Not everyone could be so lucky, even if they paid more for their new bodies.

Walking down the wide halls of the upgrade center, Kimi saw a number of other customers pass them by. Some looked old, slow, or weak – escorted by family or assistant androids. They were likely preparing to transfer to a younger, healthier body. They seemed so anxious, yet excited. They were ready to start living the life they wanted in the body they wanted.

That was the most standard service provided by an upgrade center. But most other customers looked younger, relatively speaking. That was often hard to tell. After someone’s twentieth birthday, age tended lose all meaning. Even someone with far lesser means could afford to get a new body – or, at the very least, upgrade theirs so they didn’t age beyond their 30s. It was at a point where nobody even talked about their age anymore. It was hard to believe it used to be such a big deal.

As they neared the end of the hall, Kimi and Cole passed by a few female customers and several male customers. It looked like they had gotten similar upgrades. They were just walking about, wearing standard issue hospital gowns or fully in the nude. Recognizing Kimi’s new fresh figure, they smiled and waved.

“Nice new flesh,” one of the men said. “Did you get the latest circulatory upgrades?”

“Yep! And the endocrine upgrades to go along with it,” Kimi said. “Don’t forget those. Or they’ll charge you extra next time.”

“Damn. I knew I felt something different when my stress levels went up,” said one of the women, who’d been checking herself in a mirror. “Guess I’ll have to upgrade that next week.”

“Better do it before your next date night. Trust me, it makes a difference,” said Cole.

The other customers laughed. They seemed to share Cole’s outdated humor as well. Kimi rolled her eyes, but still grinned none-the-less. Upgrading bodies and getting new ones might have been mundane for her, but she was aware that it hadn’t always been this way.

Upon arriving at the recovery room, Colt opened the door and led her in, like the gentleman he was. Kimi thanked him with a loving gesture as she made her way to the bed, the blanket still wrapped around her naked body. As she sat down on the edge, she leaned back and sighed. Colt joined her a moment later, closing the door and locking it behind her.

Recovery rooms weren’t known for being luxurious or comfortable. They were just a room with a bed, a bathroom, and some sound-proofed walls to let customers rest. Most weren’t designed to accommodate more than one person, but Colt made sure he got the larger one for her. He probably paid extra for it, even when he didn’t have to. That was just the kind of guy he was.

Despite the limited amenities, he made it feel cozy and comfortable. Kimi found herself just leaning against his shoulders, sitting with him in a comfortable silence. She remained restless, which was to be expected. But she still found her mind drifting more than usual.

“Remember my Great Grandma Tammy? The one who died shortly after we met?” Kimi said, finally breaking the silence.

“The one who also called me a smartass at least once week?” Colt said. “Yeah, I remember. She was quite a character.”

“She was also part of the Last Elders,” she went on, “that final generation that died before stuff like body upgrades and mind transfers became common. Some were part of it by choice. Others were just too late. Great Grandma Tammy was a little of both.”

“Yeah, I still feel bad for that crowd. It’s one thing to learn about it in history downloads. But knowing people who went through it – people born with one body and being stuck with it their whole lives – hell, I can’t even imagine. Unless you had good base genetics, that must have been torture.”

“That’s what a lot of people say these days. I’ve even said it once or twice. This is my seventh new body. And even though it has the best genetics and cybernetics, I can’t imagine it being the only body I’ll ever have. But the fact remains. People like Great Grandma Tammy lived like that for generations.”

Another silence fell over them, this one heavier and more tense. Kimi latched onto her lover’s arm. He then leaned on her as well, their minds drifting down similar paths.

“When I a kid, she told me all about that messy, painful world,” she continued. “She said people used to have few options if their bodies broke down. Lose a limb? It’s gone forever. Damage an organ? Good luck replacing it. Think you’re ugly? Too bad! Either exercise and eat right. Or get fatter and uglier.”

“Exercise and eat right? Just to look less ugly? That sounds tedious,” Colt laughed.

“Apparently, it was worse than that. You could do everything right to your birth body. And it would still fail you. Sometimes without warning. Every day was struggle and a gamble. One moment, you think you’re healthy, beautiful, and young. The next, you’re old, sick, and ugly…and there was nothing you could do about it.”

“That’s pretty bleak. It’s amazing the human race got through it.”

“Funny, that’s what she said too,” said Kimi with a half-grin. “She even had a sense of humor about it. She knew she was too old and sick to get a new body. And at that point, she said she was fine with letting her life end on her terms. I was probably the only one who didn’t try to convince her otherwise.”

“You think you could’ve?”

Kimi paused again and thought about it. In recalling those precious memories she had with her Great Grandma Tammy, it didn’t take long for the answer to become clear.

“I doubt it,” she said. “And honestly, I’m glad I didn’t try. Because before she died, I was the only one she talked to regularly and honestly. And she had a unique perspective on many things. I like to think she imparted some of it to me.”

“How so?” Colt asked.

Kimi, now feeling less restless and dazed, stook up from the bed. She then turned her attention to the mirror hanging on the other side of the room. No longer feeling cold or unbalanced, she tossed aside the blanket and just looked at her new body.

She was still fully naked, every bit of flesh exposed for her to see. This body was not radically different from the one she had just a few days ago, but it was still different. There were fewer blemishes, a bit more muscle tone in certain areas, some more feminine features in others, and a different style of hair. Even the shade of her eyes was slightly lighter than before.

She, like many others who upgraded to new bodies, saw this as a form of refinement – an effort to put their mind in a form they felt gave them the best sense of overall being. Kimi had liked her previous bodies just fine. They all had worked for her during certain parts of her life. But, in the same way people upgraded tools and devices, she decided to upgrade her body along the way.

In that context, it almost seemed logical. As Kimi let that perspective sink in, she found herself exploring her new flesh with her hands. Colt, never one to interrupt her when naked, just watched from the bed.

“Great Grandma Tammy lived quite a life,” Kimi said, still fixated on her reflection. “She lived through a pretty upheaval time. When she was a kid, computers were so bulky you couldn’t always fit them in your pocket. And they didn’t even project things in 3D.”

“Talk about ancient,” Colt said under his breath.

“But as she grew, she saw how people used these tools to reshape their world. Some resisted and feared it. Others tried to push the limits. But she preferred watching from afar…focused on the why more than the how.”

“Does anybody really wonder why anymore? Hell, why would anyone be content with living your entire life with just one body? Especially when you have the option to upgrade.”

“Believe it or not, that used to be a serious issue. But Great Grandma Tammy never cared for politics. She would often say that people tend to worry more about implications rather than possibilities. She also said people weren’t always honest about why they develop technology like this.”

Kimi moved her hands to her breasts, which were now perfectly shaped. Her old body had been nice, but the breasts had been a bit disproportionate compared to previous forms. While Colt never seemed to mind, she found them cumbersome after a while. Now, as she squeezed them lightly, she felt a slight tingle course through her body.

It was a good kind of tingle, though. And she hadn’t felt anything like that in her old body.

“We all have dreams, desires, fantasies, and hopes. But we can’t always pursue them,” Kimi continued. “In her day, that was even more true. When you’re stuck with one body, you’re at the mercy of all its limits. Great Grandma Tammy considered herself lucky. She used her one body to pursue all sorts of experiences…including a few I wished she hadn’t shared.”

“She never struck me as a woman with a filter,” Colt said.

“Yeah, that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. But I think that’s just because she was so brutally honest. She saw people like us – changing our bodies and transferring to new ones – as a way remove those burdens. The experiences our ancestors never had, but often dreamed out…they were within our reach now.”

Kimi stopped touching her breasts and just looked down at her hands. There was a new strength to them, which was typical of a new body that had been forged, refined, and enhanced to her specifications. That strength was something many took for granted. But she liked to think Great Grandma Tammy appreciated it better than most.

“Life is precious. Most agree on that,” Kimi continued. “But quality of life…really living life and enjoying its fruits…that’s where people used to get upset.”

“Still don’t see what they would be upset about,” Colt shrugged.

“Believe it or not, they gave many reasons. But Great Grandma Tammy said they were never good ones. They were just excuses…driven by fear of something so new…uncertainty of where it might lead…and anxiety over what others might do with it.”

“Like go out, live dangerously, eat great food, and have great sex? Like that’s such a bad thing?” Colt laughed.

“Exactly,” Kimi replied, her tone dead serious. “Nobody would say it out loud. But Great Grandma Tammy knew it was on their minds. Once removed from the limits of one body, people realized what they could do. And some just…didn’t think people could handle that.”

“Well, chances are those people died off with the rest of the Last Elders. So, I guess that issue solved itself.”

“That’s just it. I don’t think she cared about resolving it. I also think it helped her understand where the world was going. And when her time came, she was at peace with it.”

Kimi looked back at her reflection. Her new body would afford her many opportunities for new experiences, both for herself and for her husband. She found herself smiling again, as if her Great Grandma Tammy was with her at that moment.

“She lived an eventful life during a chaotic time,” said Kimi. “She traveled, learned, succeeded, and failed. She met so many people and made so many friends…including a few that became lovers. Although, I wish she spared me those details.”

“Like I said. No filter,” Colt snickered.

“That one body of hers guided her through that life. She even claimed it held up better than she thought. And she told me that I had a chance to do more, live better, and experience things she never could’ve imagined. It was just up to me to take that chance…and realize how lucky I was to have so many.”

“Well, having known you for so long and shared so many experiences, I think it’s safe to say you’ve done her proud.”

Kimi’s smile widened. She then turned back to her husband, who kept smiling as well. She rejoined him on the bed. But this time, she was bolder in her actions.

With a seductive glint in her eyes, she got onto his lap, snaked her arms around his neck, and let the heat of her body mix with his. It had the desired effect. She could already feel a sudden hardness in his pants. Colt quickly fell under her affectionate spell, leaning back on his arms so that she had even more leverage over him. It was his way of letting her know that she knew how to captivate him, no matter which body she inhabited.

“Oh Colt,” Kimi said to him. “You know just what to say to your naked wife…especially while she’s adjusting to a new body.”

“It’s what a good husband does,” he replied proudly. “Anything else I can do to help you adjust?”

“Well, I was going to ask for lengthy visit to the premium VR chamber. But now, I just want to make love to you in this sterile, unromantic room.”

The way she framed it made it seem like an obvious choice. And if the look in her husband’s eye was any indication, then the choice was just as obvious for him.

“Well, if you really think it’ll help…” he said coyly.

“Shut up, kiss me, and let’s share another amazing experience!”

Colt laughed before gladly obliging her new desires. He fell back onto the bed, allowing his wife to effectively pin him on the spot. She then kissed him hard on the lips and he kissed back, his passion rising to meet hers in this special moment. Despite his larger stature and well-toned muscles – which he had personally molded for his current body, no less – he was completely at her mercy. And he loved it.

A brief make-out session followed. Lips meshed and tongues twirled, all while Kimi’s naked body pressed against his still-clothed form. Her skin still felt a bit raw, still settling after emerging from the chamber. But that only intensified the effect of every touch. And Colt was extra gentle in exploring her new flesh, showing a special tenderness that made her feel both aroused and loved.

Eventually, they made their way further up the undersized bed, which was not meant for two adult bodies. In the process, Colt kicked off his shoes and socks. At this point, his clothing became too much a burden.

“I just realized I’m very overdressed,” Colt said when their lips briefly parted.

“I was hoping you’d notice that,” Kimi tease.

“I might need some help…and a reminder of how long we’ll have this room to ourselves.”

“Just worry about getting undressed, love. If the cleaning drones give us crap, I’ll deal with it.”

That was all the assurance Colt needed. Still on his back, he began to undress.

While he removed his shirt and light jacket, Kimi took care of his pants. By the time he got them and his underwear down to his ankles, his penis was already half-erect. As soon as she saw it, she eagerly grasped it with both hands, giving it a rough stroke before offering a soft lick.

Like her skin, her tastebuds were still a bit sensitive. So, the taste of his flesh was extra intense. That motivated her to fellate him with her soft lips and stroke him with her hand, employing all the unique tricks and tactics that she knew drove him wild.

“Oh Kimi!” Colt moaned as he leaned back against the headboard. “Even with a fresh mouth…you’re still so good at sucking dick!”

She flashed him another seductive gaze, further locking him within her spell. He watched his expression twitch and tense to the sensations evoked by her oral sex. After some thorough sucking and stroking, he became fully erect. His penis, like much of his body, had been molded and enhanced to a be a certain size and shape. But unlike so many other men, there were no extra cybernetics to help get him hard or enhance its function.

They had tried that before, but they both agreed it made intimacy too mechanical. That was just fine for regular quality sex. But genuine lovemaking required more effort. And she and Colt had always embraced the added challenge.

“Every great experience…demands great effort,” Kimi mused in between sucking.

That was another common refrain from Great Grandma Tammy. Kimi wasn’t sure if she meant for it to apply to intimacy. But knowing her, she wouldn’t mind if it did.

True to that effort, she sucked harder and faster – trailing her tongue along the length of his shaft. Colt let out more moans of approval. At one point, he reached down and lightly ran his fingers through her hair. Colt knew how much she loved that. And even in a fresh body, it triggered a surge of arousal.

Reaching down between her legs, Kimi began fingering her folds. They were already moist with juices and hot with desire. As she felt around inside, she noticed certain spots were more sensitive than her previous body. That left her hungry for the true breadth of the experience that awaited.

“Mmm…it seems my new lady parts are working,” said Kimi with a purr. “Ready to test them out, my love?”

“As ready as any male body can be!” Colt affirmed.

Eager actions followed those eager words. Kimi, the taste of his cock still lingering in her mouth, sensually crawled atop her husband and mounted him. Like an alpha female finding the alpha male in nature, she embraced him and all the primal passions that came with it.

It didn’t matter that their bodies were synthetic. Various parts, including those involved in sex, had components that could not occur in nature. That didn’t make their love or desire any less palpable.

Once they were in position, Kimi took his hands in hers and aligned her pelvis with his. Then, as they interlocked their fingers, she maneuvered her lower body so that the tip of his hardened penis pressed against her outer folds. Initially, she just grazed her hot flesh over his member, building anticipation. Even in their impassioned state, the finer points of lovemaking could not be rushed.

As soon as the moment and the desires were just right, Kimi thrust her hips downward. A sharp flood of sensations followed. Hard masculine flesh penetrated soft womanly depths. Their flesh now intimately entwined, they began moving together in this special lover’s dance.

“Kimi…your new body…so tight,” Colt gasped.

“Ooh Colt!” Kimi cooed “I feel it too…so hot and raw!”

She squeezed his hands harder, holding them right between her breasts as she rode her husband in a succession of sensual movements. She didn’t do it as hard or fast as they usually did when they made love. Her body was still new. Technically, she was a virgin again. This was its first taste of significant exertion. And heated lovemaking with her husband was quite a test.

But already, this new body had passed that test with flying colors.

“Yes! Yes! Oohhh yes! Ohhh Colt!” Kimi squealed with joyous delight.

She wasn’t usually so vocal during sex. The sensitivity of her new body was certainly part of that. But there was something special about this act.

In remembering Great Grandma Tammy’s perspective, Kimi recounted the feelings beyond those afforded by a new body. Those feelings were just a component of a larger experience. Over the years, she’d had many within various bodies – some she’d shared with Colt and others she’d experienced herself. To just focus on the raw sensations was to mix the true breadth of the experience.

And experiences like this – having sex with her husband, sharing both her body and her love for him – they were uniquely special. And they were worth cherishing to the utmost.

“Feel this with me, Colt…feel it,” she panted.

Her husband responded with a masculine grunt, followed by a flurry of impassioned gestures. He rose from the bed, captured her lips with his, and lovingly smothered her naked body with his powerful hands.

All the while, Kimi kept rocking her hips and working her womanhood along the length of his member. The raw, fleshy feeling of their sex mixed with the tender loving gestures that she and Colt had come to cherish. He knew just how to kiss her while they were making love, biting her lower lip and twirling his tongue with hers. He also knew how to use those powerful hands of his, grasping her by the thigh and supplementing every motion with his upper body strength.

The way he touched her, along with the way their naked bodies grinded together so seamlessly, unleashed waves of blissful sensations. Even in such a cold, sterile room, an intimate ambiance surrounded them. And with it, they guided one another towards an orgasmic peak.

“Colt! I…I’m getting close! I’m getting…so close!” Kimi panted, feeling the orgasmic rush coming strong.

“Yeah…I’m ready too, babe. I’m so…so ready!” Colt said, his grunts getting deeper with every movement.

Together, they made the final push to ecstasy. Armed with a fresh body, Kimi pushed harder. She grasped his upper arms, raking her nails over his flesh, and added extra force into each gyration. At the same time, Colt shifted his hands to her buttocks, squeezing it hard and gritting his teeth as he sought his own release.

Finally, it hit. Kimi felt her body cross that special threshold. There was no more need for pushing or exertion. She just had to hold on, embrace her lover, and descend into a world of intimate bliss.

“Oohhh Colt!”


Her descent was beautiful. Like a reaching the summit of a tall mountain or crossing the finish line after a long race, there was nothing left for her to do besides absorb the glory.

It started with a burning ball of heat within her core. Then, it spread out in all directions, rippling along every bit of skin and radiating in all directions. The muscles in her lower body tensed, her vagina contracting hard around her husband’s flesh. And within the loving grasp of her husband’s arms, she shuddered under the waves of such pleasure.

“This is it. These are the experiences that matter most,” she mused through the ecstasy.

As Kimi processed the orgasmic rush, Colt climaxed as well. He made that distinct expression she’d come to know and cherish – his facial muscles tensing just as his grip on her butt intensified. Then, she felt it inside her depths.

Her husband’s penis throbbed inside her, his thick shaft tensing before releasing a sizable load of seminal fluid into her womb. Her still throbbing vagina hungrily sucked it up, his fluids mixing with hers in an intimate concoction within her. She could feel the intensity of his release, the contracting muscles in his lower body and the extra heat radiating from his flesh. That heat, mixed with hers, melded together like their flesh. And even in a new body, the love and the euphoria manifested before them.

“I love you, Colt,” Kimi said, caressing her husband’s face as he soaked in the feeling.

“I love you too, Kimi,” he said, placing his hand over hers. “In this body or any other…I love you. And I’m grateful we have these experiences to share.”

“As well as the fresh bodies to really enjoy them!”

“That too.”

Still breathing heavily, they shared a beaming smile before coming together in another kiss. Still upright, naked, and locked in a deep embrace, Kimi further cherished the experience they’d just shared. It was hopefully the first of many they would have in this new body.

And once they caught their breath, they fell back onto the bed. Now lying side-by-side, their tender gestures became more heated once more. And it wasn’t long before they were aroused and eager for more lovemaking.

“Up for a few more experiences before they kick us out of this room?” Colt offered with a playful grin. “Remember, I did recently upgrade my penis. I know it’s good for at least six more rounds!”

“At least?” Kimi said. “You know, Great Grandma Tammy said the men of her day could barely manage one. They had no way of getting around refractory periods.”

“That sounds horrible. It also doesn’t answer my question.”

“Then yes! Definitely!” Kimi said, now beaming with new energy. “I only mention that because this new body is supposed to have some extra-efficient genitals. I’d like to test them out!”

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