Sexy Short Story: The Protest

The following is a sexy short story about protesting important issues. It was directly inspired by some impassioned protest about a recent issue generated by a notable Supreme Court ruling. You know which one I’m talking about. Enjoy!

“We’re here,” said Lawrence “Law” Dobbs as he pulled up to the curb in his less-than-tidy pickup truck.

“Good!” said Jane Roth, trying and failing to hide her restlessness.

“It’s not too late to call this off,” Law said, the engine to his truck still running. “We’re as close as we can get to the point of no return.”

That marked the third time today that her boyfriend gave her a chance to not go through with this stunt. A part of her even appreciated the gesture. This was, after all, an objectively crazy stunt. What they were about to do would get them into trouble. There was a non-zero chance they could both end up in a jail cell by sunrise. Jane’s father had been a cop, so she knew the risks better than most.

But that didn’t dissuade her. As her gaze narrowed on her destination, the choice remained clear. Risk or not, Jane intended to see it through.

“Let’s do this,” she said, more determined than ever.

“Alright then,” he said as he turned the engine off, “point officially crossed.”

“You nervous?”

“Hell no!” Law said without hesitation. “I know this means a lot to you. It means a lot to me too. I just hope we’re not the only ones willing to go this far.”

“I posted a notice on Whatsapp an hour ago. The word is out. They know what’s coming. And I believe when all is said and done, we’ll be in good company.”

Jane was less confident about that than she let on, but that didn’t affect her choice to move forward. At this point, nothing would dissuade her. She and Law were going to make a powerful statement tonight. They’d been ignored and written off every step of the way. But they wouldn’t be ignored tonight.

Casting her lover a look of affection and confidence, they each exited the truck. They then made their way down the street towards a single house. It was naturally the biggest house in the neighborhood, looking just a small step down from a full-blown mansion. It had this big front yard with a lawn that had been mowed that afternoon. It also had a large driveway, occupied by three fancy cars that probably cost more than a year of rent checks. And since it was two in the morning, it was completely dark. If anyone was home, they were dead asleep.

That was exactly what Jane and Law had been counting on. They made certain when they planned this that the residents would be home. They were the ones who had to hear this statement.

“Judge Niles Terrence,” Jane said under her breath with venomous hate. “I hope you and that bitch wife of yours are light sleepers.”

Jane had never spoken anyone’s name with so much hatred. Less than a year ago, she couldn’t imagine herself hating anyone with such vitriol. That was before Judge Terrence issued a ruling that lit a fire within her.

That asshole decided in his judgmental wisdom to uphold the strict new abortion bans that the state had just passed. That, alone, had been bad enough. A lot of states had been passing those laws lately. But what made Judge Terrence so contemptable was his promise to block strict abortion bans. He’d said outright before he was appointed that he’d follow the precedents set by previous abortion rulings. He even promised to do so during the last election.

But that asshole lied.

He ended up being the deciding vote who could’ve stopped all of this, but chose not to.

He even still claimed to be a devout Catholic Christian. Even when he got sued by a major law firm, he just brushed it off. Even when the media reported he’d taken illegal contributions from several Christian organizations, including a few that protected priests who had raped children, he barely batted an eye. He just kept doing his job, collecting his money, and regularly preached about how the country had to be run by devout Christians.

His wife, Allison, did much of the same. She was the head of some Christian organization that made media spectacles any time something remotely sexual or profane occurred in public. She once got a woman thrown in jail for breast feeding in the park. She was rumored to be so repressive that she beat her seven children if just one of them said damn.

“You’re both going to hate me,” Jane continued to muse, “which is why I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of this.”

She looked over to Law briefly. He was already preparing the gear they’d brought with them. It was just a couple of small, relatively cheap Bluetooth speakers connected to some cheap microphones. He’d already programmed them to synch to a burner phone they’d bought at a grocery store. It was crude and cheap, but it would get the job done.

“It’s ready,” Law said as he turned on the speakers.

“Is the volume all the way up?” Jane asked.

“You know it!”

He flashed her a mischievous grin. That was his way of saying he’d overdone it, as he so often did when taking on a challenge. That was one of the many reasons she fell in love with him. And the fact he was so eager to do this wither just made her love him more.

This was personal for him too. Four years ago, his older sister nearly died because of an ectopic pregnancy that wasn’t caught until very late. Under the new law that Judge Terrence upheld, she would’ve suffered and died horribly. He took that decision by a lying judgmental asshole very personally.

It wasn’t that dissimilar from why this issue was so important to Jane. Her grandmother had actually died because she couldn’t get an abortion many years ago. But she survived when she needed an abortion as a teenager, after having been impregnated by her abusive ex-boyfriend, Brett Gorsin. This arrogant judge would’ve forced her to carry that child to term and possibly be stuck with a partner who ended up in jail for brutally beating up the girl he’d cheated on her with. The idea that anyone in his position would let that happen made her sick, as well as angry.

“Time to show this bastard everything he’s been trying to ignore,” said Jane.

“Then, we’d better make an impression. I do not want him to forget what he’s about to see,” Law said, now sharing her determination and anger.

“Then, turn the mics on. Let’s give him a wakeup call.”

Law nodded, the grin not leaving his face as they got in position in the middle of the front lawn. From here, they had a perfect view of the houses outer façade. Law then placed the two speakers about eight feet apart and made sure the microphones were oriented towards them. Once they were set up, he flipped them both on. The distinct beep on the speakers indicated they were live.

Now, the elaborate protest Jane had planned could begin.

“Hey Judge Terrence!” Jane shouted at the top of her lungs. “Wake up! Come see what your bullshit judgments have inspired!”

The mics and the speakers were even louder than expected. The sound of her booming voice projecting out from the speakers shattered the silence of the night. It was so loud that Jane’s ears were left ringing, but she was actually encouraged by that. It meant Judge Terrance would not be able to ignore what was about to happen.

“And in case you think you’re thinking of sleeping in, listen to this!” Law added.

As the sound of their voices rocked the quiet neighborhood, Law tapped some commands on his phone. Moments later, a special playlist of music began blaring through the speakers. But it wasn’t any ordinary music – even by the skewed standards of uptight Christian activists.

Every song on this list was overtly sexual, raunchy, and profane. Jane and Law had actually gotten it from a stripper friend who worked at a club last summer. They went out of their way to play the dirtiest, most vulgar songs they could find. Jane hadn’t been a fan of such music before, but hearing them blare loudly over the speakers put a smile on her face.

“Hump! Hump! Humpin’ hard!”

“Hump them bitches all night long!”

“Hump! Hump! Humpin’ hard!”

“Hump them with that big fat dong!”

Fittingly enough, those raunchy lyrics belonged to a song that Allison Terrence protested against, so much so she managed to get every local radio station to stop playing it. She once claimed that song should never be heard by decent Christian community. Jane would’ve loved nothing more than to see the look on her face right now.

She could only picture it, but took comfort in knowing she and her asshole husband was definitely awake. The lights in the house had flicked on. Several rooms on the top level lit up, including the one Law surmised to be the master bedroom. Judge Terrence and his wife were probably scrambling, but half-asleep. They might not have realized entirely what this was, but they would find out soon enough.

“While you’re listening, get ready to see something even better!” Jane said with an eager grin.

She turned towards Law and nodded. Over the blaring music, they couldn’t hear much. But they didn’t need to say anything to make the next part of their protest work. This part also promised to be the most satisfying – in more ways than one.

As the music played, she and Law swiftly shed their clothes. Jane even turned around while taking off her pants and underwear so she could shake her bare ass right at the judge she despised with a passion. She could already feel their aghast eyes on her naked flesh. It excited her more than she expected. That would come in useful very soon.

Upon removing all of her clothes, she threw them back towards Law’s truck. She then took several steps closer to the house and stood before it as more lights turned on. She made absolutely certain that everyone inside could see her in all her glory.

“That’s right, self-righteous assholes! Look at my ass! Look at my tits! Look at my pussy!” Jane shouted over the music.

She held her arms out as some of the flood lights around the house came on, most likely due to motion sensors. That only highlighted her nude features even more, much to the chagrin of Judge Terrance and every misogynistic asshat like him.

She could also feel Law’s eyes on her, who needed a few extra moments to kick off his pants and underwear. Once he was as naked as her, he quickly joined her. And like her, he made no effort to cover his nude features.

“Hey Judge Terrence! Get a load of this fat dick!” he shouted it. “Bet your wife didn’t think dicks could be this big!”

“You’re trying too hard to turn me on right now,” Jane said under her breath.

“I hope she’s watching too!” he added. “Because she’s about to see what you’ve failed to give her!”

Jane laughed out loud over the music, which kept playing over the speakers. Law then turned to her. A coy grin and a knowing nod sent a clear, unambiguous message. They were ready for the final part of their protest.

With the energy and enthusiasm of a couple of horny prom dates, they pounced on one another with unbridled lust. Jane actually jumped up into her boyfriend’s arms, prompting him to catch her by her butt while she threw her legs around his waist. As their naked skin made contact, she captured his lips in a hard, heated kiss. And as their and tongues twirled hungrily, they eagerly felt each other up in an outpouring of heavy foreplay.

These were not tender, romantic gestures that a traditional couple would exchange in public.

They weren’t even the intimate, loving gestures that they would share in private.

These acts were born of pure, unrestrained lust – the kind that Judge Terrance and his self-righteous wife whined against every other day.

“Let’s fuck!” Jane said right into his ear.

“Let’s fuck, hard!” Law said right back to her.

The booming music, as well as the increasing activity in the house, became secondary to them. Jane and Law focused entirely on each other. The cool night breeze brushed over their naked bodies, sending a special kind of shivers coursing through them. It was actually fitting, as though nature itself was encouraging them.

Emboldened by the defiant nature of their act, they impassioned followed these raw passions to their inevitable endgame. Law laid her down on the front lawn, not caring at all about the dirt, the grass, or the bugs. And they prepared to have sex right then and there – out in the open, in front of this house, and to the outrage of those inside.

“This is going to be the most rewarding sex of my life,” Jane said to herself.

She was already beaming with arousal. All the kissing and touching rendered her inner thighs hot with arousal. She could already feel the juices dripping down her folds. She doubted that Allison Terrence had ever been this wet before in her life. She would’ve pitied her if she didn’t hate her guts so damn much.

In short order, Law became fully erect. Jane was even surprised by how hard his dick got. She swore he hadn’t been this hard since their anniversary date last fall. And she wanted nothing more than to feel that rigid flesh inside her.

Never one to leave his horny love hanging, Law aligned his body with hers accordingly. He hitched her legs up over his shoulders. He then planted his knees and feet on the perfectly manicured lawn. And with a glint in his eye, he thrust his hips and entered her hot depths with his manly flesh.

The sweet melding of their flesh was incredible. A surge of familiar sensual sensations coursed through Jane and her well-endowed lover. And when she started moaning, she dared to be extra vocal.

“Oohhh yes!” Jane yelled out. “We’re doing it! We’re having sex! We’re having hot…pre-marital…sex! On…your fucking…lawn!”

She squealed and writhed with delight as Law escalated the pace of their sex. He was even more focused and fervent than usual, humping her like a man possessed by the spirits that horrified the Allison and Niles Terrences of the world. She grasped his arms as her naked body rocked to every thrust, her breasts bouncing with every motion.

It felt so damn good – just like sex was supposed to feel, contrary to what Judge Terrance and his uptight Christian cohorts claimed.

A part of her even hoped their two sons were watching at the moment. She’d once heard Allison Terrence go on some rant about porn, masturbation, and vulnerable teenage boys. She suspected they had never been allowed to see female cleavage, let alone full nudity. If they ended up jerking off to memories of her and Law having sex, then that alone made this protest successful.

Jane kept that in mind as she and Law went at it, humping and grinding under the night sky. She was so into it that she was already close to climaxing. She was already biting her lower lip in anticipation, which tipped off Law.

“Doggy style,” she found herself saying.

Law grinned, picking up on the message loud and clear. In an act of wondrously manly strength, he lifted her up in his powerful arms and flipped her over so that she was on all fours. He then got behind her, grabbed her by the hips, and trust his cock back into her pussy.

From there, he pounded away – thrusting harder and faster so that the sound of their smacking flesh echoed alongside the music. It was so rough and lurid. It sent her right up to that special orgasmic brink. And since she was facing Judge Terrence’s house, she prepared to show off her best O-Face.

“I’m coming, Judge Asshat! I’m fucking coming! I’m gonna…have an…orgasm!” Jane shouted.

“Fuck…me too!” Law grunted, already letting out those trademark grunts.

“Watch us…while we…come! Ohhhh fuck!”

They timed it just right. The music had reached its vulgar chorus just as their bodies entered that heavenly state of orgasmic bliss. Jane arched her back and beamed towards the façade of the house while Law let out the longest string of vulgarities she had ever heard from him. And together, they came.

Since she was a teenager, Jane had enjoyed her share of orgasms. She had also endured her share of awkwardness and taboos surrounding female sexuality. She’d gone to a Catholic school that did plenty to shame women for daring to enjoy sex in any way that didn’t make more baby Catholics. She even got in trouble for “excessive self-touching” in the shower after gym one day. It took years of self-healing and some light therapy to reclaim a less regressive attitude towards sexuality.

Now, after all that time, the act of enjoying a really good orgasm with her boyfriend felt all the more satisfying. She only wished Judge Terrance and that bitch of a wife knew how great she felt right now – her pussy throbbing around her boyfriend’s cock, milking him for all his sweet man juices. And since she was on birth control, this sex was purely for pleasure, recreation, and unmarried intimacy – all things uptight religious assholes hated.

“I came. I really…really came,” Jane found herself panting. “Fuck you…Judge Terrence.”

She and Law lingered in their fleshly entwinement, his grip on her hips still firm while he remained balls deep inside her. The music was still playing and their naked bodies now glistened with sweat. It was a wonderfully erotic moment. In any other circumstances, she would’ve have pulled him into a loving embrace and enjoyed the afterglow.

But then, Judge Terrence finally decided to make his presence felt, as well as his wife.

“You unholy punks! Get off my lawn! I’m calling the cops!” the old man yelled from a window on the second floor.

“For crying out loud! There are children in this house!” the old woman shouted, aghast in horrified.

“I’ll see to it you’re both thrown in jail!” the judge said.

Their outrage was palpable, even over the booming music. That did little to wipe the wide grins off Jane’s face. And Law had barely heard them, from the looks of it. He was already leaning over, nibbling on her ear lobe. That was his way of letting her know he was up for multiple rounds of sex.

“We’re probably going to jail now,” he told her. “But I’m not done protesting.”

“Me neither,” Jane told him.

“We may not have much time, though. This guy knows people. The cops will be here soon.”

“You’re probably right,” she conceded. “But if enough people saw our WhatsApp…”

Jane didn’t get a chance to finish. Just as she and Law were getting their second wind, a series of car horns echoed from afar. Their bodies parted briefly and they turned around to trace the source. And what they saw filled them with almost as much joy as their orgasm.

“Whoa!” Law said in amazement. “Looks like word got out.”

“More so than expected,” said Jane.

A long line of cars, trucks, and vans came flowing into the traditionally gated neighborhood. They were clearly not the vehicles of people who could afford the kinds of houses this community accommodated. In a chaotic series of maneuvers and tire screeches, they all pulled up to the curbs. A few even pulled up onto nearby lawns. And from them, a large crowd of people poured out.

Some of them were young, looking like they had come straight from the nearby college campus.

Some were older, ranging from middle age to elderly.

And some were wearing attire right out of a gay pride parade – something they had to know would piss off Judge Terrence and his wife even more.

A few even brought their own boom boxes playing vulgar music. It further added to the commotion that Jane and Law had created. And as they approached Judge Terrence’s house, they all began to strip naked. Some hadn’t even been wearing clothes when they got out of their cars.

“Is this where we protest?” asked a naked, elderly man waving a rainbow flag.

“I brought my vibrators and butt plugs! It damn well better be!” said a younger woman who had two handsome naked men walking beside her.

“Looks like someone already got the party started,” said another middle-aged man who noticed Jane and Law standing on the front lawn.

“Then, let’s step it up!” said an older naked woman walking next to him. “Let’s all join in the protest fucking!”

“Protest! Protest! Protest!” they all started chanting.

Jane and Law couldn’t stop smiling as more and more people joined them on the lawn. Some began going at it before they even got to the curb. One same-sex couple was already on the driveway, going at it doggy style and giving the finger to Judge Terrance and his wife. They were quickly joined by plenty of other couples – straight, gay, and everything in between.

Before they knew it, there was a full-blown orgy unfolding on Judge Terrence’s front lawn. And if the cops were on their way, they would definitely need more handcuffs and vans. Jane could already hear some sirens in the distance. She also heard house alarms going off throughout the neighborhood. But that did little to dampen her smile.

Looking back towards her boyfriend, who still had his arms snaked around her, she stood with him in triumph. The panicked cries of Judge Terrance and his bitch of a wife only added to it.

“Get the children! Shield their eyes! So much sex and nudity…it’s unholy!” the old woman cried out.

“To hell with the police! Call the National Guard! I want every one of these deviants rounded up!” Judge Terrence shouted.

Jane and Law laughed hysterically. More and more residents woke up over the decadent commission. Some nearby homes had their automatic sprinklers turn on. But rather than discourage the impassioned protesters, it just added to the spectacle. Some naked lovers ran through them gleefully and went at it in a wet, sexy heap until they were dirty and muddy. It was a glorious sight to behold.

“Looks like the automatic gates and alarms failed,” Law said. “More so than I thought.”

“Guess someone snipped a bunch of extra wires in a panic,” Jane said with fake ignorance.

“Guess so,” Law laughed. “It’ll delay the cops for a bit. It’ll probably invite some news crews too.”

“Yep! This dirty, sexy protest is going to make headlines everywhere. And we’re part of it!”

Jane said that with so much pride. And Law loved hearing it so much it turned him on. She could already feel a fresh erection pressing against her thigh. She hadn’t forgotten his desire to have more sex before all was said and done. Now that they were surrounded by so many other horny couples going at it, they could enjoy it in good company.

“And so long as we’re a part of it, what do you say we keep protesting?” Jane said, turning around and grasping his cock with one hand.

“Well, we’re already naked and surrounded by plenty of like-minded protesters,” he said, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. “I say let’s protest like hell!”

“In the name of life, liberty, and the rights these assholes want to take from us!”

“Fuck yeah!”

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