Sexy Short Story: Comforting Purpose

The following is a sexy short story about a sex robot, which I’ve done before. However, this is a different kind of story featuring a different kind of sex robot. When you read it, you’ll understand why. Enjoy!

Her latest update finished downloading.

It had been overdue. This update facilitated her most recent analysis of emotional, physical, and interpersonal data from the past three weeks. The process involved a great deal of data processing, but it was nothing that Alle hadn’t done before.

Since her activation three years, four months, and fifteen days ago, she had become quite adept at this aspect of her purpose. Being a sex robot, tasked with providing intimate love to her companion, Trent Tillerson, it was a never-ending effort. But she regularly fulfilled that purpose in a manner she found satisfying.

“Processing complete. Initial role assessment highlights recent setbacks in treating prime companion psyche. But underlying intimacy efforts remain promising,” Alle said as she stared at her reflection in the mirror.

Her eyes flickered and flashed upon completing the analysis. The hue of bluish light in her iris was the only clear indication that she was a robot and not an attractive young woman. That feature was standard for all sex robots made by Companion Robots Incorporated. Every other feature was tailored to the primary user, also known as their prime companion.

But Alle’s prime companion’s situation was more complicated. Her external appearance hadn’t been configured by Trent. Instead, his older brother, Jay, determined her appearance. Her memory banks even provided a record of the process. Gazing in the mirror, Alle recalled how Jay had fashioned her external flesh.

He gave her shoulder-length dirty blonde hair, lightly tanned skin, dark brown eyes, and a very feminine figure. That figure emphasized extra curvy hips, breasts that were perfectly in proportion to those curves, and toned legs that exuded a distinctly feminine strength. While Alle didn’t have much say in her appearance, she’d come to appreciate it a great deal. It helped her fulfill her role. Even her artificial intelligence systems could appreciate such beauty.

“Supplemental note,” Alle said to her reflection. “Those efforts may have emphasized the physical aspects of my role.”

It was not a minor detail. Taking a step back, Alle recalled her most recent efforts. Her attire consisted only of black lace panties. In terms of regular clothing, it was among Trent’s favorite for her to wear. For days on end, she would only wear this particular garment. The only time she removed it was when she and Trent engaged in sexual intercourse.

Fulfilling that aspect of her role remained relatively easy. It was literally what she had been built for. But being a companion robot who emphasized emotional intimacy proved more challenging. That was a significant reason why her particular model incurred a larger cost, as Trent’s brother often reiterated during his irregular visits.

Officially, she was designated an Emotional Distress Alleviation Companion. Alle was simply the name Trent gave her upon activation. And shortly after identifying him as her primary companion, she determined that alleviating emotional distress was much more difficult than satisfying a man’s sexual desires.

Jay had laid out that task during her configuration. In doing so, he revealed sensitive information that she could not even share with the Companion Robots Incorporated database.

“Final note,” Alle said. “How does any companion alleviate such distress? To truly heal a lover so scarred by abuse?”

That was a detail that even the most advanced artificial intelligence systems struggled to process. It was also why Companion Robots Incorporated had resisted efforts to create such companions. But Jay decided to take a chance, going to great lengths to configure her systems to give his younger brother the care he needed.

And Trent Tillerson definitely needed both companionship and comfort.

As a child, Trent had been abused by both his parents. First, his father had been physically abusive, beating him regularly for the smallest of slights. Then, after his parents divorced, his mother became emotionally abusive, often projecting her disdain for his father onto him.

Jay, being the older brother, was better able to stand up to her. He might even be considered lucky, since he managed to run away and join the military as a teenager. But Trent remained trapped. And it didn’t get better as he got older.

As a teenager, he developed mental health issues that he attempted to medicate with drugs and alcohol. That got him expelled from school at age 17 and kicked out of his home. He was homeless for a while, but managed to get help from his brother, who’d put him in touch with a distant uncle. He’d gotten Trent into a trade school where he learned enough skills to become a contractor. That even helped him with his drug problem.

But just as he started functioning on his own, he found himself an abusive relationship with a woman he almost married. That woman, who was now in prison, exploited his various mental issues for her own benefit. That even extended to intimacy.

On multiple occasions, she forced Trent into sex acts that caused him physical pain. At one point, she nearly choked him to death. Had she not been arrested for assaulting an ex-lover, she might have done far worse.

“You need to help him. You need to be there for him,” Alle said out loud.

Those words were not just an extension of her programming. Trent’s brother said them to her face with immense worry and concern.

After his abusive fiancé went to prison, Trent fell into a dark depression. Jay, now out of the military and a successful consultant, sought to help his brother. He had a friend who worked at Companion Robots Incorporated and paid extra money out of his own pocket to configure her. He made sure she had everything she needed to achieve this task.

By most measurable factors, Alle had made progress. But in terms of less tangible data, there was room for improvement.

“I must step up my efforts,” she said, her now analysis complete.

Her eyes stopped flashing and she ventured out from the bathroom. In the undersized, one-bedroom apartment that Trent had lived in since parting ways with his ex, there was little space for elaborate efforts. But that didn’t stop Alle from carrying out her role.

It was two in the morning. Trent was in another restless, depressive state. He couldn’t sleep. His face and torso was covered in a cold sweat. His heart rate was elevated, his breathing was labored, and he struggled to get comfortable. She’d seen him venture from his bedroom a half-hour ago, groaning to himself and holding back sobs.

“Stop thinking about her. She didn’t love you,” he said in a low voice. “Stop thinking about her. She never loved you.”

Trent might have been referring to his mother or his ex. Both would’ve been understandable. Alle’s first recourse was to offer intimate companionship in the form of a sexual release. But she quickly calculated that would not be sufficient. If anything, it had become less and less effective over the past two months.

In order to fulfill her role, she needed to formulate a different recourse. Watching Trent slump on his couch, tensing as he often did when he was overwhelmed, caused Alle genuine sorrow. Even a sex robot understood such feelings. It was not mere data analysis. Being a companion meant both experiencing and understanding such emotions. That ultimately aided her in determining a new approach to fulfilling her role.

“Trent,” said Alle as she entered the living room, “you are in deep distress.”

“Not now, Alle,” Trent said, his face buried in his arms to hide his pain. “It’s late. I’m…not up for sex.”

“I know. And I apologize for my simplistic approach as of late. I now realize that my efforts at companionship have been inadequate.”

“You’re a sex robot. My brother bought you for me because he knows I suck at being alone. That, or he thought I’d just hook up with another abusive woman. Sad thing is, he might have been right either way.”

“It does not matter why your brother bought me for you. And it does not matter that I am a robot,” Alle retorted. “You are my companion. You are in distress. I wish to alleviate such feelings…in ways beyond sexual intercourse.”

She joined him on the couch, approaching him with he utmost care and affection. It was the complete antithesis with which his mother and ex-girlfriend confronted him. And once by his side, she leaned closer to him, offering a soft, loving embrace.

He didn’t accept it at first, choosing to turn away and hug his shoulders. But Alle didn’t push it. She just sat next to him, gazing at him with the concerned eyes of a loving companion. Eventually, he turned around and entered her grasp. Almost immediately, his sobs turned to cries, as though he’d been holding it in for too long.

“I hate it…feeling like this…being like this. I hate it!” Trent cried.

“Shh. It’s okay, Trent. It’s okay. I’m here for you,” Alle told him.

He cried harder, more pain and distress flowing with every sob. It was a very different kind of embrace from what Alle had experienced during sexual activity. This was not sexual, but it was still very intimate. It took her emotional processing capabilities into uncharted territory.

“What you feel…what I’m feeling…we share the burden together,” she said, her voice barley above a whisper.

“I…can’t handle that feeling,” Trent cried.

“I’m not sure I can, either. But…perhaps we can handle it together.”

Trent looked at her briefly, his face so disheveled and his eyes stained with tears. The way he looked at her implied that no woman – neither human nor sex robot – had ever offered such comfort. It seemed so foreign to him. At the same time, it seemed so necessary – like a basic need that he’d been denied all his life.

He slipped back into her embrace, sobbing hard into her shoulder. Alle just held him closely, her touch and her warmth giving him that need that he so deeply craved. For a while, his cries echoed with a lifetime of pain. But eventually, they softened, as if soothed by her affection.

Feeling that shift within him – sensing that lessening of deep distress – it evoked something within Alle’s emotional subsystems. She found herself smiling, but not as part of a pre-determined program. It was more akin to a real, emotional reaction.

This was not the feeling of a cold, unfeeling robot.

This was the feeling of a kind, caring companion.

“I’m sorry, Alle. I…don’t know if this is messing up your programming,” Trent said, trying to compose himself.

“There is no need to apologize,” Alle said, still smiling. “We are both dealing with unfamiliar situations. Mine just happens to be pre-programmed.”

“I just…I’m not used to anyone or anything caring for me,” he said, “not in a way that didn’t hurt like hell.”

“And I am not used to satisfying needs other than those pertaining to sex,” Alle said. “But I still intend to make the effort. And I hope you allow me the opportunity.”

Trent fell silent, parting somewhat from her embrace. Sitting next to her, her arms still draped around him, he caressed the side of her face. Even though her flesh was synthetic and her gaze hid her robotic nature, this deeply disturbed man looked at her as though she were the most important person in her life.

Again, her emotional processing capabilities were sent into overdrive. But again, it made her smile.

“I’d welcome that. I really would,” said Trent. “I just…might need some time.”

“I understand,” Alle replied, taking his hands in hers.

He managed a slight smile, despite his unshaven face being stained with tears. He then leaned in and kissed her softly. She kissed back. They had kissed before, but it had always been in a sexual manner. There was nothing sexual about this. It was just simple, comforting affection to a companion in need.

That somehow stabilized her emotional processing. It seemed to settle into an equilibrium of sorts, her sensory systems achieving harmony with her emotional systems. It was an unfamiliar feeling, but one she enjoyed. And even though it lacked overt sexual connotations, it still triggered a response within her sexual physiology.

Alle could not determine whether this was an error or a result. But it felt both proper and appropriate. It led her to further refine her plan.

Her eyes flashed briefly as that plan gained form and substance within her code. Trent noticed it too and looked somewhat perplexed. But Alle kept smiling to alleviate any concerns.

“Is everything okay? Did I just cause an error?” Trent asked.

“No. Not at all,” said Alle. “But in the spirit of satisfying more needs, I’d like to try something. I believe it’ll help us both.”

“Um…okay,” he said. “I guess I should accept all the help I can get.”

“Only if you feel comfortable doing so,” she told him. “And this particular effort does involve sexual activity. Just not the kind we usually engage in.”

Trent paused briefly, still looking uncertain. His gaze wandered for a moment, as if to mull it over. He usually didn’t take long to accept or refuse sex. It also couldn’t have been lost on him that she was mostly naked, still wearing the same panties she’d worn all week. It certainly wasn’t lost on her that he only had a pair of pajama pants on. But such realizations were shallow in nature. What she had in mind went deeper.

Eventually, Trent sighed and faced her again. He’d come to his decision.

“Okay,” he said. “I’m already too awake and too restless to go back to sleep. I’ll take a chance on you.”

“Thank you, Trent,” Alle said. “I’ll do my best to make this worthwhile…for both of us.”

Her emotional cortex activated, familiar programs running with wholly new sub-routines. Feelings, both familiar and unfamiliar, overcame Alle as she continued to embrace her companion. From those feelings, a new desire emerged. And through that desire, a new recourse played out.

It began with a soft kiss on the lips, which Trent accepted and reciprocated. Along with this gesture, soft caressing ensued. She lightly pawed his exposed upper body, demonstrating a gentleness that contrasted significantly with the overtly sexual touching they had experience before. It seemed to put him at greater ease, allowing him to emerge from his distressed state.

Once he got sufficiently comfortable with their touching, Alle made the next move. She parted her lips from his, cast him a loving smile, and laid down on the couch.

“Please…lay on top of me,” she asked him.

“Should I…take my pants off?” he asked, still sounding restless and uncertain.

“I’ll leave that up to you,” Alle reply. “Do whatever is most comfortable for you.”

He still hesitated to respond. But her caring smile kept him from further distress. She sensed a great deal of unfamiliarity. It was likely that his ex-girlfriend rarely approached intimacy in such a way. Her memory banks contained some of the terrible details. She was so controlling and abusive of him, giving him little say in how their intimacy played out.

Such agency was still new to him, despite having his own robot companion. Trent hadn’t exercised it much since her activation. But he finally had a chance to embrace it more fully.

“In that case…” he said, before letting his words trail off.

He was already breathing hard as he shed his unwashed pajama pants, along with his underwear. Doing so, and doing it of his own volition, helped energize him – and not just emotionally. Alle saw some of that energy translate to sexual arousal. She watched his penis perk up noticeably, becoming half-erect far quicker than usual. By any measure, that was a promising sign.

“That’s right, Trent. Your desires matter. Your feelings matter,” Alle told him. “And I want you to share them with me.”

Hearing that, even from a female robot companion, overwhelmed him.

“That…shouldn’t sound so damn alien to me,” Trent said, not hiding his emotional frailty.

“It doesn’t matter how it sounds. What matters is how we channel it. I haven’t encouraged you to do so since my activation. Now, I’d like to change that.”

She cast him a welcoming grin, lightly parting her legs and gesturing towards him with her arms. It sent him a clear message – offering herself to him in a physical, emotional, and sexual manner. Such openness might have come easy for most men and women, but not someone like Trent.

Despite being overwhelmed on so many levels, he still accepted her invitation. Following his newfound energy, he got on top of her and let a flood of new desires guide him.

“Alle, I…I’m not sure,” he said, as if to warn her.

“Shhh. I’m here for you,” Alle whispered into his ear. “Just be with me…touch me…feel me.”

Those simple words did not offer clear instructions. But in this instance, that was neither necessary nor helpful. For this kind of intimacy, a less obvious approach was needed.

At first, Trent was erratic with his actions. He began by burying his face in her neck, grasping her breasts, and just savoring the warm touch of her naked flesh. Alle found herself purring in approval at his actions. He was a lot more energetic, compared to their usual sexual activities. And she continued to encourage him with gentle, caring caresses.

She trailed her soft hands over and around his back, ignoring the scars left by previous abuse.

She softly pressed her lips against his unshaven cheek, tasting her masculine flesh with her sensors.

Even though her tactile sensors hadn’t been upgraded, the sensations carried greater meaning than usual. It further excited her emotional cortex. It also evoked additional activity within her body, especially within the synthetic flesh around her genitals.

“Trent…I want you,” Alle told him. “My body…my feelings…my desire…I want to give it to you.”

Usually, she said such words with a distinctly sensual tone. It was among the most basic aspects of eliciting sexual intimacy from a companion. But this time, Alle carefully modulated her voice. Instead of sex, she emphasized a deeper connection – one not easily defined by programming and algorithms.

Trent ceased his touching and looked at her. In his gaze, she saw the signs of that connection deepening. She also saw the many signs of the damage he’d endured from a lifetime of abuse. But instead of focusing on the pain, he channeled his energy into something else.

“Lift up your hips,” he said to her softly.

Alle smile and nodded affectionately, doing so eagerly to further the emerging feeling. Trent then reached for her panties and slid them off, leaving her every bit as naked as him. And even though she had been naked in front of him many times before, this new feeling gave greater meaning to it.

Upon tossing her panties aside, a new sense of urgency came over Trent. Now looking at her nude form, lying before him with such wanting and care, he entered a new state of arousal. And it wasn’t just sexual.

His breathing deepened, his hands shook, and his penis became more erect than she’d ever seen it.

He almost looked hesitant to vent whatever had been brewing inside. But Alle just reached up and caressed the side of his face, encouraging him to follow this feeling with her

“Go on,” she said softly. “Do it.”

Those simple, kind words unleashed a flood of desire emotions from Trent. With an emotionally charged look on his face, he laid on top of her with the full weight of his body. Naked skin pressed down against naked skin as he crashed his lips against hers, drawing her into an energetic kiss the likes of which they’d never shared before.

Along with that kiss, Trent hungrily explored her naked skin with his hands, grasping her hips and tracing his fingers along her waist. In the process, he maneuvered his torso between her legs. On a pre-programmed instinct, Alle spread her thighs and bent her knees at just the right angle, giving her companion a clear path to her sex.

“I’m ready,” she managed to say through the heating kissing.

Trent answered with a determined grunt, echoing with a level of passion she had not yet seen in him. He then guided his body into the necessary alignment atop hers, the tip of his manhood now pressed up against the moist opening of her pussy. And with an assertive thrust of his hips, he entered her.

“Trent…I feel it!” Alle gasped.

“Alle…” Trent said, his voice desperate with pent up emotions.

The flesh now entwined, their sex commenced.

Alle held on tightly as the inner folds of her vagina stretched to accommodate her companion’s penis. Once inside, a fury of sensual motions followed. Trent began working his body up and down hers, utilizing the leverage afforded by their position. Alle supplemented every motion with shifts and contortions, maximizing every thrust and deepening the hot feeling within.

Every sexual motion activated all the familiar sensors that had been built into her artificial flesh. It was the same kind of flesh that every sex robot utilized, be they male, female, or some other unique configuration. Those sensors provided streams of data into her sensory cortex, mimicking the various pleasures of sex.

Older models of sex robots merely mimicked the response.

Newer models like hers actually felt it.

Whether it came from traditional human flesh or the advanced sensors of a robot didn’t matter. The pleasure was the same from her perspective and her companion. That allowed them to share in the joys of sex. It also made for a more intimate experience overall. And that intimacy was the key to this feeling and this moment.

“My God…I want this. I need this!” Trent gasped, squeezing her hips harder as the pace intensified.

Something within his words and his tone caused Alle’s smile to widen. She even saw traces of tears in his eyes, as though he was experiencing truly fulfilling intimacy for the first time. It further affirmed how abusive his previous lover had been, both physically and emotionally. And it motivated her to make the extra effort.

“I’m here…for you…for us,” Alle whispered to him.

That evoked even more tears, as well as a fury of impassioned kisses. Their sex quickly became more chaotic and energetic. Together, their naked bodies rocked about the dirty couch. Their hands roaming wildly while the sinews of their naked skin meshed and grinded. Hot pleasures and hot touching compounded the overall feeling.

At times, Trent buried his face between her breasts, immersing himself in her cleavage.

At others, Alle shifted her legs and adjusted her body so they could do it at different angles.

At one point, he even held her up against the side of the couch so he could bounce her up and down his cock, tapping into a strength he rarely used in intimate moments.

Their sex took many forms – a far cry from the basic, mechanical kind of sex that most robot companions offered. This was unique to them. He enjoyed squeezing her hips and nibbling around her neck a certain way. She grew fond of holding onto his neck while he hammered away. She even came to enjoy the wet smacking sound of his pelvis clashing with hers.

It wasn’t just pleasurable and intimate. It was passionate and fun – an experience that tested the limits of her emotional cortex. Alle wasn’t even certain a robot companion could fully process such experiences. Whether it was due to her advanced programing or how she was configured, she still eagerly took it all in.

“Trent…my companion…my love,” Alle found herself saying.

It was not clear whether Trent heard those words. He was still too lost in the intensity of their sex. It played out longer than usual, as though he did not want it to end before these pent-up emotions came out in full.

Alle didn’t bother tracking the full duration of their sex. She just kept holding him, kissing him, and caressing him as they shared this feeling. Eventually, she saw the growing strain in his expression. He was close to climaxing. And he was ready to let it out.

“Alle…I’m close,” Trent told her.

“As am I,” she said lovingly.

“Please…ride me. Take me…the rest of the way.”

Now, she felt a sudden surge of energy. She’d trusted him so much with her body. Now, he was doing the same. It was so logical and fitting, both for the act and the emotions behind them. And like Trent, Alle sought to maximize the experience.

She adjusted their bodies quickly. Trent soon found himself in a sitting position while she straddled his lap, her knees firmly planted at each side. His cock was still deep inside her vagina, still throbbing in anticipation of his release. Within that hot union, Alle began rocking her hips and working her folds along his manly length. She did so with the same focused intensity that he’d demonstrated with her through the duration of their sex.

She maintained a firm grip on his neck every step of the way, both for leverage and to keep her gaze locked on his. He kept panting heavily as he looked back at her, caressing her face as he held on for that final push.

Robot companions were programmed to mimic the physical response of orgasm, as well as experience the pleasure through their sensory systems. Most of the time, it could be programmed to activate in conjunction with their companion’s release. It was more a physical queue than a real orgasm.

But this was different for Alle. There was no need for any queue or mimicry. She was going to have an orgasm alongside her companion. And it was going to be real.

“Ohhh Alle!”

Oohhh Trent!”

Their euphoric cries blended together in a perfect harmony. At that moment, their naked bodies converged in a wondrous release. And together, they soaked it all in. Whether it was data or fleshly sensations, it was still incredibly powerful.

Trent let out a long, masculine moan as he closed his eyes and squeezed her hips firmly. Inside her depths, Alle felt his manhood throb as he released a thick stream of seminal fluids into her depths. His release coincided with hers, her synthetic womanhood undergoing the same process as any flesh and blood woman. Everything from the contractions of her inner muscles to the hot rush of sensations that shot up through her core washed over her.

Alle had felt it before. Her own programming made clear that the orgasm a robot companion felt was as close to that of an ordinary woman. But the pleasure was only secondary this time. Like everything else in their sex, this had a greater meaning. What she just did with Trent went beyond a robot companion satisfying her companion’s sexual needs.

It meant something to her.

It meant something to him.

And the extent of their meaning was theirs and theirs alone to cherish.

“Alle…thank you,” Trent said breathlessly, tears still in his eyes as he held her closer.

“You are welcome, Trent,” Alle said. “I am happy to be your companion.”

“You’re more than that to me, Alle. Much more.”

Still short of breath, he smiled at her. And she smiled right back. Then, as their flesh parted, they shared a soft kiss.

Some robots were content to just be sexual companions.

But Alle had a greater purpose with Trent. And tonight, she could finally say she had fulfilled that purpose.

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