Sexy Short Story: Summer Pajamas

The following is a sexy short story I came up with on a hot summer day. Enjoy!

Roderick “Rod” Nichols loved summer as much as the next teenager. Even though his parents made him work a summer job at his uncle’s gas station, he enjoyed the warm weather and lack of school. But recently, he gained another reason to love this time of year. And unlike high school, this reason could end up applying for years to come, long after graduating college.

That reason came courtesy of his girlfriend, Regina “Rina” Meyers. They’d met over the winter during a holiday festival near school. And things moved fast. Things moved very fast, in fact. Their respective parents called it teen puppy love, but Rod didn’t believe that. And neither did Rina.

They had something special. They were certain of that, even before the winter snow melted. Rod’s certainty only grew when he learned of a unique summer tradition that Rina had enjoyed since she was in middle school. She called it the window for enjoying her “summer pajamas.”

That was just her way of saying she slept fully nude. And of a couple of horny teenagers in love, that made balmy summer nights like this so enticing.

“I know you’re waiting for me, babe. Tonight is just too perfect,” Rod said under his breath as he approached Rina’s one-story house.

It was just past midnight and her street was dead quiet. Since it was less than two blocks from the gas station, he could walk there without drawing too much suspicion. As far as his parents knew, he was working a few extra hours. His uncle even covered for him, ensuring he and Rina could take advantage of this opportunity.

Still, Rod moved swiftly through the muggy night, carefully making his way towards the back yard. That involved hopping a fence, carefully stepping over the garden Rina’s mother tended, and arriving at the window on the west side of the house.

That was the window to Rina’s bedroom. And, whether by fluke or design, her room was at the far end of the house. That meant he could easily slip into the window while not alerting her parents. Tonight, that was even less a concern because her dad was working late and her mother was out of town. That meant they had the night to themselves.

“Rina,” Rod whispered, looking at the window, “I’m here.”

There was no response from the darkened window. But he knew she was there. The window was just slightly open. That was her signal to him that she was inside and ready for him.

Still wearing the same clothes he’d worn during his shift at the gas station, he carefully peaked through the window and into his girlfriend’s bedroom. Sure enough, she was there – and wearing those “summer pajamas,” no less. She didn’t even bother sleeping under the covers. There was just a light blanket covering half of her nude body. Naturally, he grinned at the beautiful sight.

“You and your summer pajamas,” he commented.

Still grinning, Rod carefully opened the door and slipped into the room. Even though her parents weren’t home, he was as quiet as could be. That was part of the thrill of nights like this. It got his heart racing and his blood flowing, especially to certain parts of his body.

That adrenaline kept him focused as he quietly closed the window behind him, slipped out of his greasy clothes, and approached the bed. Rina shifted slightly as he approached, sighing and turning over so that she faced away, which happened to give him a perfect glimpse of her butt in the process.

“She definitely did that on purpose,” Rod said under his breath.

She knew he was there. If the smell of his sweaty clothes didn’t give him away, his heavy breathing certainly did. He swore he saw her crack a smile when she turned over, as if she wasn’t some cute girl pretending to be asleep naked in her bed.

Hiding his lurid snicker, he stealthily joined her in her bed, curling up behind her so that his exposed skin made contact with hers. The sudden feeling of such intimate contact evoked a content purr from Rina, as though she hadn’t been expecting a warm body to join her in bed tonight.

“Are you awake?” Rod whispered into her ear, as though he didn’t already know.

“No,” she said incredulously. “I’m fast asleep. I’m even having this wonderful dream. This handsome, rugged guy just snuck through my window and slipped into my bed. He’s spooning me now. I can even feel his dick pressing against me. And I just happen to be very horny tonight.”

“Sounds like quite a dream,” he teased. “How do you want it to play out?”

“Hmm…don’t know. Guess that depends on how horny the handsome guy is.”

Rod snickered and teased her by lightly nibbling on her ear, something that always got her going. She let out a soft coo, her body shifting a bit to scoot closer to his. In the process, her butt rubbed right up against his penis, which got him semi-hard with unsurprising ease. She knew that got him going too. So, he returned the favor by slipping his hand around her from behind, reaching between her legs, and gently cupping the outer features of her pussy.

“Ooh!” Rina said with a louder coo. “He must be very horny too!”

“He must have been thinking about you and your summer pajamas all day,” Rod quipped.

Her cooing quickly turned into playful laughter. From there, there was no use keeping up the ruse. He was there, just as he’d promised. They were both naked in bed, each wearing their “summer pajamas” so to speak. Her parents weren’t home, meaning they could be less tactful than usual.

Summer was a great time of year for many reasons. Rod and Rina planned on giving themselves even more.

“Rod…take me,” Rina said through the gasps.

Like a good boyfriend, he answered her siren’s call. She turned over, doing away with the light blanket that had barely covered her body. They quickly came together in a passionate kiss, their naked bodies now enmeshed atop the undersized mattress. The kiss started soft, but quickly escalated. They went from lovingly making out to full-fledged foreplay.

Hands roamed wildly and freely. Rod traced a path up from her shapely hips to her well-developed breasts, making sure to give her nipples that slight squeeze that got her moaning for all the right reasons. Rina returned the favor by pawing his chest and tangling her legs with his, communicating her growing desire with every touch. Already, the heat of their bodies filled the room, mixing with the lingering summer air. And within this heat, Rod followed the full extent of his desires.

“Lie back,” he whispered into her ear, just as their make-out session got energetic.

Rina wordlessly complied, rolling right onto her back. He rolled with her so that he was on top, his masculine form hovering over hers. He continued kissing her for a while. Then, he began making his way down her body, shifting his hands to her thighs in the process. Just as his lips reached her abdomen, he pushed her legs apart so that he had full access to her womanhood.

“Now, I know I’m dreaming,” Rina said. “I swear my wonderful boyfriend is about to go down on me.”

“Just close your eyes,” Rod whispered. “Let this be a dream come true.”

She took his advice, grasping the sheets below her while he worked his magic. Like the wonderful boyfriend he was, he buried his face between her thighs and proceeded to give her oral sex. The sweet, intoxicating taste of her womanhood consumed him.

Rod learned early on in their relationship that he loved the taste of pussy. And Rina loved letting him gorge on her to his heart’s content. He quickly learned the intricacies of her anatomy, using his lips and tongue to hit all those special spots that got her feminine juices flowing. His efforts got her so wet and worked up, especially on nights like this. It also supplemented his own arousal, getting him fully erect and ready to give his girlfriend the lovemaking she deserved.

“So hot and wet,” Rod said after lapping up a trail of juices. “A perfect summer delight!”

“Mmhmm…beats the hell out any dream,” Rina moaned.

“And it gets better!”

Licking his lips in anticipation, the taste of her pussy still hanging strong, Rod got back on top of her. His love welcomed the weight of his naked body, wrapping her arms around his neck and hooking her legs around his waist. Their figures entwined, Rod grasped her hips for leverage and guided his throbbing member towards her entrance.

Then, with a firm thrust of his hips, he entered her. The smooth, silky feeling of their fleshly union washed over them, evoking the distinct gasps and moans of sex. From there, the summer heat gave way to impassioned inferno.

“Ohhh God!” Rina cried out in that heavenly voice.

“Rina…my love,” Rod said in a daze.

She closed her eyes and tightened her embrace on him. He buried his face in her naked, taking in that sweet feeling of her body embracing his. And through a potent blend of lust, love, and plenty more feelings that defied description, Rod made love to Rina.

He started slow and steady, moving their bodies at just the right pace to adjust to the feeling. They usually had to temper the energy of their sex, usually to keep themselves from making too much noise. But with Rina’s parents not home, they could be bolder. And, not knowing how many nights like this they’d get this summer, he and Rina took full advantage of it.

Harder and faster, Rod rocked his love’s world with each targeted thrust. The bed shook with each movement, the headboard banging up against the wall. Rina moaned louder with each fleshly slither, not even bothering to mute herself.

“Yes! Yes! Oh yes! Ohhh yes!” she exclaimed.

Rod loved that noise. Hearing it was as much a delight as the hot touch of her naked flesh. It sent him deeper into that impassioned daze – one in which all thoughts, sensations, and emotions converged on this one intimate act.

It was an act made possible by a warm summer night and his girlfriend’s fondness of sleeping nude when it got hot. It had the qualities of reckless teenage lovers acting on raging hormones. But he and Rina knew it ran deeper than that. It didn’t just show in their willingness to sneak in on another’s room in the dead of night. It manifested perfectly within their sex.

“I love you, Rod,” she whispered into his ear. “I love being your girl…your lover…your everything.”

That loving sentiment she said mid-coitus wasn’t just a product of a horny woman overwhelmed by sex. The way she raked her fingers over his back, tracing along his sinews in just the right way, made his heart race with passion. It motivated him to pull out all the stops, making the most out of their bodily alignment to get her to that special place.

His efforts soon bore fruit. Eventually, he felt her body tremble – her inner muscles tightening while her gasps became more labored. She was getting close. She was about to climax.

“Ooh I’m close, Rod! I’m so…so close!” she gasped.

“Then, let me guide you…my love,” he said to her.

He stepped up his movements, rocking her body with their sex to carry her the rest of the way. At some point, she grasped his hands with hers, interlocked their fingers, and squeezed firmly as that powerful orgasmic feeling washed over her.

“Oohhh Rod!”

He cast her a beaming grin as the spectacle unfolded. Still squeezing her hands, he held Rina and watched her climax under her. It was such a beautiful sight, seeing her contort and writhe under him in the throughs of ecstasy. She was so animated when she came. She claimed she had always been like that since she discovered the joys of sex. At this point in their relationship, he believed her.

“I never get tired of seeing that,” he said to himself.

Rod ceased his movements, letting his love soak in every bit of the feeling. She kept holding him close, her legs still locked around his waist. He also used this as an opportunity to catch his breath. Because, knowing Rina, he had a good idea of what came next.

“Mmm…your turn, babe!” she said, her voice still drunk on ecstasy.

From there, a sudden surge of energy came over his girlfriend – energy that didn’t seem possible for someone who’d pretended to be asleep mere moments ago. But Rod didn’t fight it. He was happy to just keep grinning while his girlfriend grabbed his shoulders, kissed his lips, and repositioned their bodies.

The next thing he knew, he was the one on his back with Rina on top. Their flesh never parted, her tight inner folds still throbbing around his cock. She was now the one with all the leverage, straddling his waist and ready to ride him to paradise. She made good use of that leverage, but not before casting him a loving gaze.

“Now, let me make your dreams come true,” Rina said to him.

“You already have,” Rod replied.

“You know me. I like to overachieve!” she said seductively.

Rod laughed while his beautiful girlfriend worked her magic. With the same care and skill he’d shown her, she made love to him.

Still squeezing his hands, her knees and feet dug into the mattress, she worked her hips with an intensity not usually possible when her parents were home. Every gyration and undulation was so fervent, the wet folds of her vagina sliding smoothly along his length. She was so focused in her efforts, her sexy gaze narrowed on him as she pushed to bring him to the same ecstasy he’d given her.

It really did feel like a dream – a very sexy, erotic dream. He found himself squeezing her hands harder, if only to make sure this was real. He didn’t dare close his eyes, either – not wanting to wake up. Rod just held on and soaked in every feeling, letting their naked bodies move to the rhythm of sensations born from their sex.

And, just like her, she eventually brought him to that special place.

“Oh God! Rina, I…I’m gonna come! I’m…I’m gonna come!” Rod panted.

“Come, my dream lover. Come!” Rina urged him.

Her choice of words was so fitting. They echoed within his head as he reached that special threshold. His flesh burned and his heart raced, his mind becoming awash with orgasmic sensations. When it hit, he shot up, threw his arms around his love, and held her close for the coming rush.

“Rina!” he cried out.

In a culmination of so much passion and exertion, Rod came. It was so hot and intense – hardened manly flesh burning inside moist womanly depths. The feeling of their juices mixing within her womb added that uniquely intimate feeling. It was all that love and desire taking its final physical form – a tangible product of their love.

As Rod processed the ecstasy, a partial silence fell over the darkened room. Only their heavy breathing and beating hearts could be heard or felt. Before the full feeling passed, he and Rina met again in a soft kiss. And their lips remained entwined as they collapsed atop the bed together, their naked bodies now sweaty and disheveled.

“I love you,” Rod said to her when their lip finally parted.

“I know. I love you too,” Rina said.

“And I love your fondness for summer pajamas,” he added. “It’s enough to make a guy appreciate this time even more.”

“What can I say? I get hot easily,” she said with a playful shrug. “On top of that, it just makes things easier when the man I love wants to sneak over in the middle of the night.”

“That, it does,” Rod laughed. “Speaking of which, how much longer do you think we’ll have before I have to sneak out?”

She cast him another seductive grin. Rina had that glint in her eyes again. It was enough to make his manhood perk up again.

She knew as well as he did that this was a rare opportunity. Until they went to college and moved in together, they had to make the most of this – and not just in terms of how much noise they could make.

“We have more time than usual,” Rina told him. “So, get comfortable with those summer pajamas! Because with all this summer heat, I’m feeling extra restless tonight.”

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