Sexy Short Story: The Honeymoon Trainer

The following is a sexy short story I wrote after reading a story about honeymoon horror stories. There were plenty of common themes and issues as to what made it horrifying, but a lot of it came down to bad expectations and limited guidance. This story is about someone who’s trying to be proactive. Enjoy!

“Just two months, three weeks, and five more days, my love,” said the sweet, angelic voice of Allie Romana. “That’s how much longer we have to wait.”

“It can’t go by fast enough,” Lance Harrison replied as he embraced his beautiful bride-to-be. “There’s still a lot of work to do, but we’ll get there. This is just part of it.”

“I know. I just wish there was something I could do to make this easier.”

“Trust me. You’re doing plenty, Allie. These are things I have to do if I’m going to be a good husband. You’ve already put your faith in me and a higher power. I want to make good on it.”

Every word Lance said echoed with an honesty that would’ve been alien to the man he was five years ago. It still felt strange, bearing his soul and making himself so vulnerable to another person. That only affirmed how right it was. A loving embrace from his fiancé and a soft kiss on the lips only reinforced it.

Lance clung to her as long as he could, taking in her loving presence even if it meant running late. It was already past six in the middle of the week. Between night classes and his vocational training, every hour counted in his ongoing effort to become a man worthy of Allie Romana’s love. That didn’t stop him from taking a few moments every now and then. It only made him more motivated to become that man.

“I’ll be back late,” he said to her after their lips parted. “Dr. Reyes wants me to put in extra time over the next few weeks. She thinks I’m just about ready to take the final step I need to be your husband.”

“I know therapy is a process, but you’ve come a long way,” Allie said. “She’s been good for you. She’s been good for us. Are you sure you want to do these last round of sessions alone?”

“Believe me, I’m sure,” Lance told her. “I think if I can make it through this, then I can give you the wedding, the honeymoon, and the marriage you deserve.”

“You always make it sound so daunting.”

“Considering the man I was and the man I’m trying to be…it is,” he said, “but that’s exactly why it’s worth doing.”

Lance kissed her again to allay any further doubts. It earned him that wondrous smile that he’d come to love so much. He smiled back at her before finally parting ways and getting into his car, leaving his beautiful fiancé to a night of much-needed rest. Given everything she did, from her job at the local elementary school to the volunteer work she did for her father’s church, Allie had a way of stretching her energy and her love. However, her heart was always in the right place and that was just one of the many reasons he loved her.

“Try and relax,” he told her from the open window of his car. “You’ve earned it. I’m still way behind.”

“I’ll try, darling,” Allie replied, smiling as she waved goodbye. “I love you!”

“I love you too. See you later tonight!”

Armed with his fiancé’s love, Lance drove off into the early evening traffic. His appointment with Dr. Reyes, his therapist of the past three years, awaited him. The fact that he was so eager to navigate rush hour traffic showed just how determined he was to be a good man for Allie. It also reminded him of the kind of man he used to be.

Five years ago, he was the kind of man who was unfit to be in the same zip code as a woman like Allie. He was not a pleasant person to be around. He’d come from an affluent neighborhood and a good family, but made all the wrong decisions growing up. When it came to doing the right thing, he went out of his way to make things harder on himself. He broke every rule he could, rebelled against every authority figure he encountered, and made the worst possible enemies while embracing the worst possible influences.

For a time, Lance Harrison was a lost cause. He’d dropped out of school early, been arrested multiple times, and came dangerously close to losing it all more than once. On top of all that, he’d been his worst possible self around women. It wasn’t just that he’d treated them as disposable sex toys, never bothering to learn their names, let alone fall in love. He’d go out of his way to attract the wrong kind of women for all the wrong reasons.

Then, after an arrest that almost sent him to prison for life, he hit rock bottom. He ended up in a church run by Allie’s father. Shortly after, he met Allie and everything changed. She helped shined a light on the man he was and, in doing so, he realized how much he hated that man. That, and many other moments like it, ensured he would fall hopelessly in love with her. She hadn’t just won his heart. She saved his soul.

As such, Allie deserved the best version of Lance Harrison he could be. He’d already done plenty to become that man, having rebuilt his life and found a promising career as an electrician. However, there was one aspect of his old self that he’d yet to cast aside and that was what led to the latest round of Dr. Reyes’ therapy.

“Two months, three weeks, and five days,” Lance repeated to himself as he neared Dr. Reyes’ office. “That’s how long I have. God, I hope it’s enough.”

He found himself praying, something he’d never done before he met Allie, as he pulled into the small office park nestled behind a strip mall. Most of the time, it was just a fifteen-minute drive from his and Allie’s apartment. In rush hour traffic, it took over twice that.

Lance gladly endured the slow traffic and ill-timed lights, arriving several minutes later than he’d hoped. Knowing Dr. Reyes wouldn’t give him a discount, he moved with greater urgency. Knowing the importance of the type of therapy she offered, he entered her office with more determination than usual.

“Don’t bother signing in, Mr. Harrison,” said Sherry Graves, the receptionist at the front desk. “Dr. Reyes is already back there waiting for you. She had a feeling you’d be late.”

“Thanks for understanding,” Lance said. “Tonight is going to be trickier than most.”

“So I’ve been told,” she said. “Good luck.”

“Believe me. I don’t intend to rely on luck after this.”

That almost sounded arrogant, not unlike the Lance Harrison of five years ago. However, that version of Lance didn’t have a reason for his arrogance. He just lashed out at a world he thought he could bully through on his own. Allie had shown him otherwise, but Dr. Reyes had been teaching him the skills that helped justify his attitude.

After Sherry buzzed him in, Lance made his way down the narrow hall towards the office in which he’d confronted many personal demons. It still gave him mixed emotions, submitting himself to such scrutiny and trusting others to help him become the man he wanted to be. It had not been easy, nor had it been very pleasant. For Allie, it was worth the effort.

However, that part of his therapy had been complete for a while now. The last part that he sought to complete before his wedding remained unfinished, but it involved something more pragmatic than simply transcending the man he’d been.

“I’ve confronted my demons,” Lance said to himself. “Now, I need to prove myself in other ways.”

With confidence and poise, he opened the door to Dr. Reyes’ office and entered the room. There, he discovered that the middle-aged woman who’d helped rebuild his broken soul had been waiting for him. She’d also made some additional preparations.

“You’re late, Mr. Harrison,” Dr. Reyes said to him in that stern, but empathic tone.

“I know. I’m sorry,” he said, already short of breath upon seeing her setup.

“Don’t apologize. Remember what we discussed at our last session. Apologize when you know there’s no further recourse. But when there is…”

“Make promises instead. They’re always more valuable,” Lance said, recalling that mantra from multiple sessions.

Dr. Reyes offered a half-smile of approval. That was usually the most he ever got, in terms of approval. In any other circumstance, it would’ve been a big deal. However, the circumstances for the night’s session were exceedingly different.

For one, Dr. Reyes had altered the furniture of her usually-mundane office. She’d closed the blinds to the windows, changed the lighting of the room to make it dimmer, and created an ambience that felt more like a hotel suite than a doctor’s office. In addition to the setup, the accomplished therapist wasn’t wearing her usual pantsuit and glasses. Instead, she wore only a black silk robe and, near as he could tell, contact lenses that made her eyes appear light blue – the same color as his beloved Allie, no less.

Once the door closed behind him and the automatic lock activated, the ambition of the therapy session kicked in. He’d been expecting it. He’d even been preparing for it. Even so, it still caught him off-guard.

“Mr. Harrison,” Dr. Reyes began as she sat casually in her plush leather chair, “as you know, we’ve made a lot of progress over these past few months. Compared to where you were when you first arrived, I’m genuinely impressed. And believe me, I don’t say those words lightly.”

“No need to protect my ego, Doctor,” Lance told her. “I know where I’ve come up short.”

“You’ve dug deep into your soul. You’ve ripped out the ugliness that made you such a deviant, self-absorbed, self-destructive miscreant. It was painful, but you did it. Now, I can look at you and see a man who’s comfortable in his own skin.”

“But it’s still not enough,” he reminded her.

“I know. That’s why I’m confident that tonight will be a turning point. With your wedding less than three months out, you’ve got precious little time. You seek to be the best possible spouse for Allie, but you never learned how to love unselfishly. That needs to change before you walk down the aisle and this is part of that process.”

The older woman always spoke with such knowledge and certainty. Lance had come to expect that from Dr. Reyes. From the first day he walked into her office, he got the sense that she knew him better than he knew himself. Moreover, she understood who he was trying to be and why it mattered so much to him.

Still standing in front of the closed door, he watched as Dr. Reyes rose up from her plush leather seat and walked towards him. In the process, she undid the sash to her robe and let it fall to the floor, revealing that she had nothing on underneath except white lace panties.

Years ago, the sight of a topless woman – especially one with such a fit, attractive figure like Dr. Reyes – would’ve brought out the selfish brute in him. He would’ve seen such a woman as little more than a pair of tits, a set of legs, and an ass for him to tap. He’d since learned to see women another way, even when they were topless and beautiful.

“I hope you’ve done the homework I gave you after last time,” she told him, standing so close he could feel the heat from her half-naked body. “You’re still such an eager lover, but your knowledge of the female body remains crude. For Allie, a self-professed virgin who values her body as well as her soul, that’s not sufficient.”

“I know,” Lance said while glancing into her eyes rather than her well-rounded breasts.

“We’ve been doing this for weeks. You’ve already come a long way, but tonight has to be the night when it all comes together. Tonight, you will become the husband Allie needs on both her wedding day and the honeymoon.”

“Considering your reputation as the honeymoon trainer, I appreciate your vote of confidence.”

“Don’t mistake confidence for certainty,” she said. “You still need to prove yourself. Look me in the eye, as you would your future wife, and tell me you’re ready.”

The older woman did not make it easy for him. She moved in closer, so much so that her exposed breasts pressed up against his chest. It was more than enough to trigger a primal reaction within his body. In the past, he would’ve followed that reaction in the most selfish manner possible. A big part of his therapy involved following a different path.

It was an unorthodox kind of therapy, but one Lance badly needed. Dr. Reyes had convinced him of that after finding out that Allie was a virgin and had made a big deal about saving herself for marriage. That meant that on the day she accepted his marriage proposal, he signed up to be her first sexual experience – him, Lance Harrison, the same man who once only pursued women who identified as self-loathing sluts.

The prospect of giving Allie the sexual experience she deserved was almost as overwhelming as confronting his many demons. He and Allie had many difficult conversations about it, many of which occurred in Dr. Reyes’ office. Her reputation for helping couples with disparate sexual experience was one of the many reasons they’d borrowed money from relatives to hire her. Now, Lance had to prove that money had been well-spent.

The temptation to lapse into old habits was there. Dr. Reyes even goaded him, snaking her arms around his neck and urging him with his eyes to succumb to old lusts. It would’ve been easy. It probably would’ve felt good too. However, that wasn’t in line with the man he wanted to be. Allie deserved better and he let the attractive female doctor know.

“I’m ready,” Lance finally told her, his voice leaving no room for doubt.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Dr. Reyes said with another half-smile of approval. “Then, let’s begin the session. Take off your clothes.”

He used to hesitate when she said those words. There was even a time when he didn’t hesitate enough to get naked in front of an attractive woman. Lance had since learned that there was a right way and a wrong way to expose himself to a willing female.

With the tact and respect he’d learned from previous sessions, he disrobed before the skilled doctor. He shed his coat, shirt, pants, and shoes in short order. He made it a point to remove his underwear last, if only to show that the sight of a half-naked woman still aroused him as it once did. It was just a matter of channeling that arousal in more intimate ways.

“You’ve been working out,” Dr. Reyes said, those analytical eyes of hers scanning his naked body. “It shows more and more with each session.”

“Thank you. I’m hoping to be in peak condition for the wedding, as well as the honeymoon,” said Lance, not hiding any part of his naked figure from the older woman.

“Being physically capable is a good start. Being appropriately skilled, however, takes a different kind of conditioning. Follow me.”

She took his hand and led him to the plush couch he usually sat at during their sessions. Lance followed her willingly, leaving his clothes in a wrinkled pile on the floor. Her commanding presence, combined with her voluptuous figure, made her easy follow. She made it even easier by sensually swaying her hips, showing off that heart-shaped buttocks that those lace panties barely contained.

“I know what you’re doing,” Lance said under his breath. “My conditioning has gotten better.”

“I heard that,” Dr. Reyes said, “and parts of your body disagree.”

He didn’t deny it. He couldn’t exactly hide that he was aroused. His semi-erect penis was proof enough of that. Part of that was having such a clear view of Dr. Reyes’ voluptuous body. Another part was the fact that he hadn’t had sex outside a therapeutic session in a long time. It wasn’t uncommon for him to have intense, unmet desires that he once never hesitated to pursue. Allie helped change that, but Dr. Reyes helped refocus it.

By the time they arrived at the couch, his dick was already aching for some intimate touching. Then, Dr. Reyes turned around, let go of his hand, and sat down on the couch in an intimate poise, presenting her legs in a sensual manner. Lance had seen a similar act of seduction in strippers and prostitutes, but Dr. Reyes did it in a way that conveyed higher stakes. It was more than enough to evoke an even greater desire.

“You’re already aroused,” she pointed out, her gaze narrowing on his erection. “In this context, that’s a good thing.”

“You mean it’s not a lingering byproduct of my whore-loving past?” Lance said half-jokingly.

“If it were, you would’ve done more than just follow me and stare at my ass,” the older woman said. “That’s a positive sign that your sexual awareness is more in line with her personal awareness.”

“Positive…right,” he said, still wishing that his penis wasn’t so overexcited.

“That’s also why I set up my office like this. The dim lighting, the shaded windows, and the intimate setting is meant to create an atmosphere similar to a couple’s honeymoon. This isn’t you bending over some slut in the back of a bowling alley. This is you sharing an intimate, passionate moment with your wife.”

“You’re never going to let that incident at the bowling alley go, are you?”

“You haven’t let it go because it’s still symbolic of how you’ve approached intimacy for much of your life. Before Allie, it was always an act of selfishness…a reckless pursuit of your personal satisfaction. Your partner’s pleasure, if it even mattered at all to you, was never more than an afterthought.”

Lance didn’t bother contesting her assessment. She’d listened to enough of his stories of selfish decadence to surmise how he’d approached intimacy. He refused to use that same approach with Allie. She deserved so much more, both as his future wife and as a virgin experiencing such intimacy for the first time.

“Now, I’ve been working hard, employing my time-tested therapeutic approach, to get you to embrace that moment,” Dr. Reyes continued. “If ever there was a time to prove yourself before your wedding, this is it.”

She made the stakes sound so high. Given the extent of her unique brand of therapy, it probably was. His overeager libido aside, Lance felt the weight of the situation. He had to unlearn a lot of deviant attitudes since falling in love with Allie. Whether or not he’d unlearned those involving intimate relations between lovers remained to be seen. Now, Dr. Reyes was poised to test him.

Lying back further, the middle-aged woman rested her arms on the top of the couch and let her legs drape casually over the cushion. Lance even sensed some arousal in her, but refused to assume anything at that point.

“Go on. Take my panties off,” Dr. Reyes told him. “Prove that you can remain focused in the presence of a naked woman you clearly want to fuck.”

“You make it sound like I haven’t shown that multiple times to date,” he told her.

“You’ve shown it to me. Prove to yourself that it’s not just you going through the motions.”

Again, she made it seem daunting. She also revealed that she’d noticed how flawed he’d been in previous sessions when they explored intimacy. Before, just stripping her down to her bra and panties was enough to awaken the immature pussy hound from the past. He’d gotten better, but only to the extent that he hid it better.

Being the expert, Dr. Reyes could see through it. Lance had learned that more than once. He had to prove that he could approach a naked woman in the right way for the right reasons.

“Okay,” he said, maintaining his poise. “Lift up your hips, ma’am.”

“As you wish,” she replied, her voice taking on a more seductive tone.

In another life, he’d have ripped off her panties and started groping her breasts already. That was what the selfish, lust-driven man he’d been wanted. However, that wasn’t what his lover wanted. He couldn’t use that approach with Allie, nor could he use it with Dr. Reyes. She still cast him that seductive gaze, daring him to give into those lurid inclinations. He continued to resist.

She continued tempting him. Lance still didn’t let it overwhelm him. With focused determination, he dropped to the floor, got on his knees, and approached the beautiful older woman with more tact than he never could’ve managed five years ago. Then, with gentle care and tender affection, he trailed his hands up Dr. Reyes’ shapely legs, highlighting every inch of exposed skin until he reached her panties.

“Your legs are beautiful,” Lance told her, his growing desire creeping into his tone.

“That’s a thoughtful assessment,” Dr. Reyes said, “much more so than saying I have the thighs of a high-priced Brazilian hooker.”

Lance would’ve laughed had that not been an exact quote he’d used the first time they tried such an exercise. He maintained a straight face and a level head as he slid Dr. Reyes’ panties down her legs. Again, he highlighted every inch of exposed flesh, even using his lips to kiss along the feminine contours.

“You’re also using your lips for something other than crude remarks,” she told him. “That’s promising.”

He kept his focus, even as he tossed the panties aside and got a perfect view of a fully-naked Dr. Reyes. Even by the standards a more respectful Lance Harrison, she was a beautiful woman. In his youth, he would’ve described her as porn star material with a touch of sexy librarian. He actively avoided labeling her beauty. In his mind, she was just a beautiful naked woman offering herself to him.

“You’re doing well, Mr. Harrison,” Dr. Reyes told him. “We’re naked. We’re in an intimate, private setting. You have a chance to please yourself and your lover. Now, we both know you can please yourself. You’ve done in various ways, some healthier than others.”

“And I’ve grown fond of the healthier ways, believe it or not,” Lance told her, still on his knees and looking up at her naked form.

“I believe you,” she said. “However, wanting to please your partner is not the same as actually pleasing them. Too many patients from far lesser therapists think that’s the only requirement. It’s not. That’s why I had you study female anatomy, oral sex techniques, and subtle body cues. Now, here’s you’re chance to make use of it.”

Showing some determination of her own, Dr. Reyes spread her legs nice and wide, creating a clear path to her inner thighs. Lance now had an up-close view of her feminine anatomy. Details and features he’d never bothered to learn in high school health class were there for him to see.

The first time he’d seen female genitalia so closely had been awkward. He’d even been hesitant at one point to scrutinize it because the particulars didn’t matter. If he wanted to please his future wife, though, it had to matter and Dr. Reyes knew that.

“Go on. Perform oral sex on me,” the older woman said to him. “Bring me to orgasm. If you succeed this time, I promise you’ll leave this office both satisfied and ready.”

“That’s a bold claim, doctor,” Lance said, not turning from the intimate task before him.

“It’s not a claim. It’s a certainty…one you can embrace if you’re willing to focus your passions.”

That might have been the most encouraging thing Dr. Reyes had ever said to him, with or without her clothes on. Whether it was just her giving him an added push was beside the point. She believed he could prioritize satisfy a woman before satisfying himself. He wasn’t about to betray undercut that believe.

Licking his lips in anticipation, finally allowing some of that simmering lust to surface, Lance leaned in between the older woman’s legs, grabbing hold of her thighs in the process to hold them apart. He could already feel the heat radiating from her pussy, the intense odor triggering more primal reactions. However, for once such reactions would bring out the better man in him.

“Lie back and relax, ma’am,” he said in as mannerly a way as anyone could in his position. “I’m going to make you feel great.”

“Prove it,” Dr. Reyes said intently. “Prove it to me and yourself!”

There wasn’t a second more of hesitation. Lance took the intimate plunge, burying his face in Dr. Reyes’ intimate flesh. There was no aversion or awkwardness. He went about tasting, teasing, and pleasing her with a level of care that would’ve shocked his older self.

All that studying of the female body and what gave it pleasure began paying off. Using his tongue and lips, he skillfully stimulated those sensitive areas with the utmost care. He was gentle at first, getting a feel for how Dr. Reyes enjoyed being pleasured. He knew she wouldn’t make it easy for him. He knew it wouldn’t be easy with Allie either, given her inexperience. That meant he had to go the extra mile, sensing his partner’s reaction and noting the things that really got her aroused.

It took a bit of exploration. Dr. Reyes tempered her reaction at first, only offering some light gasps and moans to guide him. For all he knew, she held back in order to make him work harder to please her. He must have exceeded her expectations because after finding some extra-sensitive spots inside her depths, she began reacting more strongly.

“Mmm…you’ve been studying hard,” she said through her moans. “You’re finding…what I like. You’re listening…to my body. You’re making me…want you.”

Lance had never heard the usually-stoic woman stammer with her words. He found that uniquely rewarding. He dared to get a little playful, licking and tasting her pussy with more energy. More reactions followed, so much so that she arched her lower back and began fondling her breasts. Sensing he was on the right path, he released his grip on her thighs and began using his fingers to stimulate her clit.

“Yes! That’s it!” Dr. Reyes gasped. “Touch me…right there. The female body…has its soft spots. Know them. Learn them. Even a virgin…especially a virgin…will appreciate them.”

That encouraged Lance even more. He already found himself entertaining thoughts of making Allie moan with such pleasure. He wanted to make her their sex the best it could possibly be. However, before he could make that a priority, he had to finish the task before him.

Not letting up in the slightest, Lance continued tasting, fingering, and teasing the older woman’s sex. She couldn’t hide her arousal at that point. She was so wet and engorged, her body contorting more intensely at every turn. She was getting close. He was certain of that. Even as someone who once never cared whether his lover achieved orgasm, he knew the signs. It was going to happen and it would be by his efforts.

“Oohhh yes!” Dr. Reyes cried out. “I’m going to…have an…orgasm…now!”

Even as her blissful words echoed throughout her office, Lance didn’t let up. He kept up his oral teasing until he felt her body shudder under the weight of her release. When it happened, she grabbed onto his hair, pulling it harder than he’d expected, and threw her head back in a fit of ecstasy.

Her joyous moans were beautiful. He’d heard women moan during sex acts before, but never like that. The idea that he could make someone feel so good without trying to please himself in the process gave him a unique satisfaction that he couldn’t have appreciated before he met Allie. Looking up at Dr. Reyes, seeing her expression contort with such joy, brought a smile to his face, even as parts of it dripped with her feminine juices.

“Well, did you enjoy that?” Lance asked coyly.

“I’ll let…my body language…answer that question,” Dr. Reyes replied, still catching her breath.

“In other words, yes,” he surmised.

“Yes, indeed,” she affirmed. “You’ve learned well, Mr. Harrison. Allie is going to be a very…very happy woman. That, I am sure of.”

“Does this mean this therapy is complete? Am I ready for to marry the woman I love and give her the honeymoon she deserves?”

“Therapy is often a process,” she said as she let out a content sigh, “but in terms of your wedding and your honeymoon…yes, I’d say you’re ready!”

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