Sexy Short Story: Morning Coffee

The following is a sexy short story I wrote while enjoying my morning coffee. When you read it, you’ll understand why. Please leave a comment below and check out my other sexy short stories when you get a chance. Enjoy!

The smell hit him the second he emerged from his deep slumber. His alarm hadn’t even gone off, but Jayden Axel that didn’t matter at this point. He knew as soon as he smelled the distinct sent of coffee brewing, it was time to wake up, even if he didn’t want to.

“Ugh…too early,” he groaned to himself.

Not long ago, Jayden would’ve rolled over and gone back to sleep. For most of his life, he had never been a morning person. Going all the way back to grade school, he resisted getting out of bed. That made him habitually late for a lot of things. At one point, he almost got suspended for missing the bus too many times.

It only got worse as an adult. His work as a nightclub manager made him a hardened night owl. For a good chunk of his twenties, he slept all day and worked all night. It was hardly normal, let alone healthy. But he didn’t mind. And he would’ve continued that life had he not gotten another job with a major entertainment company. Even after that, he resisted morning activities to the utmost.

That finally changed when he met Brenda, the women who eventually became his wife. Just thinking about her and realizing she was no longer in bed with him was enough to keep Jayden from resisting.

“The things I do for love,” he muttered.

As he slipped out of bed and stretched his limbs, he let out a sigh of defeat. Jayden still couldn’t believe how, of all the beautiful women he’d encountered over the years, he fell in love with one that happened to be a morning person. It didn’t seem right or fair. But a brief glance at his wedding ring reminded him that it happened. He married a woman whose internal clock was the exact opposite of his.

Jayden would’ve laughed to himself if he weren’t so groggy. Pushing back the covers, he dragged himself out of the bed and into the kitchen where his beautiful wife awaited. He didn’t bother with pants or a robe, opting to remain in his boxers. Most of his good clothes had already been packed in the various boxes that lined much of their apartment. Today was the day they were set to move out from this cramped place and into their new house.

It was supposed to be exciting, moving into a bigger, better home. He and Brenda had been working for this since they got married. Jayden wanted to be excited. He just couldn’t muster up the energy.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Brenda greeted him, her voice too chipper for this hour. “You’re looking rested.”

“Don’t start. It’s too early for sarcasm,” Jayden groaned as he made his way to the kitchen.

“Sorry. I was just trying to sound optimistic,” she said with a shrug.

“Is that why you brew an extra large pot of coffee? Thinking it’ll make just as upbeat?”

“I’m optimistic. Not delusional,” she quipped. “I just knew the smell would help. It’s one of the only things that gets you going this early.”

“And you just love using that against me, don’t you?” he said.

“If it works, it works.”

Jayden shook his head and yawned as grabbed his largest mug from the cabinet. Brenda already had her coffee in hand, sipping away as though she needed an extra boost. He still didn’t understand how she could be so energetic in the morning. She was an outgoing person, by nature. But how she managed to carry that energy so effortlessly out of bed every morning still baffled him.

Jayden didn’t bother making sense of it. He just poured half the pot into his mug and started drinking, not even bothering with cream or sugar this time. He needed the caffeine in his system and he needed it five minutes ago. The sun was barley up and he was not at all used to routine. He knew he had to adjust eventually. The nature of his job required it, more so than his overly chipper wife. It just wasn’t coming as easily as he hoped.

“Today is a big day. We’ll need our energy,” Brenda said in between sips. “The movers say they’ll be here and noon. And we need to finish all the heavy lifting by ten.”

“Ten…sure,” Jayden said, still half-aware.

“Maybe I’ll wear my bikini through the whole process, as well. Maybe that could get the movers to work faster.”

“Bikini…right,” he said, having barely heard.

Brenda shook her head and gave him a playful swat. He knew she had been half-joking. But the coffee still hadn’t kicked in. That was never an excuse for her. Bemused and a little concerned, she set her mug aside and slipped in closer.

“Hey, come on, babe. I’m trying to help you here,” she said. “Morning coffee can only do so much.”

“Tell me about it,” Jayden said as he drank more.

“I get it. You’re not a morning person. You never have been. But you’re trying to change that.”

“Trying to is one thing. Having to is another,” he sighed. “This new job is so demanding. But it’s the only way we were able to pay for our new house…and for the lives we’re trying to build.”

“You can’t just look at it like that. Jobs and obligations suck, but we do them anyway. I had to do the same at the last ad agency I worked at. But it was only temporary.”

“And how is this any different?” he asked. “Given time, maybe they’ll let me take over some night operations. I’d be better at that.”

“You can’t plan your career or your life around maybes. That’s just setting yourself up for frustration when things don’t go your way. Sometimes, you have to do these things not because you have to…but because they’ll make you stronger in the long run.”

She leaned back on the kitchen counter, narrowing her gaze on him in a way that forced him to be more alert. Brenda never gave him that look unless she had a serious point to make. And those points usually had merit, even if Jayden didn’t always get the logic.

“You do your best work at night. That’s beyond dispute,” she continued. “I’ve seen it. We met at a nightclub, after all.”

“I know. I haven’t forgotten that…or how we ended up in your bedroom later on,” Jayden said, managing a half-smile.

“But you have so much more to offer. And you can’t always wait until the sun goes down to do that. I believe you’ll surprise yourself with how good you can be in the morning if you put in the effort. Even if you don’t share that belief, I’m going to encourage you as best I can.”

Her kind, loving words had an effect on him. Jayden wanted to believe the morning coffee was part of it. But his wife’s encouragement tended to be more potent.

He still couldn’t believe how lucky he’d gotten, finding a woman like her. She’d helped him see the world with clearer eyes. She also pushed him in all the right ways, becoming a better man for her and everyone else in their lives. He should’ve kicked himself for being so short-sighted, seeing his need to adapt as an obligation rather than a challenge. But Brenda kept him from being too self-deprecating.

“Just something for you to think about while you wake yourself up,” she added with a grin before turning towards the sink.

He smiled back, raising his mug while she cleaned some of the dishes they’d left from dinner the previous night. Already, Jayden felt more alert and energized. The coffee was doing its job, but Brenda did so much more. It almost seemed unfair, her putting up with him and his morning habits.

Then, as he drank more of his coffee and gazed at his wife’s butt from behind, a different kind of alertness took over. Suddenly, Jayden had an idea for showing his appreciation, as well as testing his new approach to mornings.

“Actually,” he said as he approached her from behind, “I prefer to do more than think. If I’m really going to be a morning person from now on, then I might need something more than my morning coffee.”

Slowly and lovingly, Jayden reached around his love’s waist and softly kissed along her neck. Brenda smiled and moaned softly, her hands still holding onto the counter while the fresh coffee simmered in the pot. Between that rich smell and that of her flesh, he was already more alert. Brenda quickly caught up, turning her head and capturing his lips in a soft kiss. Her sweet breath mixed with the taste of coffee, creating the perfect blend between them.

“Mmm…I’m feeling much more awake,” Jayden gasped.

“Speak for yourself,” Brenda quipped.

They shared a laugh as the kiss deepened. Before long, their gestures depend as well. Jayden savored the taste of his love, their lips meshing and their tongues twirling. Hands started to roam with Jayden setting the tone, feeling up her shapely thighs before slipping his hands under her thin nighty. Brenda’s skin felt so smooth, even in the early morning hours. And as he savored her touch, he ruffled her sleeping attire.

That was all the incentive she needed to shed the undersized garment. Jayden was so captivated by her kiss that he barely noticed her slid the straps off her shoulder, allowing it to fall halfway down her body, thereby exposing her ample breasts to the early morning sun. Any straight man with half a heartbeat would’ve been fully awake at that point.

“Don’t need this anymore,” Brenda teased.

Knowing it would rouse him even more, she let go of the counter and turned around. She was still within his arms. Except now, Jayden had a nice view of her breasts. He shot her a beaming smile, thanking whatever higher power there was to have a lover who could be this sexy so early in the morning. Brenda just smiled back, adding in a seductive glint as she let the nighty fall to her ankles, leaving her in nothing but a pair of panties.

“Has the coffee kicked in yet?” she asked him.

“Yeah…it’s getting there,” Jayden replied.

“You sure about that?”

“Are you doubting my prowess this early in the morning?” he joked.

“Not at all, hon. But it never hurts to be certain!”

She sounded way so chipper. But for once, Jayden didn’t mind in the slightest. He minded even less when Brenda kissed him again, this time with more focused passion. He returned that passion with more targeted touching, this time paying close attention to her breasts and hips. She knew how to tempt him, but he knew how to return the favor. He recalled just how to touch her to get her aroused. That helped make their honeymoon so active. It helped just as much this morning.

As Brenda reacted to his touch, she let out those soft, sensual purrs that he loved so much. Along with those purrs, she playfully rubbed her thigh against his groin. Having only worn a pair of boxers to bed, she had to know that would get his blood flowing in just the right way. That, along with the simple effects of good coffee, left his body feeling hot and excited. His morning wood returned with a vengeance, becoming so erect that his boxers could barely contain it.

Jayden hadn’t planned on making love to his wife this morning. He doubted that Brenda had planned it. If she had, then she would’ve worn less clothing to begin with. It didn’t matter now. Whether it was the coffee or just overexcitement, they were doing this. They were making love this morning.

Jayden, never one to skip the necessary steps, briefly broke the kiss and whispered into his love’s ear.

“Get up on the table,” he said in a low, husky tone.

That got Brenda even more excited. She always loved it when he was extra manly in his tone. She was downright giddy when she hopped up onto the counter, the half-full coffee pot nearby with their mugs still within reach. That helped the aroma linger as Jayden made his next move.

“Just lean back,” he told her. “I have another wake-up call for you.”

“You think I need one?” Brenda quipped.

“Well…parts of you might.”

She laughed playfully as she watched him do what needed to be done, entrusting him once more with her body, as well as her love. Jayden made good on that trust, grasping the sides of her panties with both hands and skillfully sliding them down her legs. Now fully naked, sitting comfortably on the kitchen counter, the love of his life gazed back at him with alluring affection.

In the early morning sun, it was tempting to just admire such a sight. But Jayden didn’t dare lose focus. It might have been another sign that he was becoming a morning person. Like a man on a mission, he turned his attention to her inner thighs. Dropping down to his knees, he pushed her legs apart and buried his face in her pussy.

As great as that first sip of coffee tasted, the taste of his lover’s sex was every bit as intoxicating. Once his lips made contact with her tender flesh, Jayden went to work, lapping and gorging on her womanhood as only he could.

“Oohhh Jayden!” Brenda purred. “You know just rouse a girl’s spirits!”

He kept at it, evoking more purrs and moans along the way. Looking up from between her thighs, he watched Brenda lean back further on her arms, her grin widening as he stimulated all the right areas within her. He knew those spots well. And he attacked them with his lips and tongue, getting her every bit as aroused as him.

Jayden would’ve loved nothing more than to get his love off. It would’ve been a great way to cap off this impromptu morning sex. But he had burning desires of his own. By now, his boxers had become too great a burden. His morning wood beckoned for his love’s intimate warmth. In listening to his desires, as well as Brenda’s heated moans, he slipped out of the boxers and stood up.

His love quickly took note of his arousal. She didn’t say a word. She didn’t have to. She just cast him an intense glance, urging him with just her eyes to make love to her on the spot. Jayden did so with an energy he once thought impossible before eight in the morning.

“Brenda…” was all he said, the intensity of his tone conveying all the necessary emotion in that moment.

It got the point across. Jayden then got in position, holding her legs apart while she grasped his shoulders. Like a reflex, their bodies aligned themselves with one another. Finally, with his feet planted firmly and her hips arching at just the right angle, he thrust forward and entered her.

Together, they let out a sharp gasp. The hot, smooth union of their flesh consumed them. No matter the time of day, or how little a morning person he might have been, it was an incredible feeling. As he and Brenda took in moment, more reflexes took hold. Jayden began moving his hips, working his naked body in conjunction with hers. That sweet, sensual dance they knew so well played out amidst the sweet smell of morning coffee and the beaming light of the sunrise.

Jayden kept it slow and steady at first, allowing Brenda’s body to adjust to his. Once they settled in, her inner depths embracing his hardened flesh to the utmost, he picked up the pace. Faster and faster, he delivered more thrusts. More gasps followed, along with heavy petting and targeted gestures of affection.

Brenda raked her fingers down his shoulders and arms, lightly biting on his lower lip as he intensified the pace. Jayden tightened his hold on her thighs, rocking his lover’s body with each impassioned movement. With every loving touch and sensual sensation, he brought her closer to her peak. He was close too. But lovemaking like this, especially in the early morning hours, was best shared.

“Oh! Oh! Oohhh I’m close!” Brenda exclaimed. “I’m so…so close!”

“Mmm…me too,” Jayden said, whispering into her ear in a deep, masculine voice.

That helped send her over the edge. He could already see it in her expression. Brenda had a very distinct O-Face. It was not easily faked or mimicked. And he never tired of watching it manifest before his eyes.

After a few more steady thrusts, it happened. His love climaxed. Arching her back and closing her eyes, she clenched the back of the counter for dear life. She then let out a euphoric cry to the heavens, her toes curling and her lower body tensing as the blissful feeling washed over her. Jayden’s peak followed soon after.

His was nowhere near as theatric. But between the stunning visuals and the hot, throbbing feeling around his manhood, he could no longer hold back. Still clinging to his lover, Jayden let go and savored the feeling that followed. He let out a deep, pleasured grunt as his fluids mixed with hers within their fleshly entwinement. Hot sensations followed, flooding his body and mind with the sweet fruits of their lovemaking.

Beyond just waking him up better than any cup of coffee, it reminded Jayden why his love was worth waking up for.

“God, I love you,” he said to her as their flesh parted. “No matter the time of day…I love you, Brenda.”

“I love you too, Jay,” she told him. “I know it’s challenging for you…adjusting like this. Don’t think for a second your efforts go unnoticed.”

“You make everything worth it. Between your support and your incentives for getting a guy out of bed this early…it’s so incredibly worth it.”

She cast him another beaming smile. They then shared another loving kiss to cap off their morning lovemaking. Now flushed with energy, Jayden helped his love off the counter. Neither one of them bothered putting their clothes back on. They could remain crumpled up on the kitchen floor for the rest of the day for all he cared.

Brenda kept smiling as she retrieved their coffee mugs and finished up what remained of their morning brew. Jayden did the same, not that he needed it at this point.

“So…need more coffee before we get going?” Brenda asked curtly.

Jayden laughed and shook his head.

“Nah, I think I’ve had more than my share. But I wouldn’t mind a quick shower.”

“Well, we’re already naked,” she pointed out. “Want some company?” “Wouldn’t have it any other way!”

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  1. Dubey ankita

    Simply superb, enjoyed so much as Brenda, wished to be in her place, a lady from india, thanks

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