Sexy Short Story: My Stripper Wife

The following is a sexy short story I wrote after hearing a few stories from men who had married current or former strippers. Please let me know what you think. Leave a comment below and check out my other sexy short stories when you get a chance. Enjoy!

“Honey, I’m home! And I’m hornier than usual.”

Those were the exact words that Casey Kieffer heard a half-hour ago when his wife, Karen, returned home. They sounded like something out of a strange fantasy or a bad porno, but they were both real and serious. They were even somewhat common for him and his high school sweetheart turned spouse.

“Say no more, Karen. I’ll be right there,” Casey had told her as soon she uttered those words.

He didn’t joke about it because it was no laughing matter. His wife needed his intimate touch and he intended to give it to her. That wasn’t just what a good, loving husband did for his wife. It was a critical part of their sex lives. It had to be when his wife was a professional stripper at one of the hottest strip clubs in the state.

That fact raised more than few eyebrows from friends, family, and co-workers and for understandable reasons. When a man said his wife was a stripper, their minds often went right to the proverbial gutter. They imagined him being a lonely, perverted man who became overly enamored with a stripper and somehow convinced her to marry him. It also assumed that his wife was the kind of stripper who just married someone they knew they could manipulate with their tits, butt, and pussy.

The truth was nothing like that. In reality, Karen being a stripper was only a small part of their relationship. However, it certainly had an impact, but not in the way most people assumed.

“It was a long night…much longer than usual,” she said after they arrived in the master bathroom of their apartment.

“How so?” Casey asked, already embracing her in his arms.

“For any number of reasons,” Karen replied. “Some guy from an investment company showed up with some friends. They threw a lot of money around…made a lot of unreasonable demands.”

“I take it some of those demands were directed at you,” he surmised, knowing better than most what they entailed.

“More than a few,” Karen sighed, “but nothing I can’t handle. In fact, telling them I’m happily married only made them throw more money at me.”

“It’s sad how often that happens. Then again, curiosity and horniness are a dangerous mix.”

“Dangerous and lucrative,” she said with a humored grin, “but enough of that. Let’s get naked and loving already.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

They shared a light laugh before stripping out of their clothes. It wasn’t slow, seductive, or theatrical. If anything, it was the opposite. Karen was so casual with how she undressed in front of him, not even bothering to toss her pants, shirt, and underwear into the nearby laundry hamper. She’d spent all night being slow and sensual in stripping naked. With him, the man she married who loved her with all his heart, it wasn’t necessary.

Casey undressed in much the same manner. It was easier for him, having only been wearing sweatpants and a tank top. It still sent the same message. He didn’t need her to do some elaborate dance to get him in the mood. Just being around her, especially when she was naked, was more than enough. She understood that. She even appreciated it.

“Ah! That feels better,” Karen said while kicking her clothes off to the side.

“Speak for yourself,” Casey said, grinning as he did the same.

“You’d still know better than most,” she laughed as she stood in front of him, fully nude and not hiding any body parts. “You’ve been watching me get naked for years.”

“And I haven’t had to wave hundred-dollar bills at you,” he quipped.

“True, but you’ve given me plenty of other reasons. And believe me…I need those reasons right now.”

As soon as he stepped out of his sweatpants, leaving him as nude as her, she stepped closer and embracing. Even before she wiped off her lipstick and glitter, Casey didn’t hesitate to embrace her back. He could feel in her loving touch how much she needed his love. Whether clothed or unclothed, she’d come to cherish it as much as him.

A big part of that reason had to do with how they’d fallen in love. Casey had known Karen long before she put on her first G-string and gave her first lap dance. He’d actually known her before she ever filled out DD bra. They started as childhood friends. Karen was the daughter of a babysitter that he’d gone to growing up. Even after he stopped going, they’d kept in touch. They even remained close, despite going to different high schools. However, they still remained friends.

That started to change after they each went through some major upheavals in their family. His home life got chaotic when his older brother, Chris, returned from his stint in the military with some serious physical health issues. For a while, his parents drained a large chunk of their mental and financial resources to help him. It left everyone overwhelmed, including him.

At the same time, Karen’s father got fired from his job and descended into a pit of alcohol-fueled depression. While her mother tried to keep things together, which included begging her parents for money, she felt just as overwhelmed as him. That ultimately drew them closer together. While they had pursued other romantic relationships throughout high school, it only delayed the inevitable.

They were in love. They wanted to be together and build a life together. By the time they graduated, he and Karen finally came to terms with that. It culminated in a wedding that helped to mend some of the issues plaguing their respective families. It wasn’t without challenges, though.

“Come on. Let’s get you in a hot shower,” Casey said to his stressed-out wife.

“A hot shower? That’s not going to make me less horny,” Karen told him.

“I know. That’s kind of the point.”

She laughed again before kissing him. He could already taste the desire in her lips and not just because her lipstick was a favorite among other strippers. His wife was such a passionate woman. She needed to exercise that passion and there was only so much she cared to do at a strip club.

With that in mind, he led her into their shower and turned it on. As soon as the water warmed up, he invited her under it. She accepted eagerly, joining him in another loving embrace under the hot torrent.

“That’s it,” Casey said playfully. “Wash away everything except the horniness.”

“I’m naked in a shower with the man I love,” she pointed out. “That’s not something you can wash away.”

She kissed him again. It helped get her point across. Casey kissed back, deepening his embrace and tracing his soft hands over her wet body. He was gentle and caring, caressing her face and feeling up her hips, just like she liked it. He felt her relax within his arms, closing her eyes and smiling as the water poured between them. It was such a beautiful sight, as well as undeniably erotic.

Already, the body glitter, the makeup, and the various hair products washed off her under the cascade of water. That elaborate fantasy persona she crafted on stage faded before his eyes, leaving only his beautiful wife.

“Karen,” he said lovingly into her ears, “I’m here for you. I’m always here for you.”

“You turn me on and make me love you?” she said with a beaming grin. “God, I’m a lucky woman!”

“Luck isn’t always necessary with love,” said Casey, “but it sure does help.”

“That, it does!”

They kissed again. Their intimate touching became more playful and casual. He stepped back and let his wife wash herself off. He helped whenever she needed it, but he was content to watch her with his loving gaze and offer affectionate gestures when needed.

Even without the glitter, the sexy outfits, and the makeup, Karen had the body, beauty, and sex appeal of a professional stripper. She had that perfect hour-glass figure, smooth skin that was so soft to the touch, a smile that could light up any darkened room, and naturally large breasts that perfectly complemented her voluptuous frame. Such stunning beauty would’ve surprised anyone who’d known her in her youth.

“Mind washing my back, love?” Karen asked him.

“Not at all,” he said, “and don’t feel obligated to shake your butt.”

“I’ll fight the urge,” she joked, “but if I feel something big and hard poke me…well, I can’t make any promises.”

She quickly turned around, giving him a perfect view of her heart-shaped butt. She purposefully backed towards him, grinding up against his penis, which was already getting erect. Casey still intended to wash her, but before marveling at how much her sex appeal had evolved.

He remembered how Karen looked during her freshman year of high school. Karen was thin and underdeveloped, compared to her female peers. She’d been among the last of her girlfriends to buy a bra. She’d also worn plain, often unwashed clothes, thanks largely to her family’s financial problems. She didn’t have many opportunities to be sexy. Then, she started filling out and that changed.

Even before she grew into her body, Karen had the skills and personality that translated well into professional stripping. She was outgoing and affectionate. She made friends easily and didn’t hesitate to embrace others, intimately or otherwise. She was also quite comfortable with nudity. She’d even gotten in trouble a few times for flashing her boobs in public. In high school, she did it to get a laugh. Now, she did it to get extra tips while dancing on stage.

Stripping almost made too much sense. After graduating high school, Karen sought to study dance. She aspired to be a teacher and work in theater. Since classes were expensive and her family had little to offer in terms of money, stripping proved to be both useful and lucrative. She made even more money than him working part time stocking shelves while he studied sports medicine.

She supported him while he supported her. Falling in love with her had just been the building. The life Casey sought to build with her had blossomed considerably since they left their hometown for college. Moments like this affirmed how precious that life was.

“Feeling better, my love?” Casey asked, embracing her from behind while rubbing soapy suds down her back.

“Mmm…much better!” Karen said. “I’m still horny though.”

“Well, I can’t do anything about that…yet.”

“Then, why don’t we skip a few steps and take this to the bed?”

She turned her head and kissed him. She then guided his hands from her hips to her breasts, encouraging him to squeeze them. At that point, his penis was almost fully erect. She’d barely finished washing her hair and he hadn’t finished rinsing her off. She was a lot hornier than usual.

“Some steps are meant to be skipped, I guess,” he said. “You sure you don’t want to dry your hair off and get settled?”

“Trust me. I’m sure,” said Karen in a voice as serious as it was sexy.

Casey, assured of her desires, didn’t say another word. Having washed away the last bit of soap from their naked bodies, he turned the shower off, took stripper wife in his arms, and kissed her passionately to ignite the first round of desire.

It wasn’t gentle or subtle. He kissed Karen with both love and lust, twirling his tongue with hers. Hands began roaming eagerly, grasping and pawing naked flesh. They were still soaked from the shower. The initial arousal she’d brought home from the strip club quickly escalated, more so than anything that happened in a club.

“Ooh Casey…my sweet, loving husband,” she gasped, sounding desperate for his intimate touch.

Moving with greater urgency, Casey led his beautiful wife out of the shower and towards their master bedroom. They didn’t bother drying off. He trusted the heat of their passion to do the trick.

Halfway between the bathroom and the bed, Casey lifted her up in his arms and carried her the rest of the way. Karen, showing both her flexibility and lower body strength, skillfully threw her legs around his waist and wrapped her legs around his neck. The same acrobatic skills that made her such a great dancer also made her a dynamic lover.

However, on a night like this, Karen didn’t need anything elaborate. She just needed the simple lovemaking that only a dedicated husband could provide.

“Relax, my darling wife,” he whispered into her ear. “Let me give you what you desire.”

Karen answered with another loving kiss. They remained lip locked as they arrived at their king-sized bed. From there, Casey laid her down in the center and got on top of her. He then proceeded to trail his lips down her face, neck, and torso.

He felt her relax under his touch, letting out moans and gasps of contentment. She’d spent her entire shift, dancing and moving to entice the passions of horny men. Now, it was her turn to be enticed. Being her husband, knowing every inch of the body others paid handsomely to see, he knew just how to do it.

“Mmm…so soft, yet so thorough,” Karen said. “You know my body so well.”

“That’s because I’ve had practice,” said Casey while fondling her breasts, “beautiful, dedicated practice.”

He teased her nipples to get his point across. A gasp of delight confirmed that he’d succeeded. Karen loved having her nipples teased, but in a very specific way. More than one man had tried to cop a feel while working. They never did it right and she’d gotten more than a few people kicked out because of it.

He knew those extra-sensitive spots.

He knew just how to stimulate those spots.

Most importantly, he knew how much that turned her on.

Casey noticed his love’s legs shifting, her thighs rubbing together as basic arousal evolved to burning desire. He usually spent more time on his wife’s breasts, but he could tell that other parts of her body needed his loving attention.

“Practice pays…in more ways than one,” Casey said in his huskiest tone.

He skipped the part where he traced his lips down every contour of her upper body and focused his attention on her inner thighs. Karen already shared that focus, eagerly spreading her legs and showing off the same flexibility that made her so skilled with a stripper pole. It gave him plenty of room to work his well-honed skills.

Unlike her nipples, Casey was more direct. He treated giving his wife oral sex with great urgency, hungrily burying his face in her pussy and tasting her womanly flesh. He also used his fingers, carefully stimulating all the right areas to ger her juices flowing. Once again, her joyous moans let him know he succeeded.

“Yes! Oohhh right there!” she moaned. “Just like that, my love! Just like that!”

Casey stepped up his efforts, probing her depths with his tongue and using his fingers to stimulate her clit. As someone who studied sports medicine, he had to know the intricacies human anatomy. That included the female body. Karen once joked that most of the men who asked to sleep with her probably didn’t know their way around a woman’s vagina. He now knew that had only been a partial joke, at most.

Using both his intimate and professional insights, he brought his wife to a state of arousal that no amount of stripping could match. Karen had always been a very sexual woman. However, getting her to that special state of dazed desire was challenging.

Being a stripper, she was around sexy situations all the time. She could get horny on stage. She could even get sexually aroused by other men. Casey understood that. He also understood that she’d slept with other men before they started dating. They might have known the basics, but only he had the knowledge, skills, and passion to satisfy her.

“Mmm…you’re hotter than usual tonight,” he said after giving her pussy another thorough lick. “It must have been a hell of a night.”

“It was. It really, really was,” Karen said intently.

“Want me to keep going? Or would you…”

“Fuck me!” she said before he could finish. “Please, Casey…I want to feel you inside me.”

There was more urgency in her tone than usual. Given the nature of her job, some nights left her more anxious than usual. On certain nights, she’d come home and want nothing to do with sex. They’d experienced plenty of those in recent weeks during mid-terms. On other nights, however, she came home so flushed with sexual energy that she just had to vent it. Tonight was one of those nights.

“Very well, my horny stripper wife,” said Casey. “I’ll give you everything you need tonight.”

“You always do, my hunky husband. You always do,” she said.

Her body was ready and so was his. Going down on his wife, tasting her intimate flesh, always got his blood flowing as well. He was fully erect and just as impassioned as her in longing for a more intimate union. With their arousal now in synch, Casey carried out the next and most critical stage of satisfying his wife.

With agility that any stripper could respect, he got back on top of her. She eagerly welcomed him, enrapturing him with her arms and legs. Their naked flesh, still wet from the shower, became beautifully entwined as he aligned his body with hers. As soon as he felt the tip of his erect manhood make contact with her outer folds, he guided his hips forward and entered her.

“Ooh Casey!” Karen gasped. “This! This is what I need”

His ears were already ringing. She was more vocal than usual. That encouraged Casey even more. He loved it when his wife talked dirty. Being a stripper gave her plenty of practice and, much like his oral sex skills, he made it worthwhile.

Maintaining the same focus he’d exercised earlier, Casey started making love to his wife. As that hot feeling coursed through them, he started working his body with hers in a sensual rhythm. Hot womanly flesh surrounded his hard, manly length, creating that heightened intimate feeling of bodily union. He was slow at first, making that first round of movements really count. Once their bodies adjusted, he stepped up the pace. From there, the intimate feeling escalated.

“Karen…I feel you,” he whispered lovingly into her ear.

“I feel it too, Casey! Oohhh I feel it!” Karen exclaimed.

As he kissed down her neck, she clung to his torso, raking her well-manicured nails over his flesh. He could even feel the balls of her feet digging into her back, supplementing his every thrust. It showed that when she walked in the door, saying she was horny, she’d meant it. It also proved how much she’d come to appreciate their unique approach to lovemaking.

Nobody became a competent stripper without having a sexy side. Even fewer became successful at such a lurid profession without being in touch with that sexy side. Karen had always been in tuned with her sexuality. She learned early in her personal life that she liked a more vigorous kind of sex. At the same time, she was remarkably traditional on the actual mechanics.

Her favorite position was a simple missionary position.

Her preferred locale for intimate moments was a private bedroom.

Her most sex came from someone she genuinely loved.

She could still be adventurous. The lube and sex toys they kept under their bed was proof of that. However, those were for nights when Karen wasn’t working a shift at the club. Casey had seen her at work before. He watched her do all the elaborate dances and stunts to get horny men infatuated with her. The steady supply of tips showed how well it worked.

However, after all those efforts and the lap dances that came with it, Karen preferred something simple when she came home to her husband. Even in a private bedroom, absent the many restrictions that strip clubs imposed on illicit activities, they kept things simple. That worked fine for him. He was a simple guy who just happened to have a stripper wife.

“Close! Casey, I…I’m getting close!” Karen panted as their bodies rocked with the bed.

“I can tell,” he said proudly in her ear.

It came sooner than usual. Casey didn’t even have to nibble on her ear, which she always found so stimulating. He wasn’t complaining. He could already feel her inner muscles tightening around his member. As such, he made the final push.

He elevated his body slightly, shifting his grip to her thighs and holding her legs apart so he could thrust with more leverage. It also gave him a perfect view of her impassioned expression as she neared orgasm. Still wet and absent of all her makeup, she still looked so beautiful. No matter how many men saw her naked on a stage, he was the only one who got to see that look of pure, unfiltered ecstasy.

“Ohhh Casey!” she cried out when the feeling hit.

At that moment, an erotic special unlike any other unfolded before him and he had the best seat in the house. Karen closed her eyes, threw her head back, and grasped her breasts as she achieved her sexual release. He watched with a beaming grin as she writhed under the weight of the sensations, arcing her back and bending her knees under the onslaught of sensations.

Years ago, before she became a stripper, he once told her that she was so animated during sex. When she climaxed, she looked like a stripper giving the performance of a lifetime. She laughed at that comment and gave him a playful swat. It turned out to be prophetic. It also made their sex life extra passionate.

“Feeling better?” he asked her as she soaked in the remnants of her orgasmic release.

“Mmm…definitely!” she said with euphoric delight. “There’s just one other thing that would really satisfy me.”

“Oh? And what might that be?”

“Satisfying you, of course!”

That didn’t surprise him in the slightest. For Karen, part of having traditional tastes in sex meant that both partners got their share of ecstasy. She’d gotten hers. Now, it was his turn.

In the same way he knew how to meet her intimate needs, she employed some knowledge of her own. She shot up from the bed, took him in her arms, and kissed him passionately as she rearranged their naked bodies. Before he knew it, he was on his back and she was on top of him, straddling his waist. His throbbing cock was still inside her, the intimate warmth of their union fueling his desire.

“Lie back,” said Karen, tapping into those professional stripper skills. “Let me give you what you need.”

“Do what you need to do. You are a professional, after all,” he tesed.

“You got that right!”

With a playful grin and an affectionate gaze, Karen took his hands in hers and began riding him like a full-fledged sex goddess. It was another beautiful sight that left him enamored and captivated. As much as she enjoyed traditional sexual practices, she didn’t mind getting frisky, especially when it came to satisfying him.

She knew how much he loved watching her ride him.

She knew how much he loved watching her breasts bounce and her hips rock.

She knew how to satisfy her husband in a way that differed considerably from satisfying a customer at a strip club.

It was part of why he trusted her so completely. Other men, including close relatives, often asked how he handled having a wife who worked as a stripper. He usually gave them a list of scripted answers about trust, understanding, and love. It actually ran much deeper than that. He’d seen how she treated customers. He noticed the subtle, yet critical differences in how she treated him. That, more than anything, assured him that he could trust his wife to be a great stripper and a great lover.

“Karen…I’m gonna come! I’m gonna…ohhh God!” Casey gasped as he neared his peak.

“Come, my love! Please…come with me,” she said to him.

She squeezed his hands harder, placing them over her bouncing breasts as she gyrated her hips a few more times to send him over the edge. It did the trick. He got his release and he made sure to put on just as great a spectacle for her.

He felt her loving gaze on him as he crossed that special threshold. He closed his eyes, squeezed her breasts, and let out a deep grunt of ecstasy as the orgasmic sensations coursed through him. He could feel his member throbbing inside her, his manly fluids mixing with her feminine juices. It was another one of those special feelings that even high spenders at the club could experience.

Even though she’d slept with other men before him, they’d always used condoms. With him, she let their sexual fluids mix. It created that powerful feeling of warmth inside her. It was a special act that was for them and only them. Whenever they shared that feeling, it reaffirmed the breadth of their love and how strong it had become.

“I love you, Casey,” she said to him as he soaked in the feeling.

“I love you too, Karen…my amazing stripper wife,” he told her.

She laughed playfully before capturing his lips in one more loving kiss. From there, their intimate flesh parted. However, she remained on top of him, their naked bodies entwined and enmeshed in an afterglow of ecstasy.

He could already sense her nodding off, tired from both her shift at the strip club and the effective lovemaking they’d shared. Casey, having exhausted himself as well, was content to drift off with her, but not before kissing her one more time on the forehead.

“Sleep tight, darling,” he said. “You’ve earned it.”

Every marriage came with a unique set of challenges. His mother had told Casey that on his wedding day. Being married to a stripper created even more challenges, but he and Karen were uniquely equipped to deal with them.

Karen had the body, persona, and sexiness to be a successful stripper.

She also had the heart, soul, and passion to be a great wife.

That made her special in so many ways. At the end of the day, however, she was his wife…his wonderful, stripper wife. To Casey, that was all that mattered.

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