Sexy Short Story: After The Lecture

The following is a sexy short story I wrote after hearing a story about a a guy who dated his professor’s granddaughter behind his back. I won’t give their names, out of respect for their privacy. I’ll just say that if they ever read this, they’ll appreciate it. Please let me know what you think. Leave a comment below and check out my other stories when you get a chance. Enjoy!

“Be diligent with your notes. Because what I’m about to tell you next will likely determine whether you pass my class or leave in tears.”

Those stern, harsh words sent shudders through the spines of every student in the Raymond Sthal Lecture Hall. Manny Young sensed it while sitting in the middle seat of the front row. He even noticed the hands of the two men sitting next to him trembling as they prepared to type more notes on their tablets, listening intently for whatever detailed knowledge that Professor Sebastian Sthal gave them.

They knew, as well as everyone else who had sat in this lecture hall, that Professor Sthal wasn’t generous when it came to gifting knowledge. That might have seemed antithetical for a teacher, regardless of tenure, but that was part of the infamous method that the professor employed. He was not the kind of teacher who belabored a lesson. He operated under the strict principle that if someone needed to be taught the same lesson twice, then they were too stupid to understand it.

Nobody who attended a prestigious private university with a nine-figure endowment could call themselves stupid. However, Professor Sthal had a knack for breaking the spirits of those who thought they had what it took to attend this school. It didn’t matter if they were trust fund kids who’d paid their way in or accomplished academics who earned a full scholarship. When it came to separating intelligence from idiocy, the professor showed no mercy.

By that measure, Manny might have been the smartest and stupidest person to ever take his class.

“Open your textbooks to page 469. Refer to Section 11 of your notebooks,” Professor Sthal instructed as he utilized the computer connected to the overhead screen. “Follow along closely because this ties into every pop quiz I’ve given this semester. It’ll likely appear in the final exam, but take no comfort in that foresight. Knowing these concepts and utilizing them are very different things. And after grading your mid-terms, I’ve little reason to assume you know the difference.”

He sounded like a man determined to pre-emptively crush the spirits of his students. That might have been the nicest way to describe the mentality of every student in the lecture hall. The fact that Professor Sthal’s class had a waiting list a mile long was nothing short of masochistic, but there was no getting around the results.

Those who survived an entire semester with Professor Sthal and got a passing grade had their pick of dream jobs after graduation. That was exactly why Manny’s father, a retired military officer who knew Professor Sthal in his youth, made him take the class. He didn’t want to at first. Manny had enough self-awareness to know that this class was only for the foolish and the brave. He almost dropped it on the first day.

Then, he found a reason to endure and that reason happened to be sitting next to Professor Sthal’s desk.

“Sherry Sthal,” Manny said under his breath. “That’s a concept I know I understand.”

As the professor loaded the presentation and everyone else anxiously listened, he cast her a knowing gaze. She was on the same page as her because she looked right back at him, those beautiful blue eyes bringing warmth to an otherwise cold lecture hall. The hid much of her sentiments in her stoic expression, just like her grandfather. However, Manny could still decipher them.

“I see you,” he mouthed to her.

Sherry responded with the faintest of smiles. For someone related to Professor Sthal, it was akin to a deafening proclamation of love. That was the kind of woman she was. She could say a lot without saying a word.

At that moment, Sherry conveyed a clear and obvious message.

“I want you.”

Manny heard her angelic voice echo in his head. She didn’t need to say a word. Her actions, her poise, and her beauty spoke volumes. Even her grandfather’s stern, dispassionate voice couldn’t drown it out.

While the professor garnered the attention, he remained fixated on Sherry. She was the sole reason why he sat in the front row. Like everyone else at the university, she wore the same uniform every day. That white blouse, black skirt, and dark stockings were ubiquitous throughout campus. Sherry still found a way to make it look sexy. She loved reminding him too.

Just as her grandfather started talking, she turned briefly from her desk. To the rest of the world, she was just adjusting her seat. She’d been sitting at the desk on the far end of the stage since the lecture began. As a teaching assistant, her participation in the class was limited. Her primary job was to monitor the sound system and the video feed of the lecture hall. She often did that job without saying a word.

Her stunning beauty had earned her plenty of looks from the male students. Most were too scared to look for more than a few seconds. Professor Sthal had a reputation for being tough, both in and out of the classroom. That dissuaded most men from pursuing his beautiful granddaughter. Manny dared to take that chance. To date, he hadn’t regretted it.

“Make no mistake. You’ll need to understand this to get anything of value from my class,” Professor Sthal barked to the class. “If you’re confused now, save yourself the trouble and leave right now. That way, you’ll limit your humiliation.”

The tension throughout the lecture hall rose. Everyone typed on their tablets more feverishly. Nobody left, but more than a few were tempted. Manny knew that because he was almost the first. Sherry changed that.

She gave him even more reasons to stay. While the professor continued his lecture, she shifted in her seat again. In doing so, her parted her legs slightly. She kept one hand on the keyboard, working the controls for the video feed. With the other, she did something more subtle…something that would’ve given her grandfather a heart attack.

“You dirty girl, you,” Manny mouthed to her.

Sherry didn’t flinch for a second. He blinked a few times, just to make sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks. He confirmed that it was real.

She lightly trailed her hand down her thigh.

She then reached under her skirt.

In front of a packed lecture hall with her grandfather less than 10 feet away, she fondled her pussy.

She kept a straight face, but her gaze took on a distinct glint. Everyone else was too caught up in Professor Sthal’s lecture. Only Manny noticed what was going on. He knew that look well. He also knew what it meant for later this afternoon.

“She’s horny. She wants it bad. And God help me, I want it too.”

He kept saying that to himself, but was careful not to make a sound. Professor Sthal was as astute as he was firm. The second he glanced in his direction, Manny turned away and focused on the lecture.

“This is just the first step. Trust me, it’s not the most critical,” he told the class firmly. “There are several more I’ve yet to cover. If you’ve kept up with your reading, you might have a chance. Don’t waste it!”

That might have been the only part of his lecture that resonated with Manny. As soon as the professor turned away, he glanced towards Sherry again. She was still looking at him with that intense gaze. She still had a hand up her skirt. He couldn’t see exactly what she was doing. He knew enough to surmise the lurid details. To further tempt her, he mouthed one last message to her.

“Soon,” he said.

She gasped lightly. It was subtle, but enough to get a reaction from Professor Sthal. Thankfully, Sherry reacted faster. She removed her hand and focused on the computer monitors before her. Her grandfather still cast her a critical gaze, but he continued his lecture.

“Moving on, let us proceed,” the Professor said. “I’m going to move fast so you should too.”

That proved half-true. The lecture continued, but time slowed to a crawl for Manny. He still paid attention, taking notes like everyone else in the lecture hall. However, his concerns weren’t on final exams. He had a much more pressing matter to pursue after class.

The class ended after an hour. It might as well have been a lifetime. As soon as it ended, Manny couldn’t leave the Raymond Sthal Lecture Hall fast enough. He saw Sherry working just as quickly. He trusted her to catch up to him. She was always extra motivated when she was really horny.

“I’ll be waiting,” he whispered to her as he passed by.

“No. You won’t,” she replied.

It almost sounded like a threat, but Manny knew the subtext. Like her grandfather, she conveyed confidence in a way most found intimidating. It often hindered her personal life. Sherry claimed she would’ve lost her virginity a lot sooner if she hadn’t intimidated so many men. He didn’t doubt her for a second.

He also didn’t doubt that she would catch up fast. He walked briskly from the lecture hall, navigating a sea of other students to get back to his dorm. They all wore the same standard uniforms. They all looked stressed out about final exams next week. There would be plenty of time to stress over that later. At the moment, he had other priorities.

“You made it through class. The hardest part is over,” Manny told himself. “Now comes the fun part!”

He would’ve sprinted across campus if her weren’t certain that would attract undue attention. In the middle of the day when most classes were in session, nobody wanted that kind of scrutiny. Luckily for him, he was done for the rest of the afternoon. That meant he and Sherry had all the time they needed.

By the time he made it to his dorm room, his heart was racing. He wasn’t the least bit focused on Professor Sthal’s lecture. The only thing he remembered from that class was how sexy and seductive Sherry had looked. Those memories were still fresh, but they weren’t enough. He craved more.

He wasn’t the only one, either.

“What took you so long?” said very familiar, very seductive voice right into his ear.

Manny had been so caught up in anticipate that he didn’t notice a female figure approach from behind. It started him so much that he almost dropped his key. He maintained his poise just long enough to turn around and confirm once again that his senses weren’t lying. Sherry Sthal was standing behind him.

“You beat me here…again,” Manny said, pretending to be shocked.

“I took a short-cut,” she said with a coy grin.

“Translation…you snuck through the faculty entrance again.”

“I told grandpa I was late for an afternoon study group,” Sherry said with an innocent shrug.

“And he bought it?”

“You want to ask questions? Or do you want to get out of these itchy clothes?”

That was the easiest choice in the history of choices. She still had that lecherous glint in her eyes. Standing so close, Manny felt the heat radiating from her body. Those clothes must have been unbearable. She craved his naked flesh as much as he craved hers. His pants already felt two sizes tighter at the thought.

With greater urgency, he turned around and unlocked the door. Sherry was already all over him, snaking her arms around his waist and sensually kissing his neck. She used to be more tactful, checking the hall for any onlookers that might tell her grandfather she wasn’t at a study group. It was the middle of the day, so the halls of the dormitories were mostly empty. They were in the clear and they were going to take full advantage of it.

As soon as they entered his dorm room, all traces of tact disappeared. The woman who carried herself with such grace and poise disappeared. In her place was a full-blown nymphomaniac. She was all over him, turning him around and smothering him with hungry kisses. All Manny could do was kiss back and try his best to match her desire.

“Off! Get those fucking clothes off!” Sherry said intently.

It was on.

She wanted sex.

Manny wanted to give it to her, regardless of who her grandfather was.

They practically tore each other’s clothes off. His tie, sweater, and shirt were the first to go. Her blouse, bra, and skirt followed suit. As each garment fell to the floor, they made their way to his bed. By the time they reached it, he was down to his boxers and she was in just her stockings.

In doing so, Manny confirmed what he’d suspected earlier. Sherry hadn’t been wearing panties underneath her dress. She wanted it more than usual. Usually, he took time to admire the sight of her exposed breasts and feminine features. Having not felt her lurid touch in a while, he wanted it just as much.

“You sexy…naughty girl,” Manny told her as they climbed atop the bed.

“I’ve been hot for you all day,” Sherry said, her every word seething with lust. “I was so wet during that lecture. I could barely stand it!”

“Well, don’t worry. You’re not leaving this dorm until you’re completely, utterly satisfied.”

“Bold words…especially from someone who knows my grandfather.”

“For a woman like you, I’ll take that chance!”

He might have been as foolish as he was horny, bedding the granddaughter of Sebastian Sthal. He was the same Sebastian Sthal who once had someone arrested for accidentally taking in his parking spot. He had a vindictive reputation, to say the least. That might have scared off every other man that Sherry had tried to seduce, but not him. Whether that made him a fool depended heavily on the quality of the sex.

Sherry certainly did her part. Once at the foot of his bed, she sensually removed her stockings, rendering her completely naked. The sight was more than enough to get his blood flowing in the right directions. True to her family legacy, she went the extra mile.

“So bold and daring,” she said seductively, “no wonder you make me so wet!”

She clearly noticed the growing bulge in his underwear. She practically pounced on him, pulling him into another kiss while she pulled off his boxers before he could join her on the bed. As soon as Manny’s member popped free, she devoured it with her hungry lips. She didn’t tempt him or tease him. She just went for his dick and sucked it like an animal in heat.

“Ahhh damn!” Manny grunted. “So good! You suck dick…so good!”

He sounded both foolish and dazed, but he didn’t care. Sherry Sthal was giving him oral sex and doing a masterful job.

Still standing at the foot of the bed, he watched as the beautiful woman sucked and slurped along the length of his manhood. He loved how her head bobbed up and down with every motion. It was so dirty, yet sensual. For a woman who looked so prim and proper most of the time, it was jarring in the best possible way.

As she sucked him off, Manny caressed the side of her head and ran his fingers through her silky hair, soaking in every sensation. His knees almost buckled under the weight of the feeling, but he managed to stay upright. His dick got so big and hard. A less horny woman might have gagged, but Sherry just kept sucking. She even kept up with his arousal, using her right hand to finger herself as she sucked him.

She was as wet as he was hard. While Manny wasn’t one to skip the foreplay, he couldn’t take it anymore. He had to make love to this beautiful woman.

“Sherry…I want you. I want you now!” he said, finally matching her intensity.

“Mmm…then do it, Manny. Take me!” said Sherry.

She gave his cock one last lick and looked up at him seductive, as though he needed even more incentive. The same spirit that had turned the elegant Sherry Sthal into a cock-hungry nymph took over him as well. At that moment, Manny was a man possessed.

With strength that defied his stature, he took her by the shoulders, turned her around, and bent her over the side of the bed. Sherry grabbed hold of the sheets in anticipation. She even playfully swatted her heart-shaped butt, inviting him into her depths. Manny gladly accepted the invitation. He positioned himself behind her, grabbed hold of her waist, and aligned his pelvis with hers. He then delivered a firm thrust, pushing his masculine flesh into her womanly depths.

“Ohhh yes!” Sherry proclaimed, sounding equally possessed by the moment. “That’s it! Give it to me, Manny!”

He answered with his manliest grunt before heeding her lurid cries. It conveyed the necessary message. Manny was going to give her everything she wanted.

Descending deeper into a state of primal lust, he began moving his hips back and forth. The first few motions were slow and steady, giving her body time to adjust to his. He felt her inner muscles tighten around his member, intensifying the feeling of their fleshly union. Powerful instincts and desires took over. He quickly stepped up the pace, working his hips harder and faster. The sound of his pelvis smacking against her butt filled the undersized dorm room, perfectly complementing the symphony of blissful grunts.

“Sherry! So hot…so tight!” Manny grunted.

“Yes, Manny! Harder! Do it harder!” she exclaimed.

Like a reflex, he obliged. The sound of their grunts and moans intensified. Her naked body rocked to every thrust. Manny loved how it made her breasts sway. He reached around and one of them with his hand, squeezing her nipples as he rocked her world. Her moans got louder. He knew how much she loved having her nipples pinched during sex. It was just one of the many kinks he’d uncovered with Sherry.

Using them had the desired effect. Manny already had Sherry on the brink of orgasm. Her could tell by the way her pussy throbbed around his cock, squeezing his member harder with each thrust. He knew making women climax wasn’t supposed to be that easy, but Sherry Sthal wasn’t most women and he didn’t mind for a second.

“I’m coming, Manny! I’m coming!” she panted heavily. “I’m…oohhh fuck!”

He slowed the pace of their sex, giving Sherry plenty of room to enjoy her orgasm. He watched as she threw her head back, squeezed the bedsheets, and let out an orgasmic cry that filled the dorm. He could feel her body shuddering under the weight of the pleasure. In the light of the midday sun, her naked skin seemed to glow within the ecstasy.

Manny shot her a beaming grin. It was a majestic sight. No matter how many times he saw her in that orgasmic state, he marveled at such a sensual spectacle. He’d been with other women, but few dared to enjoy sex as much as Sherry. Being from such a prestigious, uptight family made it difficult. She once told him she had to take two showers a day, just so she could masturbate. It couldn’t have been easy, but it helped her learn the value of getting off quickly and efficiently.

“God, that felt good!” she moaned, still dazed in ecstasy.

“Yeah, you made that abundantly clear,” Manny commented.

“Then, what are you waiting for? Keep going! I want more!”

“Already? Damn, you’re hornier than usual!” he said.

“Less talking. More fucking.”

She was as impatient as she was horny. She skipped the part where she enjoyed the afterglow and drew him into more sex. Never one to get in a horny woman’s way, Manny willingly obliged.

Their intimate flesh parted, but only briefly. Sherry promptly turned around, grabbed his shoulders, and pulled him up onto the bed. Still very much aroused, he eagerly followed her. Along the way, he kissed her hungrily on the lips. She kissed back intently, affirming that she was still horny. One orgasm was rarely enough for Sherry. She insisted on making every intimate encounter count.

As their tongues twirled, she pinned him on his back and straddled his pelvis. From there, she quickly aligned his dick with her still-throbbing pussy and lowered herself onto it. Their flesh reunited, she began riding him cowgirl style.

“Sherry…ohhh Sherry!” Manny gasped. “You beautiful…horny…slut!”

“Yeah! You like that! You love it, don’t you?” she said with unmatched seduction.

She sounded so unlike the reserved, articulate woman her grandfather had groomed for academic greatness. That gave even greater meaning to their sex. She needed to exercise this side of her. He was just the lucky guy who got to help her.

Manny embraced that role. As she rode his cock, he grabbed her butt with one hand and fondled her bouncing breast with the other. She humped with the same vigor that he’d established with her. It was hard and fast, evoking plenty of labored moans and grunts. In the mid-afternoon heat, they worked up quite a sweat. Seeing her naked body hover over him, glowing in that uniquely sensual aura, made it even hotter.

“Ohhh yeah! I love it! I fucking love it!” Manny proclaimed.

That still sounded strange, coming from him. He’d avoided profanity for much of his life. His parents were strict when it came to language and the university had clear speech codes. Dropping an F-bomb in the middle of the night was enough to get people a fine. For all the profanity he and Sherry had used during sex, they probably could’ve started their own university.

He let that vulgarity flow freely as she rode him harder. Just as he’d done with her, she used her knowledge of his kinks to get him to the brink. She knew how much he liked watching her breasts bounce. She knew how much he liked it when she licked her lips and slapped her ass while riding him. She pulled out every trick in the book and again, it worked…in more ways than one.

“Sherry…I’m close. I’m really…really close!” he grunted.

“Mmm…me too,” she said playfully. “I’m coming again! Come, Manny! Come with me!”

She never ceased to amaze him. He knew some women were multi-orgasmic, but Sherry took it to another level. It was like she could climax on demand and she loved showing it off when he was about to come. He used to think she faked it, but human anatomy didn’t lie. When she said she was going to share in the ecstasy, she meant it.

She timed it just right. Just as he was about to get his orgasm, he felt her inner muscles clamp down around his member. In a harmonious release of shared ecstasy, they climaxed together. Manly fluids mixed with feminine juices in her hot depths. This time, his body shuddered with hers as the ripples of pleasure coursed through every fiber.

It was an even greater spectacle than before. With a beaming grin on his face, he admired Sherry’s sultry sex show. She smiled back at him, not hiding for a second how much she enjoyed it. As he took in the feeling, he rose up from the bed and embraced her in his arms. Like a couple of animals still in heat, they kissed.

It might have been the only time she could express how much she enjoyed sex. Manny doubted that Professor Sthal – or the rest of her family, for that matter – knew she was an unapologetic nymph. She didn’t show this side of herself often. Few men could handle it when she did. He was among the lucky few.

“You know…I’m probably going to fail your grandfather’s class,” Manny told her, still breathless.

“You wouldn’t be the first…or in the minority, for that matter,” Sherry replied.

“That also means I’ll have to take summer classes. That means I’ll be sticking around…attending more lectures and doing extra credit.”

“Oh you poor baby,” she said, pretending to be upset. “Then, I guess I’ll just have to keep fucking you every chance I get…to keep your spirits up.”

“My spirits…right.”

“Speaking of which,” she said coyly, “you up for another?”

“Fuck yeah!”

It was on again. That was another thing that made him lucky. He was not one of those guys who blew his load once and called it a day. He could do more if he had a willing partner and Sherry was more willing than most.

With a dorm room to themselves and no classes to attended, they made the most of their afternoon. They gave each other mutual oral sex. They took turns leading the foreplay, taking full advantage of one another’s kinks. Somewhere along the way, they slipped under the bedsheets and went at it again.

Sherry Sthal was a sex-crazed nymph whose surname scared off most men on campus.

Manny was a horny young man who hadn’t met enough women who dared to enjoy sex as much as her.

Their relationship might not have been the most romantic or intimate. On many levels, it was downright risky, given the status of her grandfather. Even within such a rigid, uptight environment, they’d found each other. They made it work. Moreover, they made damn sure they enjoyed it to the utmost.

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