Sexy Short Story: On The Couch

Couple Lounging Together On Couch by Leah Flores

The following is a sexy short story I wrote after a few long weeks in which I felt lonely and in need of a lover’s touch. I’m single at the moment, but I hope this story will make those who have someone to come home to after such weeks that much more grateful. Please let me know what you think. Leave a comment below and check out my other stories when you get a chance. Enjoy!

“Ugh…what a day,” groaned Gloria Mailyn. “I’m way too young to feel this burned out.”

She’d been saying that sort of thing to herself more often lately. With each passing week, she came home feeling more restless and lethargic. She was like an old cell phone that couldn’t hold a full charge anymore. It got to a point where Gloria couldn’t even enjoy returning home before sundown. That couldn’t have been a good sign.

Just walking up the stairs to the third-floor apartment she shared with her boyfriend, Aaron Alford, felt like an extended trek through the mountains. By the time she reached her front door, Gloria had to rest her forehead on the faded paint, just to catch her breath.

“Just a few more months,” she told herself. “Hang in there for a few more months and your probationary period will be over. Then, you can go on salary, set your hours, and delegate some of this crap to people who don’t mind doing it.”

That almost sounded easy. She had a bad habit of making difficult task seem easy and it kept coming back to bite her.

Gloria’s mother warned her that her ambitions had a cost. If she wanted to secure her dream job at one of the biggest biotech companies in the country, then she had to jump through all the necessary hoops. They didn’t just hand those jobs to recent college graduates, even if they had graduated near the top of their class with a degree in biochemistry. They made their aspiring technicians earn those jobs by having them start at the bottom and work their way up.

However, Gloria didn’t think about any of that when she accepted her current job. Passing advanced chemistry and biology classes in college were supposed to be the hardest part of her aspirations. She went in believing that she could handle the grunt work that came with cleaning labs, organizing paperwork, and completing basic tests on strict timetables. Plenty of other aspiring techs believed the same. Of the 12 that signed up, she was one of only 4 that remained. That said as much about the job as it did about her.

“I’m a glutton for punishment,” she muttered, “but it’ll be worth it. It has to be!”

She almost sounded desperate. While stressed out, Gloria remained undeterred. Her dream job was still within her grasp. She just had to endure a bit longer. She just didn’t realize how bad she was at enduring the day-to-day rigors that came with pursuing a dream.

“Keep telling yourself that. Just find better ways of coping along the way.”

Having talked to herself enough for one day, she opened the door and entered the two-bedroom apartment. Much to her chagrin, Aaron was sitting on the couch, looking as relaxed as any young man could be. It almost didn’t seem fair.

“Hey baby! Welcome home,” he said with a friendly smile, raising his half-empty beer to her. “How was your day?”

“Ugh,” she said, not hiding her misery.

“That good, eh?”

“Yeah…that good.”

Gloria kicked the door shut and casually dropped her purse in the foyer. She didn’t even kick off her shoes before dragging herself into the living room and collapsing onto the couch next to her lover. Aaron, being the wonderful man he was, didn’t hesitate to slip his arm around her and welcome her into his loving grasp. It was the first bit of contentment she’d felt since she got out of bed that morning.

“If it helps, I already took care of dinner,” he said. “I made enough taco meat and veggies for however many burritos you need.”

“That helps…to a point,” Gloria said.

“I also got the landlord to fix that busted light in the bathroom. It doesn’t make that awful humming noise anymore. It’s not much, but it it’s one less annoyance.”

“Believe me, I’ll take what I can get at this point.”

She scooted closer and rested her head on his shoulder, just appreciating her lover’s upbeat spirits. She needed that in her life. She’d come to rely on it, especially over the course of the past year. Aaron was a lot like her in terms of having lofty goals, but the way he managed the stress never ceased to amaze her.

On paper, he should’ve had it worse than her. Instead of going to college, he joined the fire academy right out of high school and became a fire fighter for several years. That job had plenty of stress, as well as plenty of life-threatening danger. However, being a fire fighter wasn’t his ultimate goal. It was just the first step towards him becoming an EMT, a job that dealt with life-and-death situations that didn’t just involve fire.

That kind of job broke certain people. The work schedule, alone, was arduous. As rough as her day was, at least she only had to work eight-hour shifts. Aaron’s shifts lasted a full 24 hours, during which he had to stay at a station, answering however many calls that sent him to the front lines of life-or-death situations.

While he frequently cited having five days off as a major benefit, Gloria didn’t think that was enough to justify so much work-related stress. She’d seen Aaron come home on days when people died and situations went bad. It affected him, but he always seemed to cope with it. How he did so was a mystery, but also his greatest strength.

“I hate coming home this tense,” Gloria said. “This shouldn’t be my default mood when I get home.”

“Hey, it’s okay, Gloria,” Aaron said, putting his beer aside and holding her a bit closer. “You put up with me during all my training. It’s only fair I do the same while you work your way up the company latter.”

“I appreciate your commitment to fairness, but I feel like I’m missing a step. You came home pissed off more than once, but got over it as soon as you turned on a ball game.”

“What can I say? I find baseball therapeutic,” he said with a humored tone.

“You also take a shower, play a video game, or watch a movie,” Gloria continued. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a slasher movie or an old puzzle game. Somehow, you find a way to relax and recover.”

“And you think that’s unfair?” Aaron asked.

“Of course not,” she said. “It just shows that I’m lacking in something that shouldn’t be so damn hard. I mean…I knew this job wasn’t going to be easy. Why do I suck so much at managing the strain?”

Gloria let out an exasperated groan into her lover’s shoulder. Rather than try to answer her question – which previous boyfriends often did, only to make things worse – he just held her closer. Aaron wasn’t the kind of man who offered false platitudes or empty encouragement. That just wasn’t his style. He kept thing simple and direct, a stark contrast to the complications and chaos that often surrounded her.

For a while, they just stayed silent. Gloria even found herself watching the baseball game. She didn’t even care for baseball, but it was a good distraction. She didn’t get how it helped Aaron relax so effectively after an arduous shift, but whatever his methods, they worked.

“One day, my dad came home from work so pissed off I actually hid in my room,” Aaron said, breaking the silence. “Nobody else was home, but I could hear the stomping and cursing through the walls. I rarely saw my dad angry, so I knew something went wrong.”

Gloria cast her lover a confused look.

“Your dad is the least temperamental man I know,” she said. “Where are you going with this?”

“There is a point here. I promise,” Aaron assured her. “It was just as jarring for me, hearing my dad sound so angry. I honestly don’t remember what he was angry about, but it was the most I’d ever heard him curse in my life. I didn’t know what to do so I just stayed in my room, waiting for it to pass.”

Gloria grew more intrigued. She sensed from his serious undertone that he was telling the truth. Aaron wasn’t one to just make up stories. On top of being a terrible liar, he was a sub-par storyteller. The only way he could sound that serious while, especially with a baseball playing in the background, was if he were recounting something from memory.

“So did it?” she asked curiously.

“Eventually,” Aaron replied. “It must have taken a good 20 minutes. Even after that, I waited another 20 before I finally left my room. I was genuinely nervous about approaching my father. I’d never been that nervous to talk to him in my life. I was tempted to wait until my mom got home, but I decided to brave it.”

Gloria listened more intently. As her lover recalled the incident, his demeanor suddenly shifted. He laughed to himself and shook his head, a strange turn after what sounded like such a scary moment for a kid that age. The way he smiled about it almost made the memory seem fond.

“When I approached him, he was just sitting there in the living room…watching a baseball game, just like I’m doing right now,” Aaron said, laughing to himself. “He had a beer in one hand and a bag of peanuts in the other. He looked perfectly fine. He even smiled at me when I walked up to him.”

“That must have been a relief,” Gloria said.

“I was more confused than relieved. I was also still worried. So rather than just ignore it, like I probably should have, I asked him if anything was wrong.”

He paused and laughed again. He even started blushing. Either his father said something really profound or really embarrassing. Now, Gloria had to know.

“What did he say?” she asked.

“He just said he had a terrible day at the office, but then he came home, cussed the world out, and jerked off in the bathroom. After that, he felt perfectly fine.”

“He really said that?” Gloria said.

“I swear, those were his exact words,” Aaron affirmed, still laughing to himself. “You’ve met my dad. You know as well as anyone the man was born without a filter. He says what he wants and doesn’t care how it sounds to others. It can be downright obscene, but he always gets his point across.”

He kept smiling and laughing. He even raised his beer a little before taking another sip, as if to salute his father’s response. Gloria still looked at him strangely, not entirely sure why he shared that story. The way he told it made it seem like a fond memory. The fact that he was so relaxed while she was so stressed out said more about her than it did about Aaron’s colorful childhood.

She found herself scrutinizing the story more closely. Aaron had gone back to watching the ball game, but kept his arm around her shoulder while she remained curled up beside him, still wearing the same office attire that had become so disheveled over the course of the day. His story, however true it might have been, had a lot to say about anger and stress. It revealed just as much about how quickly it could pass.

For much of her life, Gloria coped with anger and stress by simply pushing forward. It was how she’d managed to achieve as much as she had. While it helped her stay productive, it wasn’t always healthy. More than a few relationships, both personal and professional, had suffered because of it. She did not want Aaron to be among them.

Aaron’s father seemed to understand as well as anyone that more work was not an effective remedy for a rough day. There were many other ways to deal with it and she hadn’t tried anything different in quite some time. With that in mind, an idea came to her.

“Hey Aaron,” she said, just as the game went to commercial.

“What is it, babe?” he asked, not even looking away from the TV.

“Touch me.”

Before he could ask for more details, she latched onto his arm, which he still had draped over her shoulder, and guided his hand down her lower body. Upon reaching the upper hem of her beige-colored slacks, she undid the top button to loosen them, which allowing him to reach in under her panties and fondle the intimate flesh within.

Naturally, it caught Aaron by surprised, so much so that he let go of his beer and turned away from the TV.

“Whoa! Gloria, what are you…” he said before she cut him off.

“Please, Aaron…touch me,” Gloria said to him with more intensity in her voice.

He remained shocked for a moment. Then, still gripping his arm with both hands, she directed him to fondle her womanhood. She didn’t coax him into being gentle, either. She urged him with her eyes to really fondle her, guiding his thumb to her clitoris and pushing two fingers into her wet slit. The hot sensations that followed did plenty to lift her jaded spirits.

“Yes…like that,” she said, finally smiling for the first time all day.

“Um…okay,” said Aaron with a half-grin. “Guess this means you’re taking my dad’s advice to heart?”

“More like…I want to follow his logic. When it comes to making a bad day better…well, can you think of a better way to boost your mood?”

“Not at the moment, but…”

Again, his words trailed off, but not because she silenced him. He was already stepping up his intimate fondling, rubbing her clit with his thumb and pumping his fingers into her vagina. More sensations followed and her mood continued to improve, so much so that Gloria decided to share in the feeling.

She let go of her lover’s arm, allowing him to keep fingering her at his own pace. As he did so, she slipped her hand down those tattered gym shorts he often wore around the house and fondled his penis. He reacted favorably to her intimate touch. She could already feel him becoming erect.

“I know I can be uptight,” Gloria whispered into his ear. “I’ve been that way a long…long time.”

She was very seductive with her tone. She couldn’t remember the last time she sounded that seductive during the middle of the week, lone alone just hours after finishing a very stressful day at the office. It was very different from her usual approach to dealing with stress or getting intimate with her lover, for that matter. However, it already felt so right.

“I’d like to work harder on that,” she said, emphasizing certain words carefully.

“Harder…yeah,” said Aaron, his penis already semi-erect.

“This is just me trying something different…something I know you can help me with…something we can both enjoy.”

She stroked his dick even harder, gripping the base and caressing it in just all the ways he loved. Aaron shifted in his seat, allowing her to pull his shorts down further so she could free his member. He kept it up on his end as well, fingering and fondling her pussy with the same level of urgency.

Even after the game came back on, he turned to her and locked his gaze with hers. In his eyes, Gloria saw both a desire to help relieve her sex and indulge in her sex. Having already become moist from his touch, she communicated her desire as well by capturing his lips in a deep, tongue-heavy kiss.

“Mmm…it’s working!” she purred after their lips parted.

“Yeah…I can feel it too,” Aaron chuckled, his dick now standing fully erect.

“But you know me, babe. When it comes to work, I like to overachieve!”

She sounded like a woman possessed. She’d gotten a taste of something very different and she liked it. Compared to how she usually dealt with stress, it almost worked too well.

True to her ambitious nature, she kissed her lover again before releasing her grip on his cock and rising up from the couch. That got Aaron to remove his hand from her inner thighs in the process. Then, with her now standing in front of him, blocking his view from the baseball game still playing in the background, she stripped naked.

She didn’t carefully remove each part of her pantsuit like she usually did, carefully folding them in the process. She just took it all off, underwear and all, and tossed it aside in a wrinkled heap. It was such a huge departure from her usual approach to sex, but Aaron didn’t seem to mind. He didn’t seem interested in the baseball game anymore and just admired her fully nude form.

“Wow!” he said with a beaming grin. “Talk about a seventh inning stretch.”

“Here’s what I want to do,” she said, taking a step closer and leaning over so that her boobs were right in his face, “I’m going to ride your cock. I’m going ride it hard and I’ll do it in a way where you can still watch the game.”

“That’s…incredibly sexy and considerate.”

“You’re helping your girlfriend recover from a rough day. The least I can do is make sure you don’t miss a play.”

It sounded both logical and considerate, two things that frequently slipped Gloria’s mind whenever she was stressed out. That was another promising sign. Knowing how much her lover enjoyed his baseball games, going out of her way to accommodate him felt like just the kind of thing an overachieving woman like her would do.

Aaron, still with that beaming grin, scrambled to push his shorts and boxers down to his ankles so he could accommodate her as well. As soon as he kicked them aside, she eagerly mounted her lover, aligning their bodies in the perfect position with which to pursue her new favorite method of relieving stress.

“Gloria…I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I like it!” Aaron said.

“Speak for yourself, stud,” she quipped playfully.

After some sensual maneuvering, Gloria effectively straddled her lover’s hips in an upright cowgirl position, her pelvis hovering just over his rigid member. Aaron eagerly embraced her, grabbing hold of her waist and guiding her as she prepared for their union. She clung to his shoulders, breathing deep and bracing herself for the approaching feeling.

Then, once their genitals were perfectly aligned, she thrust her hips downward, driving his manhood up into her womanhood. That smooth, sensual feeling of their sex quickly filled her being, directly attacking whatever stress had followed her from work.

“Ooh Aaron!” Gloria gasped. “This…is just what I needed!”

Her voice and expression now awash with passion, she began moving her lower body, gyrating her hips, working her wet folds up and down the length of his cock. She quickly built up a steady, but slow pace. She and Aaron had never been big on the kind of ravenous sex that left them winded and sore. Too much of their lives was fast and urgent. They needed something that was slow and measured. It helped that it made for more passionate, intimate sex.

It felt good, bringing more of those hot sensations that felt so refreshing and relaxing. She did her par and Aaron did his, holding onto her hips and supplementing her movements with those strong arms of his. He also took advantage of her intent to not entirely distract him from his baseball game, resting his chin her shoulder and watching the latest inning begin as she rode him hard.

“Gloria…so hot…so beautiful,” her lover moaned in a deep, manly tone.

“Aaron…my love,” she replied, nibbling on his ear to further intensify the feeling.

Together, their naked bodies danced their intimate dance, soaking in the blissful sensations that followed and sharing loving sentiments every step of the way. It had been a while since they made love formally. It had been even longer since they’d done it spontaneously. It was as refreshing as it was therapeutic.

Their sex continued at the steady pace Gloria built up, drawing out both the intimacy and the pleasure. Her lover’s dedication combined with her famous work ethic ensured they shared plenty. Steadily, she approached her orgasmic threshold. Most of the time, it took a while just to get close. Whether by circumstance or novelty, it came much easier. It was yet another sign that she had just uncovered something special with her lover.

“I’m close, Aaron! I’m getting…so close!” she gasped.

“Mmm…me too, Gloria. Me…too!” Aaron grunted.

Gloria finally intensified the pace, exerting through the last round of movements necessary to carry her over the edge. She could feel the ecstasy approaching, like a wave cresting in the distance. When it hit, she dug her nails into her lover’s shoulders, closed her eyes, and threw her head back to cast out what remained of her distress, welcoming in the ecstasy in the process.

“Oohhh yes!” she exclaimed.

It was like the perfect medicine, the hot waves of pleasure erupting from her core and rippling through her body. She couldn’t remember the last time an orgasm had felt that good or that soothing. From the way her inner muscles contracted around her lover’s cock to the way he embraced her through the entire feeling, it was special.

Her orgasmic writhing helped Aaron get his share too. Shortly after she entered that realm of euphoria, he climaxed too. She felt his nails rake over her thighs as his lower body tensed and his member throbbed within her depths. He then let out that deep, masculine moan as he released his manly fluid inside her, their juices mixing together in a perfect manifestation of sexual intimacy. Even as she continued reveling in orgasmic delight, she locked her eyes on him again and smiled.

“I love you, Aaron,” she said to him.

“I love you too, Gloria,” he said in response.

“Thank you…for making such a bad day feel better.”

“You’re welcome,” he said with another beaming smile, “and thank you for making a baseball game all the more appealing!”

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