Big Announcement: “Passion Relapse” Release Date!

I’ve been waiting a while to make this announcement. I’ve been waiting like a 21-year-old man anticipating his first lap dance at a strip club. To say I’m giddy with excitement would be like saying kids are intrigued by chocolate fudge ice cream.

Last year, I announced that my book, “Passion Relapse,” had been picked up by a publisher. Then, a couple months ago, I announced that I had been working with the publisher on some major edits to the manuscript. It was a lot of hard work, requiring late nights and extra glasses of whiskey, but I got it done. Now, those efforts are about to bear fruit.

So with pride in my heart and a bulge in my pants, I’m ready to officially announce the release schedule for “Passion Relapse,” courtesy of Totally Entwined Group. Yes, this is happening. My first true published book is really happening. I wish I could show everyone the expression on my face as I type these words. It would make your day.

Earlier this week, I got confirmation of the release schedule, as well as the sexy cover art that I think worked out nicely. As of this moment, here’s how “Passion Relapse” will find its way to the masses and, hopefully, into the hearts and panties of many.

Pre-Order: March 7, 2017

Early Download (Digital Only): March 21, 2017

General Release (Digital and Paperback): April 18, 2017

Mark your calendars. Clear your schedule. If possible, arrange some intimate private time with your lover or significant other. This novel should get your hearts racing, among other body parts.

I’ve been in constant contact with the fine, dedicated, and undeniably sexy editorial staff at Totally Entwined. We’re ironing out a marketing plan that I hope to share on my blog both before and after the release date. I’ll be sure to announce those juicy details once they’re finalized.

Until then, stock up on clean panties and clear out your e-reader as best you can. “Passion Relapse” is coming and hopefully, we’ll all come along for the ride. Yes, I know that was some very suggestive word choice. Yes, I’m aware of the sexy connotations. No, I do not care and will not apologize.


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