“Passion Relapse” Available For Pre-Order/Early Download!


I meant to announce this earlier, but a lot of distractions, including a terrible cold coupled with a snowstorm, kept me down for that count. I’m back on my feet though and ready to make an exciting announcement for my first published book, “Passion Relapse.”

About a month ago, I announced the launch schedule that my publisher, Totally Entwined Group, had given me. So far, that launch date is still on. I’ve heard of no delays or disruptions so by all accounts, the stage is still set. April 18, 2017 will mark the official launch of “Passion Relapse.” If I could be any more excited, I’d get arrested for public intoxication.

That date is just a little over a month away. It’ll come quickly though and for once, that’s a good thing. Yes, I know that’s a woefully dirty joke. No, I do not care. I’m just too excited to be subtle.

At the moment, it is possible to pre-order the ebook version “Passion Relapse” on both Amazon.com and the TotallyEntwinned bookstore. So if you want to be proactive, you can set the mood, so to speak. By pre-ordering, you’ll be fully ready to make April 18, 2017 the sexiest day of the year.

Let’s face it. It’s been a long winter and spring is, after all, the time of rebirth, romance, and rabbit humping. What better way to get into the spirit of spring than with a scintillating, sensual love story like “Passion Relapse?”

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order your copy and make sure you stock up on spare panties. After you read this book, you’ll thank me.

“Passion Relapse” Amazon Pre-Order

“Passion Relapse” TotallyEntwined Pre-Order

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