Sexy Sunday Shower Thoughts

It’s Sunday. It’s a crisp fall morning. It’s chilly outside, but that doesn’t stop me from sleeping naked, as I’m so fond of doing. It’s been a long week. I’ve spent a good chunk of that week writing about and contemplating the future.

I imagine a world where technology makes us super-strong, super-healthy, and super-sexy. I imagine a world where our bodies and our sexuality are so malleable that we can share intimate, erotic experiences with each other in the real world, the virtual world, or some other world that no aspiring erotica/romance writer can imagine. These are all powerful, sexy thoughts. They’re also exhausting.

So for crisp Sunday morning like this, I’d like to take a step back. I’d like to take a deep breath. I’d also like to limit the amount of time I have to wear clothes today. Yes, I know it’s Fall. Yes, I know it’s getting cold out. No, I won’t let that stop me from spending as much time as I can naked. Read some of my books. A good chunk of them have been written while I’m naked.

I find that I have some of my best creative moments while naked, sexy or otherwise. I think everybody’s brain contemplates something unique when they’re naked or feeling sexier than usual. These thoughts are special and are definitely worth sharing.

Some call them “shower thoughts.” This is somewhat appropriate. We all shower and bathe ourselves naked. It’s one of the few times in modern life where we disconnect, step away from our hectic lives, and are just alone with our thoughts and our bodies. It’s one of the most underrated moments of everyone’s day. Even if they don’t bathe every day, just being naked and alone with your thoughts can be quite enlightening, among other things.

There are many on the internet that agree with this sentiment. I’m thankful to live in a time in human history where we have something that allows us to connect with others who are equally fond of lounging around in the nude on a crisp Sunday morning. Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s a special feeling that’s worth sharing.

Thankfully, there are sites like TheChive, which act as hubs the for funny, sexy, entertaining bits of media you aren’t going to see on PBS. They have entire pages dedicated to such “shower thoughts.” In the interest of inspiring those who may benefit from spending more time naked, I’d like to share a few.

I’d say this depends entirely on the shoes in question, but I can’t say I disagree.

It’s logic like this that makes me think that human intelligence doesn’t get enough credit because only idiots make the news.

I’m not sure I can ever get the same enjoyment out of WWE that I do with porn, but that’s just me.

This almost makes me feel sorry for my male ancestors. I shudder to think about the lengths they went to in order to see a naked woman. What a wonderful time to be alive.

This is one of those things I wish people were more honest about. It would make our love lives much more efficient.

I’d watch that show. Hell, I’d DVR every episode and binge watch it multiple times, if only to thoroughly destroy all the bullshit I learned in sex ed classes in high school.

I’m not sure if this is injustice, hypocrisy, stupidity or a combination of all three. If it’s a combination, it’s a damn potent combination.

I’m not sure Elon Musk has thought this far ahead, but I’d be shocked if he didn’t contemplate this issue at some point.

Again, perfect logic can be both intriguing and disturbing. Although for this one, couldn’t you just take a picture of your flacid penis and be okay?

This isn’t a thought so much as it is a valid strategy. For those of us that enjoy loud, raucous sex, you can never have too many strategies like this.

Something to think about the next time you and your lover have sex on your birthday. It may or may not kill the mood, depending on what your relationship with your parents is like. Personally, I’m thankful my parents enjoyed sex enough to make me.

Those are some fun, sexy thoughts to warm you up on this crisp Sunday morning. Hope helps complete your weekend. Got any other sexy Sunday thoughts to share? Share them! Let’s make this our way of making cold, Sunday mornings more fun.

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