One More Thought on Nudity

I know I’ve spent the past few days focusing a lot on nudity in my post. In my defense, it’s the middle of August and it’s very hot. Being naked is more pragmatic than usual in these conditions. However, I’ve gotten such a positive response from my discussions on nudity that I feel I need to add one more tidbit before I switch to another topic.

I’ve discussed how I, a humble erotica writer, enjoy sleeping in the buff. I’ve also touched on the health benefits of being naked. I’ve even encouraged others to ditch the clothes and enjoy the warm summer air on their skin. Then, I remembered that we live in a society that’s still frustratingly erratic when it comes to our views of nudity. All it takes is one person offending some other person with a good lawyer to cause problems. So for legal reasons, I’d like this post to act as a disclaimer of sorts.

It’s true. Not every society views nudity the same way. As I recently pointed out from my own vacation, New York City’s laws on public nudity are somewhat lax. It’s legal to be topless in New York and the cops generally don’t care if you wear crazy sexy shit in public, so long as you’re not actively humping someone in broad daylight. A quick search of the database at, a comprehensive legal database for anyone in need of a lawyer, shows that every state has different laws regarding nudity. In some cases, it’s a misdemeanor on part with a parking ticket. In others, it’s a full-blown felony.

Now it’s worth noting that some of these laws aren’t strictly enforced. They’re more like stop signs in that people generally follow them, but others flat out ignore them and don’t really get penalized unless they do it in front of a cop. If you’re not hurting anyone or trying to actively harass someone, you’re probably not going to get into too much trouble. I should point out that probably is not the same as definitely.

It’s also worth noting that there are parts of the country that are exceedingly prudish when it comes to nudity laws. I won’t name names, but some of these areas still have anti-fornication laws on the books that they refuse to remove. That should give you some idea of the kind of culture we’re dealing with here. Those areas are the way they are for a reason and it’s best not to belabor it. Eventually, prudishness has a way of fading once younger people get too tired and/or too horny to embrace it.

So where can you go in order to safely enjoy being naked? There are a few places where nudity isn’t just permitted. It’s part of the culture there. It’s embraced and celebrated. If I ever become a successful erotica writer, I’d like to visit some of these places and partake in the festivities. Until then, here’s a video from The Richest that should act as a nudist travel guide.


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4 responses to “One More Thought on Nudity

  1. …only one more thought? Come one…you know you have more! Please share! lol 😉

    • I do have more to share, but I don’t want to focus too much on one topic. There will be a time for more discussions on nudity. I may one day reveal just how many of these post I write while naked, but for now I’m going to shift things to another topic. Thanks!

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