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Well, I’ve spent the past few days talking about nudity and its many joys and benefits. I intend to switch to a new topic for the coming week. I can’t promise it’ll be as fun or as sexy, but I want to continue generating new discussions on this blog, if only to explore concepts for future books.

I do have have one topic in particular I want to discuss for tomorrow. However, before I jump into that, I want to put this out there. I know this blog doesn’t have a large following. I also know I’m not a successful writer yet. Seven self-published books, few of which have any reviews or sales, doesn’t make me successful. In order to generate interest and readers, I need to create an audience. I want to do that with this blog in any way I can.

So with this in mind, I’d like to open things up for potential topics of discussion. For the handful of readers I do have and the others who have yet to stumble across this blog, what would you like me to discuss here? What topic do you think warrants greater scrutiny?

It doesn’t have to be solely about sex or erotic fiction. It can be about pop culture in general. It can be something about society or current affairs. It can be about philosophy or feminism. I’m willing to explore any topic. I only ask that it not involve too much politics or religion? Those are two issues that tend to get overly divisive and I don’t want to offend. I’d rather entertain, enlighten, or titillate. If I can do all three, then that’s even better.

So what’s it going to be? What do you want to see this blog discuss? I’ll let you, the lucky few followers of this blog, lead the way for once. If I’m going to be a successful writer in any capacity, I need to listen to my audience. Like a good lover, I need to heed the needs of those I’m trying to please.

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