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Happy Memorial Day 2023!

Today is Memorial Day.

Here in the United States of America, it’s often celebrated as the unofficial start of summer. The school year is ending for most kids. Pools, beaches, and theme parks are opening full-time. And most start planning ambitious vacations.

But the true heart of this day has always been about military veterans and honoring their service. As someone who has multiple relatives who served, as well as grandparents who fought in major wars, it’s certainly a day worth cherishing.

In recent years, the many issues veterans face has become more relevant. Beyond the immense physical and mental toll that comes with war, the sacrifice they make to serve is not to be taken lightly. Just look up the training that’s demanded of them. Look up what they have to endure before they ever venture near a war zone.

Whether they serve in the army, navy, marines, air force, or coast guard, the demands we put on them are high. And the debt we, as a country, incur for their service is far higher. And sadly, we don’t always honor those debts as well as we should.

There’s certainly a larger discussion to be had about how we treat and care for our veterans, especially those who have suffered serious injury from their service. But today, let’s take a moment to simply acknowledge and thank these remarkable individuals for what they do.

They chose to serve their country.

They chose to put their bodies, their minds, and their hearts on the line for others.

They committed themselves to a standard and an idea that embodies the best this country has to offer.

Let’s celebrate them. Let’s honor them.

If you can, please consider donating to a major military charity. Or volunteer to assist a veteran or organization.

They gave all of themselves to this country so that we could continue to survive and prosper. Let’s use today to return the favor.

Happy Memorial Day!

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Happy Memorial Day 2022!

Today is Memorial Day.

For many, it marks the start of the summer. The weather gets hot, the pools open, and schools are out. It’s a wonderful time, indeed. We should enjoy it, especially after the events of the past two years.

For others, it’s more than just another long weekend. It’s day to acknowledge, honor, and cherish the brave men and women who decide to serve their country. That is not a trivial decision. Whether we’re in the midst of war or trying to preserve peace, making such a decision takes a special kind of spirit. For those who actually see combat, it takes even more.

Every year, I go out of my way to acknowledge the importance of honoring our veterans. I have family members who served in the military. I’ve even had a few see actual combat. It is not something just anyone can do, but it’s a service that every country, community, and society needs in order to function.

These men and women put their lives, their bodies, and so much more on the line whenever they serve. Regardless of how you feel about the politics of conflict, these are the people who often find themselves on the front lines. They’re the ones who rise to the occasion when their country calls upon them. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that we wouldn’t even have a country without these veterans.

We should always appreciate the sacrifices they make and the work that they do, but a day like this gives us a chance to offer a more formal acknowledgement. It doesn’t just extent to parades, a day off, or good barbecue with family. It’s an opportunity to tell every one who has ever served, even if they’re not with us anymore, how much they matter.

If you get a chance, use this day to help a veteran in need, be it a family member or someone in your community. If you can, please consider donating to one of the many military charities out there. Even during times like this, anything you can spare will help.

So, once again, to all the amazing veterans out there who are serving, have served, or have family members in the line of duty, I sincerely thank you.

Happy Memorial Day!

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A Salute To The Troops For Memorial Day 2019


To everyone out there enjoying the first holiday of the summer, Happy Memorial Day.

To anyone out there who is currently serving in the military and their families, on behalf of those you protect and serve, I sincerely thank you. You’re the reason we can have a holiday like Memorial Day. Your commitment to duty and sacrifice is worthy of the highest honor.

Now, I never served in the military. However, there are many close relatives in my family who have. Some served in World War II. A few served in Vietnam. Others are still enlisted and serve various roles throughout the armed forces. I also have friends I know have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve seen first-hand what it takes to serve one’s country.

I’ve also seen the toll it takes on the men and women who make so many sacrifices for their country and their family. It’s hard to overstate the effects that combat take on people. Many struggle and need assistance. If you can, I strongly encourage everyone to donate to organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project or the Purple Heart Foundation.

Today is one of those days where it’s worth remembering what our soldiers have done for us and how much they continue to do. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice. Many continue to put their lives on the line every day. Today, keep them in your thoughts as you celebrate this day. We can never undo the horrors of war, but we can certainly honor those who fight for us.

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