My Timed Run On Nodes 10 Through 12 In Dark Dimension V In Marvel Strike Force

What follows are a series of videos that I uploaded to my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. This is all captured footage of me playing through Nodes 10, 11, and 12 of my timed run on Dark Dimension V, which are the cosmic nodes.

And this is where my timed run actually felt genuine fun. That’s because this time, I had a gear 16 Dormammu to help me out instead of using Ravager Sitcher. It was a huge upgrade, to say the least. I wasn’t able to one-shot every node, but it was still a lot smoother. I can confirm that even Dormammu when he’s not fully leveled up is an amazing character in this game. Enjoy!

Here’s me going through Node 10.

Here’s me going through Node 11.

Here’s me going through Node 12. This is where Dormammu made the biggest difference.

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