My Timed Run On Nodes 13 Through 15 In Dark Dimension V In Marvel Strike Force

What follows are a series of videos that I uploaded to my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. This is all captured footage of me playing through Nodes 13, 14, and 15 of my timed run on Dark Dimension V, which are the legendary nodes.

These are the last three nodes of my timed run. Compared to the first run, this was a lot easier, thanks to me gearing up Shuri. She made a huge difference by providing more healing and defense. Thanks to her, I was able to one-shot each node except the last one. That didn’t make the victory at the end any less sweet and cathartic. Enjoy!

Here’s me going through Node 13 in one shot.

Here’s me going through Node 14 in one shot.

Here’s me going through Node 15, which took me two attempts. This is final node and completing it gave me the final bits of gear I needed to max Dormammu.

I hope these videos help other players prepare for Dark Dimension 5. And to my two alliances who supported me every step of the way, Legion of Doom and X-Academy (Venom), I sincerely thank you.

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