My Timed Run On Nodes 7 Through 9 In Dark Dimension V In Marvel Strike Force

What follows are a series of videos that I uploaded to my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. These are captured footage of me playing through Nodes 7, 8, and 9 of my timed run on Dark Dimension V, which are the global nodes.

However, unlike previous nodes, I wasn’t able to do much to upgrade my characters this time around. As a result, I struggled more than I did the first time. In hindsight, I should’ve invested in upgrading Sharon Carter over Emma Frost. I still made it through, but it was a real slog from start to finish, especially on the last node. Please learn from my mistakes. Enjoy!

Here’s me going through Node 7.

Here’s me going through Node 8, which was the biggest challenge of this run to date.

Here’s me making my way through Node 9. That last wave sucked.

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