“Embers of Eros” Edits Have Arrived!


Well, it took a little extra patience and some coaxing (as well as repeated emails), but I finally got the edits of “Embers of Eros” back from Crimson Frost. This is somewhat of a relief because it means they’re still putting time and energy into releasing this book, which would still mark my first ever book that wasn’t self-published. I don’t expect it to be a best seller, but you have to start somewhere.

According to the editor (who has not exactly been punctual, mind you), “Embers of Eros” will be released in time for the holidays if I can get these edits back within two weeks. It’s a deadline I gladly intend to meet. After that, I have to play the waiting game again and hope they release it in the time-frame they promise. That’ll require more than just hope, I imagine, but if it goes through, it’ll be something worth celebrating.

Given my current status as an aspiring erotica/romance writer, the bar for success is somewhat low. I didn’t get into this with the expectation that I would be the next Tolken or Rowling overnight. I understand that publishing is a tough business to break into. However, it’s one of those industries that is basically like a lottery that’s free the play. The odds are against you, but so long as you keep rolling the dice, the law of averages will eventually turn out in your favor.

I really do hope that Crimson Frost at least cracks the door or even a window into the romance/erotica market. I just need a little bit to get some attention for my work. From there, I hope I can get more publishers and/or agents to take note of my work.

As I’ve said before, I’m currently sitting on several manuscripts that I haven’t published yet. I have sent some to prospective publishers and agents, but so far only Crimson Frost has responded. With one publication under my belt, I hope this gives my submissions a bit more weight.

So for now, my main focus will be to complete these edits and get them back to Crimson Frost. Once I know more about the release schedule, I’ll be sure to announce it. Until then, I intend to explore other sexy topics on this blog. I haven’t decided which I’ll focus on, but I’ll figure it out once I’m in the mood. That’s exactly as dirty as it sounds.

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