Some Sexy Sights In New York City

Just thought I’d post a quick update on my New York City trip. I’ve been walking around, admiring the sites in the Big Apple. I’ve had a lot of fun so far. I’ve also seen some pretty twisted sites. Where else are you going to see a strip club next to a CVS? However, the strangest (and sexiest) sight of all happened last night.

I was browsing Times Square around midnight, as a lot of people are want to do apparently. There are some pretty amazing things that go on in the wee hours of the night. There are street performances, shows, and blaring lights in every direction. It’s pretty amazing. However, the sight that stood out most for me were these topless women in underwear with American flags painted over their breasts. I don’t know what they were advertising. I don’t know what they were selling. I just know they made me proud to be an American.

Now I’ve seen plenty of breasts before. The fact that there are topless women in the middle of summer in New York City is not a surprise. What made it really stand out was the fact that less than 15 feet away, there was one of those street preachers yelling about Jesus through a bullhorn. Oddly enough, he wasn’t really talking about topless women. He was just doing the typical fire and brimstone speech, telling us all how we’re evil sinners. The topless women just didn’t seem relevant. Go figure.

On top of this, there were children out with their parents at this hour. Yes, children did see topless women. No, they were NOT scarred for life. I know it’s New York. I know it’s a big city with a lot of colorful characters. I just feel as though whenever someone claims that topless women will harm children, I feel as though they’re not giving children enough credit. For this valuable lesson, I thank NYC.


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