End of my New York City Trip

Well, my vacation is just about over. This morning, I’m leaving New York City and heading home. Overall, I had a great time here. I saw some amazing sites. I saw some sexy sights. I saw some amazingly disturbing, albeit still strangely sexy sights. I’d say that makes for a successful vacation. While I feel like I saw crazier things in New Orleans, which I visited last year, I still enjoyed the unique craziness that New York has to offer. I didn’t get to experience everything I hoped, but one day (hopefully after I’ve gotten a successful publishing deal) I’ll come back and explore even more of this amazing city.

I didn’t get a chance to hook up or chat with those who share my love of romance, erotica, and everything in between. I did meet some colorful characters though. I even met one guy selling his own erotic novel from a stand just outside of Times Square. Perhaps that’s something I can try? Might be a thought for the future. I also noticed that I was not quite equipped to impress women (or men) at some of the clubs I visited. I think I dressed too casually. Maybe next time, I should invest a little more into my attire. I don’t think anyone finds overly casual out-of-towers to be all that attractive. Well, you live and you learn.

So thank you, New York! I had a great time. I didn’t really have much time to work on any of my writing. However, I do hope to catch up later this week. I still haven’t heard from any publishers on my book, “The Big Game,” just yet either. I don’t know when I should inquire again, but I’m holding out hope that someone will take a chance on me. That’ll make trips like this all the more enjoyable.

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