Update On “Passion Relapse” Revision: Finding The Right Mix Of Romance/Erotica

Thought I’d give another quick update on the status of “Passion Relapse.” Yesterday, I announced the exciting news that a publisher is very interested in developing this story for a novel. However, before they commit to it, they want to see a few revisions to the manuscript. I told them I’d get on that like grease on bacon.

Okay, so maybe I didn’t use those exact words, but you get the picture. I really am this determined to make “Passion Relapse” a success. I believe it has everything necessary to please/arouse fans of both romance and erotica.

The challenge, at least as the publisher laid it out to me, has to do with the mix of erotica/romance within this story. They told me I did a good job of setting it up. I did a good job of making it hot and sexy, which in this genre is like the most important ingredient to say the least. At this point, it only needs, according to them, some extra romance to act as icing on this decadent treat.

Much of the story in “Passion Relapse” is structured around two people coming together when they’re at their most vulnerable. I put a lot of time and energy, among other feelings, into fleshing that out. However, the romantic elements are mostly the culmination at the end. As such, I didn’t really dedicate a lot of text into fleshing that out.

In reading over the last few chapters, I agree with this sentiment. I think there is room to expand those romantic elements to that the combination of romance/erotica is more potent.

This is actually an issue I’ve been working on for a while now. I can craft stories that are heavy on erotic elements, like “The Final Communion” or “The Secrets of Sadfur Island.” Fleshing out the romance has often fallen to the wayside. It’s one thing to just get characters to hump in a believable way. It’s quite another to give it romantic weight.

To do it for “Passion Relapse,” I had to think long and hard. I admit I kind of frustrated myself coming up with ideas. I stayed up past midnight. I had an extra glass of whiskey. I refused to go to sleep until I had a viable idea.

Finally, before I could have one too many glasses of whiskey, I came up with an idea. It’s an idea that requires a rewrite of the final chapter in the story, but I think it’s an idea that will make “Passion Relapse” a more potent story for romance and erotica lovers alike.

I’ve already started working on it. I’ll probably be up until midnight again, sipping whiskey and contemplating ways to amplify the romance. It’ll be worth it though. I think it’ll show in the final product. I hope the publisher agrees.

With that in mind, blog posts may be a bit more limited in the coming days. I’ll provide more updates, but it’s for a good reason. I want to create a sexy, romantic story for the masses and such an effort requires my utmost attention. Thanks for understanding folks.

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