The Wonderful Sights From New York Comic Con

Just thought I’d share some of the stuff I saw and experienced at New York Comic Con this year. It was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed myself. As was the case last year, it was very well-attended. Getting tickets to this thing, especially for Saturday and Sunday, is not easy. It’s worth the wait though.

Naturally, Wonder Woman was well-represented. This year marks her 75th anniversary event. On top of that, she has a movie coming out in early 2017. One of the biggest items on display was the costume that actress, Gal Gadot, wore in the movie. It was quite a site and drew quite a bit of attention, as it should have.

There was also an entire area dedicated to Wonder Woman artwork. This included early, modern, and original pieces of the chracter going all the way back to World War II. Again, her BDSM origins are censored. Anyone seeing these displaces would never know that her creator incorporated BDSM concepts into her history. It’s kind of sad, but not unexpected, given the lengths Warner Brothers and DC Comics have gone to in order to keep Wonder Woman’s character PG-13 at most.

In addition, there were a great many women (and even a few men, I’m not kidding) dressed up as Wonder Woman. She’s always a popular costume, but this year felt more meaningful. It’s not just that she’s approaching a big milestone in her history. She’s going to finally get her own solo movie, something fans have been waiting on for a long time, myself included.

It’s doubtful that this movie will highlight some of the subtle BDSM elements that were so prominent during Wonder Woman’s early years under William Marston, but I think it may be a little too early to explore those elements. First, let’s see that DC Comics and Warner Brothers can tell a decent Wonder Woman movie. Then, and only then, we can worry about whether they can adequately capture the subtle BDSM undertones of Wonder Woman’s persona.


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