Happy Labor Day!

On behalf of myself and all those who dedicate their creative energies to entertaining and titillating the masses, Happy Labor Day! Let this be a day when we put down the tools of our toil, sit back, and take a deep breath. We work so hard nearly every other day of the year. What’s the point of all that work if we don’t take a step back to appreciate it?

Working hard is a noble quality. Working too hard can undermine the reason why work has value. That’s why it’s important to balance life out between work and play. Our ancestors couldn’t have survived if they didn’t have at least a few moments of peace to enjoy in between hunting lions and gathering food. We stress ourselves too much and appreciate too little. Let’s make it point to cherish this day for all the work we do and all the fruits it bears.

For me, personally, I intend to make all my Labor Day activities clothing optional. Take any relaxing activity you can think of. I dare you to find one that isn’t enhanced by being naked. Can you think of a better way to celebrate a holiday? I think not.

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