My Run On Nodes 4 Through 6 (The City Nodes) In Dark Dimension V In Marvel Strike Force

What follows are a series of videos that I uploaded to my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. They are captured video of me making my way through the city nodes (Nodes 4 through 6) of my first run on Dark Dimension V. These were more challenging than the first three nodes, but my investment in certain characters, namely Cloak and Dagger, really paid off. I hope this helps others in this game prepare accordingly.

Here’s me going through Node 4. Please note I had some issues with the video recording. I did my best to clear it up. I apologize if it’s hard to follow.

Now, here’s me going through Node 5, which ended up being the most challenging node of the City nodes. I did make a few mistakes, but Cloak and Dagger really showed their worth here.

Here’s me making my way through Node 6. I got a little lucky with the RNG here, but once again Cloak and Dagger proved to be my most valuable characters for this section of Dark Dimension V.

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