Visual And Aesthetics Update

As some may have noticed, I did a few minor visual updates to this blog. They’re nothing major. I just tried to make the side-bar a bit less cluttered, changed the top banner, and added a little background color. I felt like this site needed a little visual TLC. While I’m still dedicated to making the content on this blog as sexy and substantive as possible, a little added style certainly couldn’t hurt.

There may be some more changes in the future. Now that I have my first published book out on the market, I want to make this blog feel more professional and polished. I want it to stand out in the vast abyss of cat videos, skateboarding accidents, and graphic porn that is the internet. I know that’s ambitious, but nobody ever became successful or got laid without a little bravado.

Given that my talents are largely centered around words rather than design skills, it may take more than a few tweaks. So if the site starts to look strange for a while, that’s just me fiddling with the settings. My ultimate goal is to create a site that stimulates your mind, your eyes, and your genitals. It’s a process, but it’s a goal I think is worth achieving.

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