How I Celebrate My Birthday

I’d like to take a break from talking about overly sexy, overly controversial topics for a moment. I’d also like to take a break from talking about my ongoing novels and the status of “Embers of Eros.” I have a damn good reason too. It’s my birthday and I like to take it easy on my birthday, damn it!

I come from a family who will use any excuse to have a party or celebration. Yes, I mean any excuse. Whether it’s birthdays, babies, anniversaries, or the Spring Equinox, we love to get together and celebrate. I’ve always been fond of those celebrations. It means I have an excuse to eat cake, candy, chocolate, and whatever else will rot my teeth.

As I’ve gotten older, the parties have gotten a bit more mature in some ways, but not others. Parties in my family are often code for excuses to get a cooler full of beer and seeing if we can drink it all before sunset. It’s as much fun as it sounds. Everybody’s a winner in the end.

Code or not, it’s a fun way to spend the day. I’m not a kid anymore, but that doesn’t stop my family from sharing the moment with me. They’ll take me out to dinner, buy me a few drinks, and help me enjoy myself. They’ll give me plenty of love and plenty of hugs. Being an admitted hugger, that’s a damn good way to spend the day.

Beyond a family celebration, how do I celebrate this day? Well, I try to keep things simple. I get some buffalo wings, some cake, some alcohol (beer and/or whiskey), and set it up so I don’t have to get up from my couch for at least six hours. That usually means watching some of my favorite movies. Yes, most of them are comic book movies, such as Deadpool and X-men: Apocalypse. No, I don’t apologize for loving those movies.

I challenge anyone to find a better way to spend a birthday. As we get older, our needs get a little simpler when it comes to holidays and birthdays. I like to think that I’ve found a healthy balance. If it involves hugs, alcohol, and superhero movies, I’m a happy guy.


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2 responses to “How I Celebrate My Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Jack! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day!

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