World Records In Sex

One frequent theme I like to explore in my erotic stories involves mixing sex with superhuman feats. I don’t deny that this is probably a direct result of my love of comic books and superheroes, something I have made clear in other blog posts. However, I do think it’s one of those untapped ideas that’s worth contemplating. With the way science is advancing, we will become superhuman one day. When that happens, it will affect the ways we see and experience sex.

I’ve already explored this in a major way with my second book, “Skin Deep.” In this story, the main character, Ben Prescott, starts off as a weak, sickly young man. He’s unremarkable in so many ways. He’s very much akin to the situation that most human beings find themselves in. Then, through a tragedy no less, he undergoes a treatment that gives him abilities that aren’t entirely superhuman, but they do change his situation considerably. He goes from a nobody to someone with the body of a male model or an Olympian athlete. And yes, it does effect his sex life in a major way. How? Well, the book goes into great detail.

I don’t believe that the feats in “Skin Deep” are entirely out of the realm of possibility. I do believe that one day, science and technology will make us superhuman in both our everyday lives and in our sex lives. So what does that mean for us? Well, it’s hard to say. There’s only so much we can do to speculate. So in the interest of providing some perspective, here’s a list of World Records involving sex, courtesy of The Chive.

Chive: Can You Break These Sexual World Records?

Some of these records may never be broken. Others will require some superhuman enhancements to say the least. This one, in particular, will likely be the most affected.

There’s no doubt that our bodies have limits. Nature can only do so much for us. However, our technology, know-how, and desire to improve ourselves will one day overcome these limits. What will be the effects? What will this mean for our sex lives? What will it mean for our understanding of romance? It’s something worth thinking about and I’ll definitely be contemplating more stories about it.

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