Jackpot by Jack Fisher Now On Sale!

As I continue to wait for news on “Embers of Eros,” I’m proud to announce that I’ve self-published another book to add to my resume. This is a book I wrote earlier this year to get myself through a long, cold, dreary winter. A long stretch of cold, lonely nights had me longing for the warm desert sun of places like Las Vegas. Why Las Vegas? Well, any beach can offer sun, surf, and bikinis. Las Vegas, however, offers so much more.

It’s a fantasy world and one that I’ve written about before with The Escort and the Gigolo. However, that story involved strippers, crime lords, and deception. This story is different, although it does involve strippers as well. Why? Does there really need to be a reason?

This story takes place through the eyes of a man experiencing the fantasy world of Las Vegas for the first time. It’s somewhat reflective of my own experience. I first visited Las Vegas when I was 21-years-old. Needless to say, it made quite an impression. Expect it to make just as great an impression on this man, if not more so.

There’s passion, drama, and fantasy on top of pure sex appeal. It’s not overly elaborate, which is why I’m opting to self-publish through Lulu. It’s just a quick, crude, sexy story to help get others through cold lonely nights. Enjoy!

by Jack Fisher


Jonathan Jackson Daniels knows a thing or two about luck. He came from a no-name town. He worked a dead end job. He lived his whole life seeing few get lucky breaks and even fewer make something of that luck. Then, in the luckiest break anyone could get, he won the lottery. He has the chance of a lifetime, but is scared to death of squandering it.

So before he tells anyone about his big break, he takes a trip to Las Vegas. He goes not knowing what to expect, only that he’s going to indulge in the fruits of his luck. That’s where he meets an enchanting woman named Janine “Jani” Jasmine. She makes it her mission to give him the time of his life, pushing his newfound luck to the absolute limit. But can a small-town guy like Jonathan handle her? Is he destined to squander his jackpot like so many others?

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