My First 1,000 View Month

I just wanted to make a quick post to personally thank everyone who has been reading and supporting this blog. I checked the stats this morning. April 2017 was officially the best month to date in terms of traffic and visitors. It even crossed a critical milestone, achieving over 1,000 views within a month.

Now, I know that’s not much of an achievement, considering how Kanye West can fart into his phone and get 10,000 retweets within a day, but for an aspiring erotica/romance writer who just released his first published novel last month, it’s a big deal. To those who helped me achieve this milestone, I sincerely thank you.

Naturally, I want to keep aiming higher. I want to build an bigger audience with my novels and this blog. I understand that’s a process, though. This is just another major step and I look forward to taking the next one.

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One response to “My First 1,000 View Month

  1. Hi Jack. I just wanted to say that I’m on a parallel path having just started seriously writing erotica less that a year ago. These milestones, however incremental, are important to keep track of, just for the sake of marking progress. I put skin deep on my reading list, and I have really enjoyed your blog. Good luck with your writing!

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