An Idea For My Next Book

After spending the week discussing distressing topics like circumcision, including a distressing anecdote about my own circumcision, I’m ready to move onto topics that don’t completely kill the mood. I’m trying to be a successful romance/erotica writer, damn it! I need to keep that mood sexy on this blog. Maybe this will help.

With that in mind, I thought I’d provide a quick update on my current work. For the past couple months, I’ve been writing the first draft to a sci-fi romance story. It’s a story that has turned out to be much longer and much bigger than I initially planned. That tends to happen with my stories. I start writing them, but they go in directions I don’t expect, hopefully for the better.

Despite the size of this story, I can say that it’s almost over. I hope to finish it within the next few days. Even with the end of another book in sight, I like to think ahead to my next book. It’s just how my mind works. It’s not enough to just finish something. I have to have another project waiting in the wings that’ll help me improve. I’ve done this ever since I wrote Child of Orcus. Part of getting good at any craft is always seeking to improve.

As it turns out, the stuff I do on this blog actually helps me explore new ideas. By writing about certain topics, be they insights into sex-positive comic book characters or my love of sleeping naked, it gets my brain in the right state, among other parts of my body. One topic in particular got me thinking.

A while back, I explored the issue of jealousy. I asked whether or not this was a truly natural emotion or a byproduct of our cultural and societal attitudes. It’s not a question I expected to answer. It’s one of those questions that can’t really be answered for everybody, but does make us think differently about concepts of romance.

This leads into this new idea. I don’t have a title for it yet (although I am open to suggestions), but I feel like this is an idea I should pursue. Here’s the scenario:

We have two people, a man and a woman who married young and did all the right things. They love each other. They support each other. They both have fulfilling careers that keep them busy. By all accounts, they followed society’s rules towards relationships, sex, and romance. Despite this, they’re still deeply unsatisfied.

Did I mention that the man works as a body guard at high end clubs that cater to beautiful women and aspiring Hollywood stars? Did I also mention that the woman works as trainer to top male athletes? If not, I guess I should mention it because this line of work surrounds them with all sorts of beautiful people and a lot of temptation. Think about it. If your work involves hard-partying women and sexy male athletes, wouldn’t you be tempted?

Some people can brush off that temptation. These two can’t. Following the unspoken rules that society says they should follow just isn’t enough for them. It leaves them feeling stressed, frustrated, and incomplete.

Finally, they come to one inescapable conclusion. They can’t be monogamous. It just isn’t how they’re wired. They need to step outside these rules. They need to explore the temptation that surrounds them. If for no other reason, they need to see if this fulfills them.

This leads them to join a special private club in the Hollywood Hills. It’s a club run by a mysterious woman who claims she can make their love stronger by immersing them in a world of sex, decadence, and excess. It sounds crazy. Hell, it’s the outright antithesis of the rules they so ardently followed. So why not give it a try?

This is the main base of the story. Larger details, like the names of the characters or the names of the club, haven’t been fleshed out yet. I intend to wait until I finish my current book before I work on issues like that. Until then, I feel like this is the story I want to tell next. This is the concept I want to explore.

There are already so many romance/erotica stories out there about two people falling in love and facing challenges to their relationship. Hell, I’ve written some of those stories myself. Sure, they’re fun and titillating in their own right. I want to try a different route. I want to tell a different kind of love story.

I admit it is counter-intuitive, the idea that two people can love each other and still give into temptation. It’s basically the basis of 95 percent of all bad pornos. I think there’s a more meaningful story to tell. I think there are more relevant issues to explore. I hope to do that with this book. I also hope I can get a publisher to take a chance on it.

I’ll provide additional details and insight later on. Until then, I’m always happy to hear back from others. What do you think of this idea? Is it something you’re interested in reading? Is it something you’re interested in discussing? I’m only an aspiring writer at the moment. That’s code for, “I’m not a success and have a lot of free time.” So I’m more than happy to chat about this or any other sexy/romantic topic.

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