Update On My Latest Project

Quick update on my latest project. I’m happy to say it’s nearing an endpoint. I always find that to be one of the most exciting parts of a book. There’s nothing like that feeling you get when you complete a story, step back, and look at what you’ve created in its entirety. I won’t say it’s like sex, but it’s still pretty satisfying.

I’m still a ways away from submitting this to a publisher. Just finishing a book is the first step. Granted, it’s the most important and often the most time-consuming, but it’s still only part of a larger process. I’ve never written something that didn’t require some level of revision. I’m not talking about correcting grammar or punctuation either. Even great stories require polish at some point. Sometimes a scene needs to be tweaked. Sometimes a character needs to be fleshed out. Sometimes a setting needs more imagery. The opposite is also true. Sometimes things need to be completely removed. Sometimes it’s tedious, but it helps add to the satisfaction.

I’ll post more info on this story as my work continues. I still haven’t settled on a title yet. That may change before I start submitting it to publishers. Once that occurs, the hardest part begins, which is waiting. Thankfully, I already have another story in mind and that should keep me busy in the meantime.

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