New Partnership With ComicsVerse

Got some exciting news over the weekend. Thanks to some friendly Twitter chats, I chatted with someone who works for ComicsVerse, a website dedicated to the in depth analysis and cultural exploration of comics. The chat went well and I’ve been asked to contribute to their site. It’s a new, up-and-coming site so it’s not like I’m joining a subsidiary of Random House, but it’s a chance to interact and exchange ideas with others who think like me. As such, it’s a chance I hope to take advantage of.

It’s a promising opportunity. In addition to writing romance and erotica, I’m a huge comic book fan. In many respects, comics and the narratives they create has inspired a lot of what I’ve written. Some character concepts in books like Skin Deep were inspired by some of my favorite comic characters. Those who are familiar with that world will see the signs when they read the book.

Like any medium, comics also utilize many romantic themes. Most are familiar with Superman saving Lois Lane or Spider-Man saving Mary Jane Watson. However, these themes sometimes become more mature than what we see in movies or Saturday morning cartoons. The past two decades in particular have explored those mature themes, but only to a point. They’ll never utilize the same level of erotica that I use in my stories. However, the potential is there and it’s potential I think is worth realizing.

I’m not sure what will come of this. I’m also not sure of how it’ll help my career, but I’m eager to find out. I’ve been browsing the ComicsVerse website. They do have an appreciation for romance. They even dedicated several podcasts to the subject. Anyone who is interested in romance should check it out. Comics are evolving as an art form and romance is part of that evolution.

Top Couples in Comics Podcasts


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