My Approach and Mixing it Up

There are a number of themes I like to play with when writing romance and erotica. I like to think I’ve made those things abundantly clear, sometimes in a very graphic manner, with my writing. Some concepts just interest me. Issues like repression and venting pent up feelings make for great drama and inspire the vast majority of my stories.

These themes fall within two categories:

  1. Realistic manifestations of romance, drama, and passion
  2. Manifestations of romance, drama, and passion that exceed human abilities, if not through magic then through some other means

They’re very different methods of developing a story. Stories like Jackpot and Holiday Heat have nothing in it that doesn’t exist in the real world. However, a story like Skin Deep injects superhuman abilities into the mix. These aren’t superhuman abilities in the same mold of superhero movies. These are abilities that allow men and women to carry out feats that normal people can’t carry out in the real world. In the case of Skin Deep, it’s an exotic kind of science that fuels the story. It’s a science that doesn’t exist in the real world…yet. So in some sense, the passions I explore in these stories are thought experiments.

I bring this up because lately, most of my stories have opted for realism. That’s going to change once “Embers of Eros” comes out. That story will do a lot more than Skin Deep. It will deal with forces to stretch our ability to perceive and process such feelings. It deals in forces that might be construed as magic, but doesn’t anything we can’t understand seem like magic?

It’s a difficult concept to wrap your head around. It’s also a major challenge, which I’m proud to take on. These days, a romance/erotica story involving superhuman abilities usually involves vampires or werewolves. I think market for those stories is a bit crowded. I hope “Embers of Eros” can offer something different for those who seek a more fanciful story.

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