Unrealized Desire: A Follow-Up To The Orlando Shooting

Over the next few days, we can expect every angle of the Orlando Shooting incident to be dissected, broken down, and misconstrued. It happens after every mass shooting. The media, pundits, and commenters on message boards will come up with theories as to how and why someone can become so deranged that they would commit such a terrible atrocity. They’ll blame bad parenting, religious indoctrination, godlessness, poor education, easy access to firearms, and drug abuse.No matter what the excuse, it’ll be impossible to know what drove the shooter to commit these atrocities.

However, one explanation in particular is interesting and unorthodox. It is most likely wrong to some degree, but it has a certain level of validity that’s hard to ignore. Bill Maher brought it up last year on his show, Real Time. I’ll let him explain it.

It’s oddly compelling, the idea that unrealized sexual desire could drive someone to commit such atrocities. We cannot forget that sex is a powerful drive. It’s very much akin to the drives that make us seek out food, water, and shelter. Our brains, bodies, and minds are wired to satisfy these drives. If someone is denied food or water, then it’s very likely that they will behave irrationally to satisfy these needs. So if someone is denied a means of satisfying their sexual needs, it makes sense that it would lead to some irrational and dangerous behaviors.

It’s important to remember though that these mass shooters are on the extreme end of a broad spectrum. Not everyone who is denied their sexual needs will become a mass shooter. However, it is an interesting notion that denial of basic needs can cause so much inner distress.

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