For Five Days Only: “Child of Orcus” is FREE!


As I continue to edit my latest book, I have a special summer offer. For the next five days, my first ever self-published book, “Child of Orcus” will be free. Not discounted. Not in part. Completely and totally free. If you have an Amazon account, you can read it. No cost. No fuss. Completely and utterly free.

Not to sound too much like a bad infomercial, but this is limited. I’ll only be doing this for the next five days. Then, the price goes back to normal again. The price wasn’t much to begin with, but you still can’t beat free, no matter how you slice it.

I feel like I need to grow my audience and I can’t do that even with a discount. I need to be willing to show what I can offer. That means eating up the cost and sharing my work for free. I hope many take advantage of this. I also hope it inspires readers to check out other parts of my work and gets people excited for my next book, which I hope to announce later this month. Until then, let Child of Orcus help enhance your summer.

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