Point of View Pointers

As I finish up one story, I’m already hard at work planning another. With each story, however, I have important decisions to make before I even type the first word. One major, often overlooked, detail is the point of view I use for the story and which character’s view I favor. Stories involving romance and erotica are often told from a character’s point of view. It’s often vital in order to convey the necessary feelings and emotions.

In some of my earlier stories, I used third person for the most part. I didn’t just use it for one character though. In both Skin Deep and The Secrets of Sadfur Island, I alternated among the characters. With Skin Deep, I often alternated between several. It did get chaotic at times, but for that story, it was necessary. There were multiple perspectives from multiple characters that each helped tie the story together.

In later stories, I tried to simplify the perspective to help streamline the story. Both Jackpot and Holiday Heat are told from the perspective of one particular character. That can be limiting in some ways, but it’s also more genuine and less confusing. No matter where anyone is in the story, they know whose perspective they’re dealing with. They know whose thoughts, feelings, and emotions are guiding the story.

Perspective or not, those two stories were still written from a distant third person point of view. To date, I’ve only done one story entirely from a first person point of view. That story is The Final Communion, which was told entirely from within the mind of Grace Maria Goodwin. That story offered some interesting challenges and some unique benefits. Writing from one character’s perspective does help personalize the story a bit more. It also helps make for some interesting interpretations of erotic and romantic moments. I’d definitely be interested in hearing some feedback from readers who have read this book compared to my earlier works.

I bring this up because while I’m not yet done with my next self-published book, I am already contemplating my next story. I’m not sure whether I’ll continue to tell the story from a single third-person perspective or whether I’ll give first person another shot. It depends on how I choose to develop the story. I still have time to make that decision, but it’s a decision I want to make soon. I’ve got a lot of ideas and I’m eager to put them into a book.

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