Assessing Writers Market

I’ve been wrestling with another decision lately. It has to do with my efforts to find a publisher and/or an agent. Since I began trying to build a career as a published author, I’ve been stumbling around in the dark. I never took a class on being a published author. I have attended a few seminars and panels, but most of that deals with marketing, business, and other areas of expertise that I’m not skilled in at the moment.

To date, I’ve gone about finding a publisher the same way I go about finding a good pizza place. I Google publishers that specialize in romance and erotica. I review their submission requirements. Then, I submit. It’s a simple approach and doesn’t cost much, but I guess you get what you pay for in that respect. To date, I’ve received rejection letters from every publisher except Crimson Frost. And I’ve been waiting a long time for them to deliver.

So what other options are there? Well, one service I’ve been looking at is Writers Market. In the pre-internet years, it was the go-to guide for aspiring writers. It contained a list of publishers, addresses, and submission requirements. I even remember seeing this book at libraries, back when I still went to libraries. Needless to say, the internet has changed the publishing industry. However, new editions of this book keep coming out.

In addition, the website offers a subscription service that basically helps writers access the same information. At least, that’s how it’s advertised. I’ve learned to be weary of such claims because it’s rare for those claims to be met, at least in my experience. It’s this service that I’m interested in checking out. Perhaps it can link me to agents and publishers that Google cannot.

It is a risk, but only with respect to the subscription fee, which is considerably cheaper than some of the seminars I attended. Since I still have manuscripts I’m sitting on, this might be a risk worth taking. I don’t know if anyone here has experience with the Writers Market subscription service, but I’m willing to take a chance if necessary. Being a success at anything means taking chances. This is just one of them and I doubt it’ll be the last.

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